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Published December 22, 2021

‘Hawkeye’: Episode 6 Rundown, Bro

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It’s all been leading to this – the Bishop Security Christmas Party! Okay, it’s actually been leading to a lot of things, including the reveal of Kingpin, as the truth comes out about Eleanor Bishop. It’s a lot for both Clint Barton and Kate Bishop to digest in the season finale of Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye.


Picking up where Episode 5 left off, Kate now has to deal with the fact that her mother’s been keeping some pretty intense secrets. Thankfully, she’s got a partner who’s going to help her see it through to the end. 


The Big Guy, bro

When Derek Bishop died as a casualty of the Battle of New York, Eleanor found herself drowning in her late husband’s debt with Wilson Fisk. The only way to pay it off, and make a life for her and Kate, was to work alongside the man known as Kingpin. Throughout the years, Eleanor has done what Fisk has wanted, including killing Armand Duquesne III and framing her fiancé Jack Duquesne, but now this is enough. Kate is home; Eleanor is worried about her safety, and she wants out.


Eleanor could have kept this under wraps, but unfortunately, Yelena has obtained a video of their meeting, which she sends along to Kate – who is undoubtedly freaking out.


But Kate’s not the only one upset about the current situation, as Maya Lopez goes off to talk to her “Uncle.” Fisk has taken care of Maya her whole life, especially since her father passed away. Maya knows that and knows she has to do better, but first, she’s got to clear her head and asks for a few days off, which Fisk obliges. He signs, “I love you,” to her, which she returns the sentiment.


However, Fisk is mad that everyone is turning against him today; first Eleanor, and now Maya. Looking to Kazi to correct this problem, Fisk emphasizes, “People need to be reminded that this city belongs to me.” 


We’re Partners, bro

Clint knows that Kingpin is going to react, especially in a big way, to Eleanor ending their business partnership. Kate insists that he should go home for Christmas and be with his family, but he objects. “Your mess is my mess,” he tells her. Now it’s time to get to work.


After days of begging, Kate is finally let in on a big secret. Surprise — Clint can make more “way too dangerous” trick arrows. So, the two get to work making them. As they work, it comes out that Kate actually saw Clint fight in the Battle of New York all those years ago, and saw him fighting aliens with “a stick and a string.” It was enough to inspire Kate to want to be better herself, and if he could do that, she “didn’t have to be scared.”


The Bishop Security Holiday Party, bro

Dressed to the nines and flanked by an abundance of Christmas decorations, Clint and Kate scope out the Bishop Security Holiday party. They’ve also got additional assets with them, as in the LARP-ers strategically placed around the venue as Grills, Missy, Wendy, and Orville step in to help. And they’re going to need it, as across the way in another building, Kazi has been instructed to take out Eleanor. Oh, and also Yelena has just arrived.


Seeing her mother, Kate pulls her away from the party to confront her about Kingpin. But Eleanor claims to have “everything under control.” Jack, newly released from jail, joins the two who are in the middle of a heated argument. “I feel like I’m missing something,” he says aloud to himself as both women storm off. 


Outside, Kazi spots Clint through the window, aims, and fires. Thankfully, Clint is too fast for him to manage to duck and dodge the bullet, but the damage is done. The Bishop Security Holiday Party descends into chaos.


Let’s Grab a Drink, bro

Kate spots Yelena in the crowd and follows her to the elevators. Yelena swears she’s not there to mess up the party even more, she’s just stopping by to kill Clint, have some appetizers, and then go. Kate’s not going to let her get away that easy, and jumps into the elevator at the last second, trying to stop the Widow.


The two start to tussle, Yelena quickly overpowers her — and also reveals Kate’s brand-new outfit. Giving chase, Kate follows Yelena through an office at 30 Rock, fighting her as they navigate each office space. Eventually, Kate takes the lead, pleading with Yelena to stop this, and maybe the two can go out and grab a drink? “Ok,” Yelena agrees, “After I kill Barton.”


As the two continue to fight, Yelena can’t help but compliment Kate on her form, and how she did a really cool body throw at one point. “Stop making me like you!” Kate cries before Yelena says her goodbyes and jumps out a nearby window. Sliding down the building, Yelena takes aim at Clint but misses.


How hard could it be to jump out the window? Kate climbs up onto the sill and makes the bold decision to follow Yelena down to the ground that way…just in time to see the Tracksuits arrive. In a surprising twist, it’s Jack who actually comes to her rescue this time, brandishing the sword he’s got on him, and starts to fight the bros off.


That Was Fun, bro

Still inside the building, Clint is greeted by the Tracksuits who charge upon him. But, Clint’s ready for this. He’s rigged explosives around the room quickly taking a group of them out, but not Kazi. “This is going to be fun,” Kazi tells the archer before the two start trading punches back and forth. While Kazi can hold his own against Clint, he’s no match for the Avenger. “You were right Kazi, that was fun,” Clint tells him.


With that, more Tracksuits arrive chasing Clint through the rest of the floor, and with nowhere else to go, he jumps out the window…and right into the Rockefeller Christmas tree. With two properly placed arrows and a soft “timber,” Kate sends the tree careening down onto the ice skating rink below.


