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Published October 12, 2022

Behind the Scenes with 'She-Hulk's Legal Consultant Charles Soule

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When you need a lawyer in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you call Jennifer Walters, attorney at law. But when you need someone to help you with your legal jargon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe who do you turn to? Charles Soule, longtime Marvel comics creator who also served as the legal advisor for the Disney+ series. 

Soule actually wrote a run with Javier Pulido and Ron Wimberly on art back in 2014, and considering he has a legal background himself, when the Marvel Studios series went into early production he was brought on to provide background there, too. Speaking during New York Comic Con with Marvel, Soule explained his involvement in the series. 

“I was able to read the scripts and talk to the writers in the writers' room and the producers and say, well, you know, in this situation, this is how lawyers and judges and the courtroom and all those things would actually act and behave.” 

Considering Jen Walters herself still claims She-Hulk is a “lawyer show,” Soule's work was greatly appreciated. “Getting to add like my little tiny part to it by offering some little bits of legal advice and seeing how they went from script to screen is just a blast. So I'm enjoying it as a fan as much as I did as being part of it.” 

Jen isn’t the only lawyer in the show, though, with the addition of the one and only Matt Murdock in Episode 8, another character Soule is familiar with, having also written a run featuring the Man without Fear in 2015

“Every writer uses their life as research for the stories they write," Soule continues. "They put themselves into the stories they're telling because you kind of have to, right? In addition to writing She-Hulk, I also had a really long run on Daredevil, which is the other big Marvel Universe lawyer. So for me, having a legal background has allowed me to explore some of the Marvel characters on a lens that people who aren't lawyers maybe wouldn't write it the same way.” 

Watch Soule's full interview in the video above, and She-Hulk is now streaming on Disney+!



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