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Published July 7, 2021

Loki: Episode 5 Event Report

Is this Hel?

Loki: Episode 5 Event Report
Boastful Loki, Kid Loki, Alligator Loki, Classic Loki
Loki: Episode 5 Event Report

Journey Into Mystery

In Episode 5 of Marvel Studios’ Loki, “Journey Into Mystery,” Sylvie searches for the answers following the Time Keepers' deception and the pruning of Loki at the hands of Judge Renslayer.

Finding himself in an unknown land, Loki awakens on the ground gasping for air as a voice tells him he’s not dead yet, but he must follow them quickly. As he gets his bearings, Loki catches a group of various Loki variants beside him.

If this isn’t Hel, where, and when, exactly is Loki? Meanwhile, will Sylvie uncover who created the Time Keepers, and can she trust anything Renslayer tells her?

Stream Episode 5Journey Into Mystery” of Loki now on Disney+, and read on to discover some notable highlights from our Event Report below!

Loki: Episode 5 Event Report

•    The Void

Loki: Episode 5 Event Report

•    Time Keepers
•    Judge Renslayer
•    Miss Minutes
•    Hunter B-15
•    Hunter D-90
•    Agent Mobius

Loki: Episode 5 Event Report

The Time Variance Authority (TVA) operates business as usual, unaware that just beyond the golden elevator doors and through a quiet chamber lies the slumped, failed machines where the Time Keepers once powerfully sat. The wreckage from the fight earlier still remains.

Elsewhere, Loki takes in the desolate, mysterious, and eerie wasteland surrounding him. The elder Loki taps Loki on the shoulder, quickly stating, “This is the Void. That is Alioth. And we’re his lunch. Come on!”


The End of Time or a Deception?

Back in the judge’s time court where Renslayer first took a young Sylvie long ago, the Variant demands Renslayer’s TemPad and to know who really is in control of the TVA. Just as in the dark as Sylvie, Renslayer bargains with information about where she actually sent Loki, who is still alive for the time being, in exchange for her life. She pleads with the Variant that they’re both after the same thing—she wants to know who is at the top and who has lied to her about her whole reality and purpose. 

Explaining the mechanics of what happens when the TVA “prune” a branch on the timeline, it’s impossible to destroy all its matter. As a solve, they move that branched reality to a place on the timeline where it can no longer grow; it’s not “reset,” just transferred to a Void at the end of time. This Void is where every instance of existence collides at the same point and simply stops. Renslayer explains that the dogma states that the end of time is still being written; the Time Keepers are transforming it into utopia. Whether Sylvie believes her or not, one thing that’s certain is that nothing ever comes back from there. Given her the benefit of the doubt, Sylvie returns the TemPad to Renslayer.

The Void

As the five Lokis trek across the Void, Loki asks if they can take a pause so he can ask his several thousand questions, to which Classic Loki retorts with a no; they have to keep moving in order to not die. Frustrated with the simple “plan” to not die, Loki stops the other four variants and yells that they need to start providing him with an explanation to what is happening. He has no idea how long it has been since New York. After being pruned, he woke up in this strange new land surrounded by variants of himself, and the least bizarre event is that they’re accompanied by an alligator. 

Boastful Loki, Kid Loki, Classic Loki

As he shouts that he needs to find a way back to the TVA, causing a commotion, a loud growl roars across the sky. Alarmed, Kid Loki conjures a sword knocking Loki down telling him he needs to stop wailing in fear of attracting the attention of Alioth. Helping Loki back to his feet, Kid Loki explains this land is where the TVA dumps its rubbish aka everything they’ve pruned. Pointing the temporal beast in the sky, he states it’s Alioth, who ensures that nothing sent here ever returns. Boastful Loki adds that Alioth is a living tempest that consumes matter and energy from the branched realities sent here. Simplifying the explanation, Classic Loki states that the Void is the shark tank and Alioth is the shark. Alligator Loki growls to which Classic Loki retorts that there is no such thing as an alligator tank; that’s a bad metaphor. Classic Loki tells Loki that Alligator Loki is rather sensitive just like the whole lot. Willing to accept that the alligator is a Loki variant, Loki wonders how there are so many Loki variants. The elder Loki responds, “Because Lokis survive; that’s just what we do.” 