It’s Time, bro

On the ice, Kate is quickly able to create enough of a diversion to get her and Clint to safety. But, the only way off the ice is up a set of stairs, which is now populated with dozens of Tracksuits. Seeing no other option, Clint decides it’s time and stuffs a bunch of trick arrows into Kate’s holster. The only way to get out of this is to work together.


As arrows fly through the air, Clint and Kate manage to subdue every single bro coming at them on the ice. When one of their moving vans starts careening towards the ice, Kate unknowingly grabs a Pym arrow and sends it flying, shrinking the vehicle down to size. “What happens now?” she asks concerned, but Clint can only shrug. “I’ll have to ask Scott about that,” he says, but an owl then swoops in and carries the little vehicle, and the little Tracksuit Mafia bros inside, away.


Can’t Walk In Both Worlds, bro

Back in her apartment, Maya makes the decision to flee and starts packing a bag to leave New York City. Seeing a picture of her, her father, and Kazi together, Maya has a change of heart and decides to go find Kazi. Finding him outside on the plaza, she begs him to leave with her, and the two can walk away from this life together.


Kazi knows he can’t leave, and can’t let her leave, either. “Don’t you understand, this is my life,” Kazi cries at her. “It was never supposed to be yours!” The two battle and Kazi is prepared to stab Maya with one of the nearby arrows, but she’s faster than him; she plunges it into his stomach as he collapses on the ground.


“Leave, Maya. He’s coming for you,” Kazi says, alluding to Kingpin.


Where Are You Going, Big Guy, bro?

Kingpin, meanwhile, has set his sights on the Bishop women. Though Eleanor tries to flee the scene — and finds Kate along the way — she’s stopped by Fisk, who literally rips the door off her car. He tries to pull Eleanor out of the vehicle but is stopped by Kate who shoots him point-blank in the chest with an arrow. But he barely flinches.


Eleanor manages to make it into the driver’s seat of the car and rams it into Fisk, sending him flying into a nearby toy store. Kate follows him inside, determined to stop him from getting away. Kate is clearly in over her head against Kingpin, who manages to deflect every punch and blow she sends his way. But, Kate’s faster than him and has recently learned a few tricks. Though Fisk snaps her arrows in half, she manages to flick one of his cufflinks into the pile of them, sending a charge through the lot and sending Kingpin backwards in the blast. He’s down — for now.


Back outside, Kate checks on her mother who promises that things are going to go back to normal now. Kate can’t believe her mother’s talking like this, reminding her that it was never normal for them. As the cops approach, Eleanor asks what kind of hero has their mother arrested on Christmas. “I love you, mom,” Kate says as Eleanor is taken away.


She Talked About You All The Time, bro

Meanwhile, this whole time, Clint has been fighting off Yelena on the ice. Yelena’s mission is still to kill Barton, which she’s coming very close to doing with each kick and punch. The two battle back and forth across the rink, with Clint, sometimes getting the upper hand, and other times, Yelena. All through it, Clint tries to reason with the Black Widow and explains that he didn’t kill Natasha and he misses her, too.


It’s only when Yelena draws her gun to finish the job, a completely defeated Clint makes a familiar whistle sound. Yelena immediately recognizes it. How does Clint know that?


“She talked about you all the time,” Clint tells Yelena. “That never changed. She loved you, and always wanted you safe.”


Through tears, Yelena tries to reason that she could have stopped Natasha from the choices she made on Vormir, but Clint reminds her that it would have been no use. Natasha was the best out of all of them, and she made her choice.  “I loved her so much,” Yelena says. “Me too,” Clint responds.


Extending her hand, Yelena helps Clint up as she then disappears into New York City.


We’re Family, bro

Kingpin, surviving Kate’s Too Dangerous arrow, manages to walk away from the toy store and moves away from the plaza, only to be greeted by Maya down a side street. He plays it off like he’s happy to see her, since she’s family, after all. And sometimes family doesn’t see eye to eye.


Maya’s not buying it. She slowly lifts her gun as a shot rings out in the alley.


“Every once in a while, you come across somebody who makes you better.”

Clint’s obviously talking about Missy and the way she stitched his new costume. Obviously. It’s a playful jab at Kate, who knows the truth. “Thank you,” she says.


Somehow, the two heroes have made it to Christmas, and Clint has finally made it home! Unpacking the car full of presents, he brings them inside to his family who is excitedly waiting for him – and he’s brought along two strays, Kate and Pizza Dog, who she’s now named Lucky.


Clint’s kids are thrilled to see him, and Laura’s pretty happy to have her husband back, too. One of the many presents he’s got is the black-market watch that was taken from the Avengers Compound, which he hands over to his wife. “You should take better care of your stuff,” he teases. Laura turns her watch over to reveal the S.H.I.E.L.D. insignia and Agent 19 engraved below it.


Outside, Clint decides to build a little fire and drops the Ronin suit onto it. “Should I say a few words?” Kate jokes, but she’s actually got a few words for him. Lady Hawk? Hawkeve? Hawk Shot? Lady Arrow? Clint’s actually got an idea, himself…


All episodes of Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye are now streaming on Disney+.


Starring Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton/Hawkeye and Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop, Hawkeye also features Vera Farmiga, Fra Fee, Tony Dalton, Zahn McClarnon, Brian d’Arcy James, and newcomer Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez. Helmed by Rhys Thomas and directing duo Bert and Bertie, Hawkeye is now streaming exclusively on Disney+.


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