Published June 14, 2024

'Marvel Mutts' Season 2 Brings the Pack Back for New Adventures

'Marvel Mutts Infinity Comic' writer MacKenzie Cadenhead teases more friends, new lore, and a whole lot of fun for Season 2.

The pack is back! In MARVEL MUTTS INFINITY COMIC Season 2, which launches today with issue #7, top dog Mittens has returned alongside Lockjaw, Lucky, Cosmo, and Bats for a series of new adventures in the Marvel Universe. From a daring chase after Tippy-Toe to Cosmo's tragic origin, MARVEL MUTTS lets these dogs be dogs—with a super hero twist!

Speaking to, MARVEL MUTTS writer MacKenzie Cadenhead offered a sneak peek at what's to come this summer. She recapped the events of Season 1 and explained how Season 2 gave her the chance to unleash the Mutts as a fully formed pack. She teased a few new friends who will guest star, as well as the Cosmo issue that broke her heart. She also heaped praise on artist Takeshi Miyazawa's work, shared how her real life experience with dogs influenced the series, and so much more.

MARVEL.COM: What would someone who's jumping into MARVEL MUTTS for the first time need to know for Season 2?

MACKENZIE CADENHEAD: The main thing to know is that, though these are different dogs in the Marvel Universe, who we think of in relation to their respective humans—we think of Lockjaw with Black Bolt and the Inhumans, we think of Cosmo with the Guardians or in space—when we put them all together, they're a pack. The idea for MARVEL MUTTS is, "Who are these dogs that have had very different Marvel experiences, when they just get to be dogs and be a group of friends?” 

In the first season, we created a character based on my dog Mittens. She was the every dog, the reader surrogate who brought us into the pack. She doesn't have superpowers, except she's super cute. Ms. Marvel adopts her and introduces her to the other dogs that hang out in our version of Avengers Mansion: Lockjaw, Cosmo, Bats, and Lucky. So it's stories about what they get up to together. 

In this season, the pack is now firmly established and we'll continue to enjoy their adventures, but we might introduce a guest star or two. 

MARVEL.COM: Reintroduce us to Mittens. What's she like?

MACKENZIE CADENHEAD: Mittens is a very cute dog who likes attention from all humans and the other Mutts. She loves being part of the pack. She didn't have a home when we first met her, so when Ms. Marvel adopted her, it was like she finally found where she belonged. Plus, she's adorable. [Editor] Mark Paniccia says her super power is that she's super cute. This has actually helped distract bad guys so Ms. Marvel can get the upper hand. 

MARVEL.COM: What is one of your favorite dynamics in Season 2?

MACKENZIE CADENHEAD: There's a couple! Mittens and Lockjaw are just always going to be my favorite duo, because Lockjaw is so big and Mittens is so little. Mittens will cuddle with Lockjaw, curl up and sleep next to him. He's protective of her and she can be a little more bold when she knows he's got her back. Do you remember the ads for Kibbles and Bits? There was the big dog and the little dog walking down the street together, and that's kind of how I've always seen Lockjaw and Mittens. When I put them together, I hear, "Kibbles and bits and bits and bits..."

Also, Cosmo with everybody, because Cosmo is so salty! But at the end of the day, Cosmo hasn't always fit in, so he actually likes being a part of the pack. I mean, all the Mutts don't quite fit in in the regular world, so having this pack is important to them.

MARVEL.COM: What should we be on the lookout for in Season 2? Who might we encounter along the way?

MACKENZIE CADENHEAD: There will be a few non-canine animals from the Marvel Universe who will show up. One we already teased at the end of season one is Tippy-Toe! As we know, dogs and squirrels have a very particular dynamic, generally speaking. So, getting to throw someone like Tippy-Toe in the Mutts mix is definitely going to spice things up. 

And you know, Lockjaw isn't the biggest animal companion in the Marvel U. We have another guest star who really wants play with the pack, but doesn't quite know how. Check out the third issue and you'll see what I mean!

MARVEL.COM: What are some of the conflicts or challenges the Marvel Mutts might run into in Season 2?

MACKENZIE CADENHEAD: Dog walkers, dog parks, Kirby monsters, and Soviets!

There are really two ways we approach these stories. Some begin as dog behavior based, where we develop a story based on things that we see our dogs do, actual real-life dog dynamics between dogs or between dogs and their humans. There's one issue called "Pet Me Now" that is entirely based on my lived experience with Mittens. Doesn't matter what I'm up to when Mittens wants to be pet; Mittens will be pet. So we thought, what if we applied that demanding-dog scenario to a context in which her person is actually trying to save the world? 

The other way we explore these stories is to start with the particulars of the Marvel Universe. In one issue, we focus on Cosmo's origin. He has such a rich story, but certain parts of it haven't been told yet. So we really let the Marvel of that guide us. I did research on the Soviet dogs sent into space and it was a very emotional story to write. Takeshi [Miyazawa]'s art in that issue breaks me! 

MARVEL.COM: MARVEL MUTTS is a comic that doesn't use a lot of dialogue. Tell me a little about the joys and challenges of creating a largely word-free comic as a writer, and how that helped you collaborate with artist Takeshi Miyazawa.

MACKENZIE CADENHEAD: I love it. My work life, in addition to my Marvel Comics work, is as a children's book writer, specifically illustrated children's books. I was also an editor at Marvel before that. So thinking in visual storytelling, sequential storytelling is baked into me. Plus, I edited Tak on SPIDER-MAN LOVES MARY JANE and RUNAWAYS years ago, so I know what he's capable of, especially the fact that he's amazing at character acting.

I love writing these scripts because I know that Tak is going to be able to capture the dog's expression or body language that will convey the information/emotion we need to understand and connect with what's going on. I love a well-placed sigh. I love sound effects here and there (which Joe Sabino has done a great job with in lettering), and I love silent panels.

I mean, words are great and I write other things that absolutely need dialogue, but I think if you have an artist like Takeshi, who's so amazing at character acting and so expressive and also can pick the right panel, [who] knows an upshot will mean something different than a down shot... It's all there. 

I also just think that's the assignment, right? The fun of the Friday Funnies vertical comics is we're scrolling through them on our phones or on the computer or iPads or whatever, and you should be able to just get it from the visual. Also, dogs communicate without words. But if you have dogs, you know that the noises they make—their barks and their sighs—say everything. The rest they tell you with their body language. Their tails tell you a lot, as do their stances. 

Also, I would be remiss if I didn't mention Raul [Angulo] too, because his colors are absolutely beautiful on this, and the textures that he does! It's gorgeous. He really brings the dogs to life in Takeshi's art.

MARVEL.COM: What are you most excited for readers to see in Season 2?

MACKENZIE CADENHEAD: For the pack to be a pack. A lot of the first season was about establishing the pack, and this season, they're decidedly the pack. They're a family. Their dynamics are established now and I hope people enjoy seeing what they do in the Marvel Universe. We had fun imagining how other Marvel characters might interact with them (both human and animal), and getting a glimpse into what goes on in the Mutts' minds that we might not otherwise know. 

But I think the thing I'm most excited for readers to see is the Cosmo issue. His story is really emotional and, I think, sums up most clearly why these dogs need each other. Plus, Takeshi and Raul's art is beautiful in it. I hope everyone enjoys the series as much as we love making it.

MARVEL MUTTS #7 is available to read now on Marvel Unlimited!

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