Loki proposes creating a Nexus Event seeing as there are no TemPads around; Boastful Loki sneers that the TVA does not care what happens here in the Void. The only thing they can do here is just survive. Kid Loki declares that they’re done talking; they have to go. Loki asks the bunch why they allow a child to command them. Classic Loki admonishes Loki telling him he needs to respect the boy; this is his kingdom. Kid Loki’s Nexus Event was that he killed Thor.

The Man Behind the Curtain

Back at the TVA Time Court, Renslayer calls up Miss Minutes to help her and Sylvie access some restricted files from the Archives: specifically, the beginning of time and the founding of the TVA. Miss Minutes displays a look of concern when Sylvie also requests the files for the end of time. Renslayer states there’s nothing there; just the Void. Sylvie questions what if the Void isn’t the end of time, what if there’s something beyond it. Miss Minutes and Renslayer share a look as Miss Minutes continues her search through the Archives. 

Kid Loki

As Miss Minutes pulls up a timeline, Sylvie poses the hypothesis that since she was able to hide undetected from the TVA in the shadow of apocalypses where no diverging branches could emerge, there’s a possibility that with the end of time still being written then whatever happens is just a new timeline. It would be impossible to start a Nexus Event there, making you undetectable. Renslayer considers and believes that’s the only place that Loki and Mobius could possibly be. However, she states it would be impossible to get past the Void since there will be nothing for the TemPad to lock onto, and going through it would be a suicide mission. At an impasse, Sylvie states she no longer has use for the judge. At that statement, Miss Minutes interjects that there is a prototype for a Void Spacecraft – a vehicle designed to withstand the temporal void so it could conceivably take them to the end of time for them to rescue Loki and find out who is behind the curtain.

As they shake on it, Sylvie refuses to let go of Renslayer’s hand asking Miss Minutes where the files on the time craft are. Realizing it was all a ruse with Renslayer stalling for time as Miss Minutes dispatched a team of Minutemen for help, Sylvie knocked Renslayer back, grabbing her TemPad, rushing to hide behind the judge’s dais. With an audience, Sylvie wonders if the judge for a moment actually felt betrayed by her beloved TVA. Debating her options, Sylvie turns the Time Stick on to self-prune herself. As she vaporizes, the Minutemen are stunned by the display. 


He Who Commands the Throne

The Lokis approach a metal hatch in the ground taking a ladder down, which leads to the entrance of the Loki Palace. In their fortress composed of pruned items, Classic Loki inquires why Loki wants to return to the TVA so badly.

As the Lokis settle in, they trade war stories. Boastful Loki brags that once he vanquished both Captain America and Iron Man, he was able to claim his prize — all six Infinity Stones. Alligator Loki lets out a growl, which Classic Loki translates as “liar.” Livid, Boastful Loki states that at least his Nexus Event wasn’t the result of eating the wrong neighbor’s cat. As Boastful Loki and Alligator Loki brawl, Loki and Classic Loki rise to split the two variants apart. Kid Loki tells Classic Loki to tell the others his story, which the elder does not think anyone wants to hear.


Loki tells Classic Loki that he is interested; as he recalls from his file in the Time Theater, he states that they were supposed to die; Thanos killed them after Ragnarok. Groaning at the mention of Thanos, Classic Loki reveals that everything that proceeded correctly his entire life until Thanos attacked their ship. Loki asks if he tried to stab Thanos, and Classic Loki quips that blades are simply worthless in comparison to a Loki’s sorcery, stunting their magical potential. Classic Loki explains that he casted a projection of himself so real that he was able to fool the Mad Titan. As Classic Loki faked his death and hid as inanimate debris drifting in space away from Thor and everything, he questioned his place in the universe. Realizing that pain followed him everywhere he went, he found a remote planet suitable for solitude. However, as the dreary self-isolation weighed on him, he got lonely missing his brother Thor. Curious if the sentiment was reciprocated, when he took his first step off the planet, the TVA arrived. Classic Loki sneers at the TVA’s notion that a Loki only has one role to play on the Sacred Timeline — the god of outcasts. All the Lokis raise their glass to the gods of outcasts.

