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Published December 19, 2018

'Marvel's Runaways' Season 2 Primer — Where We Left Off: The Runaways

Season 2 of 'Marvel's Runaways' premieres December 21, exclusively on Hulu!

With the team framed for murder and on the run at the end of Season 1, "Marvel’s Runaways" don’t seem any closer to ending the threat of either Jonah or their parents, the group called the Pride. With Season 2 premiering on Hulu December 21, let’s look at where we left the Runaways – who are now more of a family.

Marvel's Runaways - Alex Wilder

Alex is the unofficial leader of the Runaways. Following the death of their friend Amy Minoru, the group became distant. Alex became somewhat of a loner, not having made any new friends and longing to reunite with his old ones. After bringing the group back together like they used to, Alex accidentally discovered the secret lair of Pride, as well as the truth about their parents. He then led the team on various attempts to expose Pride for what they are, ultimately culminating in all six of the kids running away together. Now that they are all on the run, Alex will have to do everything he can to keep this new family together – especially with most of them labeled potential criminals by the media.


Marvel's Runaways - Nico Minoru

After the death of her sister Amy two years prior, Nico became withdrawn, giving herself a drastic makeover to match her feelings of despair. While trying to find evidence against her parents, Nico discovered that she, like her mother Tina, could wield the Staff of One, a magical device that can only work for someone with Tina’s DNA. Following the battle with their parents at the Wilder construction site, Nico lost the Staff back to Tina, but has discovered a new romantic relationship with her friend Karolina Dean. Hopefully this new love will be strong enough to get them through that battles yet to come.


Marvel's Runaways - Karolina Dean

Karolina was the poster girl of the Church of Gibborim, run by her parents. Karolina grew tired of having to fulfill obligations to the church continually and wanted the freedom to live her own life. The church’s benefactor, Jonah, revealed he was her birth father, and Karolina had inherited his powers, including the ability to fly and to create beams of light. Her desire to be her own person is what drove her to stand up to Pride with the rest of her friends and led to a blossoming love with Nico Minoru.


Marvel's Runaways - Gert Yorkes

Gert is as protective of her adopted sister Molly as she is vocal about social causes and never one to shy away from speaking her mind. Thanks to the psychic link to her genetically engineered pet dinosaur Old Lace, she is arguably the most dangerous member of the group, as long as Old Lace is nearby to protect her. After discovering the truth about their parents, Gert found solace in a romantic encounter with Chase Stein, leading to what she initially called a “one-time thing.” However, love is usually known to conquer all, and with the adventures to come, it might be what helps get her through it all.


Marvel's Runaways - Chase Stein

While Chase was the BMOC as part of the Lacrosse team at school, he had a troubled home life with an abusive father. His jock persona and popularity were part of the reason he hid his engineering genius. Even after discovering the truth about Pride, Chase found some common ground with his father, working together to build the Fistigons, cybernetic gloves that emit powerful blasts. It’s ironic that something his father helped him create will be one of the weapons used to fight Pride. Chase left the “big-time” life behind him when he realized who his real friends were, leading him to admit his feelings for Gert. No longer struggling with his identity will be one less thing Chase has to worry about as Season 2 begins.


Marvel's Runaways - Molly Hernandez

The youngest member of the Runaways, Molly is also the physically strongest. She gained super-strength from the unknown substance found at the Pride construction site at the same moment her biological parents were killed. Always feeling like no one listens to her, Molly’s new abilities also gives her the confidence to stand up to the rest of the group and become more of an equal, rather than a tagalong. While the full extent of her abilities is still unknown, they will be an asset to the team as they try to stop Jonah from destroying Los Angeles, and Pride from murdering more children. In the meantime, Molly has to escape notice now that she’s been seen on the news listed as a kidnap victim.

Season 2 of "Marvel's Runaways" premieres Friday, December 21, exclusively on Hulu. You can watch Season 1 now.

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