Classic Loki’s story lands profoundly with Loki. Resolute, Loki puts down his glass and rises to his feet. He’s going to find another way out of the Void to get back to the TVA. He wagers that not only are they good at surviving, but that they’re also good at escaping. Astonished, the Lokis question what makes him so different. Loki rejects that notion stating he’s the same as all of them, but that there is another Loki out there — a female Loki variant — she’s terrifying, which makes her great, but she’s the one that’s different. Loki enthusiastically proclaims that she doesn’t want to take over the TVA; she’s trying to take it down. With the others intrigued, Loki details his great escape plan in a dramatic speech. If Alioth, a living entity, is the only thing keeping them trapped in the Void, then it can be killed, and he plans to kill Alioth. Believing he was able to rally the Lokis, they all burst out laughing in response to his plan. Deflated at their reaction, Loki leaves to enact his plan alone deeming them all monsters as their laughs echo throughout the palace. As he exits through the hatch, Loki looks up to see him surrounded by President Loki and his troop of bandit Lokis all adorned with ‘Vote Loki’ badges. This is a nightmare.

President Loki and bandit Lokis

So-Called Glorious Purpose

Sylvie wakes up in an old school bus in the Void. Taking in her surroundings, she hears a thunderous roar as the umbra begins to engulf the bus. Sensing the doom, Sylvie takes off running as menacing gloomy tendrils burst through the vehicle. In a brief moment of contact with the smoky tendril, Sylvie’s enchantment energy reveals a glimpse of something just beyond the Void. The link is quickly broken when she sees a car speeding towards her laying on the horn. As the temporal entity advances on her, she sprints towards the car as its backdoor swings open for her to jump in. Sylvie recognizes Mobius as the driver. 

Back at the Loki Palace, President Loki and his merry group of bandit Lokis, with a dejected Loki in tow, approach our first group of Loki variants in their hideout. Classic Loki feels betrayed that Loki foolishly led the wolves to their throne. President Loki quips that they prefer snakes to wolves. As Kid Loki steps forward, Boastful Loki holds his weapon to the younger Loki’s neck as he apologizes to his liege arrogantly proclaiming that he was the one that betrayed him, not Loki. Boastful Loki smugly claims the throne as the new king.

Interrupting, President Loki advances a step as his troop readies. Boastful Loki yells that this was not the bargain they agreed upon — in exchange for the location of the Loki Palace, shelter, and supplies, President Loki was to offer him his army and the throne. Loki shakes his head in disbelief and embarrassment at the Loki variants. As President Loki restates the new terms: his army, his throne. Suddenly, his elite fighters brandish their weapons and turn on him. Appalled at his men and the presence of an alligator, President Loki screams why is there an alligator present. As Boastful Loki, Kid Loki, and Classic Loki shout that he’s a Loki, Alligator Loki wildly charges at President Loki and biting his hand clean off. As all hell breaks loose, Lokis charge one another fighting for the throne. As Loki, Classic Loki, Kid Loki, and Alligator Loki proceed to sneak out of the palace, Classic Loki casts projections of them engaging in the brawl so they can escape undetected, leaving Boastful Loki behind. 

Alligator Loki

A Dreadful Bunch

Furious at the barbaric turn of events, Classic Loki laments over the typical display of Loki depravity bemoaning, “We’re animals. We lie and we cheat and we cut the throats of those who trust us. For what? For power. Glorious power, glorious purpose. We cannot change! We’re broken. Every version of us, forever.” 

Kid Loki, upset, adds, “And whenever one of us dares to try to fix themselves, they’re sent here to die.” Loki explains that’s why he needs to find a way out of the Void; nothing can change until the TVA is stopped. Classic Loki questions if Loki really trusts the female variant, to which he replies how she’s the only one he can trust and their only chance at stopping the bureaucratic organization. Reassured, Kid Loki says that testament is good enough for him. Classic Loki relents and says they will help him; however, approaching Alioth is a death sentence. So they will only help him get to Alioth but that is as far as they’ll go.

Riding in Mobius’ car, the TVA agent expresses regretfully that he thought they really were the good guys. Sylvie doesn’t believe him; annihilating realities and orphaning little girls are typical heroic traits. Mobius believed the ends justified the means and counters that she too committed atrocious acts. He apologizes for hunting her.

Dejected, in a moment of vulnerability, Sylvie reveals she had self-pruned herself believing she would be able to find Loki, but with that treacherous storm’s presence, she fears that it most likely already got him. All that matters now is getting out of this place and finding out who is behind all of this. To do so, she declares they turn the car around and head towards the cloud-like monster. 

As the Loki quartet advance towards Alioth on foot, suddenly the USS Eldridge destroyer ship materializes onto the Void. As the navy men scramble aboard the ship, Loki believes that Alioth is just like any other animal. It’ll feed on the big meal, and while it’s distracted, they can sneak around the back. As he finishes that statement, Alioth has violently devoured the entire ship instantaneously. Stunned over what they had just witnessed, Loki suggests they rethink this plan a bit more.

Loki, Sylvie, Mobius

Kid Loki hears the sound of a car, as they turn around, the Lokis see a vehicle approaching along the horizon. Unsure of what to expect, Kid Loki orders them to stand guard. Sylvie exits the car, realizing, Loki sprints towards her. Loki expresses relief at the sight of his old friend, Mobius. Confused, Loki questions what happened and how did she end up here, and arrived together with Mobius. Sylvie remarks that she thought he could use some backup, causing Loki to sheepishly smile. As the remaining Lokis walk up, Loki introduces his new friends as them as a child (Kid Loki), them in the future (Classic Loki), and them as an alligator (Alligator Loki).

Loki reveals his plan is to kill Alioth much to Sylvie’s dismay. Turning to the others, Sylvie questions why they all went along with his plan. Sylvie reveals her theory that the person they’re after is just beyond the Void, at the end of time, and that Alioth is just their guard dog. Sylvie proposes enchanting the temporal beast. As Sylvie and Loki bicker, Loki looks to his friend for backup; Mobius chuckles at the two.

Hunter B-15

Back at the TVA, Renslayer has a bloodied and bruised Hunter B-15 detained in a Time Cell. The hunter questions why she’s locked up. The judge states that she freed the Variant and was disloyal to the TVA — crime that deserve punishment. Incredulous, Hunter B-15 questions how could she be disloyal to the Time Keepers; they’re not real. Renslayer does not believe none of that changes anything; the TVA needs stability, not the truth.

Renslayer demands Hunter B-15 reveal what drives the Variant — it’s revenge and killing the Time Keepers that drives her. And now that it appears that they are fake, the Variant will most like seek out whoever created them. Hunter B-15 realizes Renslayer isn’t trying to protect the TVA, that the judge is just as in the dark and wants to figure out who is behind everything as well. Grinning, the hunter tells Renslayer she’ll never be able to find out who it is before the Variant does; while Renslayer only wants it, the Variant needs it. Rattled, Renslayer exits the Time Cell and calls up Miss Minutes requesting the files on the founding of the TVA, everything from the beginning of time. Reluctant, Miss Minutes states that’s a tall order; the judge explains that whoever created this organization is in danger. Miss Minutes pauses, then agrees to the request.

Classic Loki, Mobius, Kid Loki, Alligator Loki

Are You Sure He’s a Loki

Mobius sits around a fire with Kid Loki, Classic Loki, and Alligator Loki. The group discusses whether or not Mobius remembers the alligator. The former TVA agent states that the organization has arrested a lot of Lokis, and he’s read every single file on Lokis, but does not recall ever coming across an alligator variant. Mobius questions if he’s even a Loki; dismayed at that line of questioning, Classic Loki retorts that the alligator is green, isn’t he? Mobius debates the merits out loud — the alligator could be lying, playing the long con. However, that act could make him out to be more like a Loki. Laughing at the game within the game, Mobius tells them he respects that.

Kid Loki asks Mobius if he does make his way back to the TVA, what is going to get himself into? Mobius simply states that the people working at the place need to know the truth. Classic Loki questions how could he turn his back on something he had devoted his whole life to. Mobius responds that it’s never too late to change; Classic Loki considers and takes those words in.

Loki and Sylvie

Outside, and a short distance away from the group, Loki and Sylvie sit together around a small fire. Sylvie tells Loki that Mobius isn’t so bad, with Loki adding, or so good. Perhaps, that’s why they get along. She tells him that Mobius cares about him. After a beat, Sylvie brings up Mobius’ theory on their Nexus Event. As the two tip-toe around their feelings on the matter, they dismiss the theory as a potential TVA lie while sheepishly stealing glances at one another.

Sylvie remorsefully reflects that she doesn’t know how to navigate this — she’s never had friends, or anyone really. As they shiver in the cold, Loki conjures a blanket for the two to snuggle under. As Loki smiles, Sylvie questions if it’s really a tablecloth. Hesitant, Sylvie asks Loki how will she know he won’t betray her in the final moments. Turning to face her, Loki states he’s betrayed everyone who’s ever loved him — his father, his brother, his home — he knows what he did and why he did it. Reassuring her, he tells her that’s not who he is anymore; he won’t let her down. Playfully nudging her, Loki asks what she’ll do once this is all over; she doesn’t know. Loki suggests that maybe they can figure it out, together.


As Alioth growls in the distance, Sylvie tells the group she wants to proceed with her plan — the TVA needs to be brought down. They don’t know who created it or where they are, but the temporal entity clearly does. When she momentarily linked with Alioth, she caught a glimpse of something. If she can get near it, she can enchant it and direct the monster to take her to whoever is behind all of this. Sylvie takes out Renslayer’s TemPad and hands it to Loki, who states that he’s staying, to Sylvie’s relief. He tells her wherever she goes, he’ll go, as he hands the TemPad to Mobius. Kid Loki tells the pair that a branched timeline should appear just beyond the horizon. Mobius opens a Time Door and offers Classic Loki, Kid Loki, and Alligator a ticket out of the Void. They respectfully decline, stating that this place is their home. 

Kid Loki conjures his sword, giving it to Loki for his journey ahead, as Classic Loki expresses that they hope he finds what he’s looking for. Loki is touched by the gesture and regards them as they depart. Unsure if this is a permanent goodbye, Mobius remarks, “Looks like you got away in the end,” to which Loki smiles and states, “I always do.” Asking Mobius what he’ll do once he’s back at the TVA, recalling one of their first interactions, Mobius responds that he’ll burn the place to the ground and thanks Loki for the spark. As Mobius offers his hand, Loki pulls him in for a hug. As they embrace, Loki acknowledges, “Thank you, my friend,” while Mobius grins and looks over to Sylvie telling her, “You’re my favorite.” The sentiment warms Sylvie.

Loki and Sylvie

We’re Stronger Than We Realize

Steeling themselves for the hard road ahead, Loki and Sylvie head across the Void towards Alioth noting that when a branch appears, the temporal entity will focus on it. With him distracted and ready to feed, Sylvie plans to enchant Alioth.

As Kid Loki, Classic Loki, and Alligator Loki depart, the elder Loki peers back at the heroic duo up against the monstrous Alioth. Unsure of when the next branch in the timeline to appear, Loki and Sylvie realize they’ll need to cause a distraction. Understanding what he needs to do, Loki places his hand on Sylvie’s shoulder. As she shakes her head no, he nods yes before sprinting towards Alioth drawing its attention towards him. However, as Sylvie begins to enchant the gargantuan beast, Alioth turns back charging towards Sylvie.

Classic Loki

Suddenly, Alioth’s attention is drawn away to another presence. Standing proudly, Classic Loki summons great levels of magic to cast a massive, miles-long realistic projection of Asgard leaving Loki and Sylvie in awe of the grand display. Loki looks to Sylvie stating, “I think we’re stronger than we realize.” As Classic Loki rebuilds the projection pieces of Asgard that Alioth attempts to feed on, he tells the pair to hurry with their plan. Grabbing Loki’s hand, Sylvie tells Loki they’re going to enchant Alioth together; he has the ability within him because “we’re the same.” 

Unable to withstand the strain any longer, Classic Loki falls to his knees as his projection disappears. Furious at the lack of nourishment, Alioth advances towards Classic Loki, who rises to his feet, and in one final display for its attention, the elder trickster shouts “Glorious Purpose!” as Alioth devours him leaving only his golden horns behind.

Still hungry, Alioth seeks out Loki and Sylvie, but with their powers merged and amplified, the two enchant Alioth stopping it in its destructive rampage. Suddenly beyond the beast’s clouds, a citadel can be seen in the distance. Galvanized and still holding hands, Loki and Sylvie step towards the unknown as a singular force to be reckoned with. 

Loki and Sylvie


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