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Published June 7, 2019

'Marvel's Jessica Jones': Season 2 Refresher

Get ready for the series' Season 3 return on Netflix!

Marvel's Jessica Jones

How do you deal with being a hero when you don’t want to be a hero? That’s just one of the big questions Jessica Jones is facing in Marvel's Jessica Jones Season 2. Ahead of Season 3, here’s where we left off with our favorite hard-drinking, no-nonsense private investigator.

Don't miss the following refreshers:

Jessica is trying to leave her past with Kilgrave, and her superhuman abilities, behind. But, it’s easier said than done as those around New York City keep coming to her and asking for help. Malcolm, who’s now working as Jessica’s Alias Investigations partner, suggests that she assist some of them but she’s still reluctant. A man named “Whizzer” approaches Jessica, and claims to have been given superspeed by IGH — the same shady company that helped her after her car accident, and was also working with Will Simpson, Trish Walker’s former boyfriend. When Whizzer is then killed in a freak construction accident, Jessica decides to look into his claim.

Jessica starts investigating IGH, and tracks them down to an abandoned building which she vaguely remembers from her childhood while she was being experimented on post-accident. Jessica’s best friend, Trish Walker, is also looking into IGH leading her to the same place. And because the more the merrier, Simpson also happens to show up here, because he’s been trying to keep Trish out of harm's way. IGH doesn’t like that Trish is looking into their practices. While protecting Trish and Jessica, Simpson is killed.

Trish Walker

Looking into IGH, Jessica and Trish discover the name “Leslie Hansen” and a charred human head in the basement of her abandoned house. Trish uses her radio show to ask for help tracking down Leslie, and one woman calls in, claiming to be her. Jessica meets with Leslie, and learns that in the accident that killed her parents and brother she died, too; her superhuman powers were a side effect of IGH bringing her back to life. It’s then revealed that the human head in Leslie’s basement was actually Leslie, leaving Jessica to wonder about the identity of the woman she just met with.

Making matters worse for her, Jessica receives word that she’s being evicted. Her building’s new superintendent Oscar doesn’t like Jessica’s powers and doesn’t want his son, Vido, around them. However, Vido is incredibly curious about Jessica and this leads Oscar to give Jessica a second chance and the two soon start a relationship. Oscar is an artist, but on the side, he also makes fake IDs.

Jessica’s sometimes business partner, Jeri Hogarth, is diagnosed with ASL and is currently being forced out of her law firm because of it. This, obviously, does not sit well with Jeri. She’s also dealing with a difficult associate, another private investigator Pryce Cheng, who is trying to absorb Jessica’s Alias Investigation into his, with no help from Jessica or Jeri. Cheng tries to lure Malcolm away to work with him, but he turns down the request. Cheng then has one of his men ransack Alias Investigation hoping to find something, anything, on Jessica. While poking around Jessica’s apartment, this man is attacked and killed by the same mysterious woman Jessica met. Subsequently, returning back home Jessica is arrested for the murder.

After much persuasion from Jeri, Jessica is released from the police station. She tracks down another IGH doctor, Karl Malus, and finds him at the aquarium, once again with this woman. Upon seeing Jessica, the woman smashes one of the glass walls on the aquarium tank sending everyone scattering through the space. In the chaos, the woman escapes. Jessica later finds the woman living with Malus and it turns out that she’s Alisa Jones — Jessica’s mother who survived the car crash all those years ago.

As Alisa explains, both she and Jessica were rushed to the hospital following the crash and while IGH was able to help heal Jessica in a month, the same couldn’t be done for her. Alisa’s IGH treatment took years, and along the way altered her looks and personality, while also giving her violent mood swings and enhanced strength. Wanting to find her daughter, Alisa escaped IGH and found Jessica living with her then boyfriend. Seeing that he was treating her poorly, Alisa kills him (and this sends Jessica to reconnect with her foster sister, Trish, who helps her get sober at the time).

Meanwhile, Trish has become addicted to Simpson’s IGH pills. This puts a strain in her relationship with her new boyfriend, Griffin Sinclair (who asked Trish to marry him and she does not reply “yes”) and eventually sleeps with Malcolm. After Trish saves Malcolm from being attacked, she tries to get him to take the IGH pills, too, but he refuses and leaves. Her addiction is only becoming worse and worse, and during a live broadcast of her radio show, she quits. This leads her to get an offer from a network to be a news anchor, but she can’t make it through the audition because she’s run out of the IGH drugs and can’t function without them.

Alisa is still trying to repair her frayed relationship with Jessica when they two are attacked inside Alias Investigations. Cheng, who is seeking revenge against Alisa for killing one of his men, shoots at them but only hits Jessica. Alisa is eventually captured and turned over to the police, and Jeri works with her so she can avoid being sent to the Raft prison — but the only way this will work is if Alisa gives up Malus. Jessica tries to get the doctor to leave the country (and offers up fake passports made by Oscar) but before he is able to, Trish tracks him down and demands that he give her enchanted powers just like Jessica's.

Jessica Jones

In prison, Alisa is being abused by one of the guards, which does not sit well with Jessica. She discovers that this guard has killed inmates before and he then attacks Jessica. In self-defense, she kills him and tries to make his death look like a suicide. While it works, Jessica starts hearing Kilgrave’s voice again. When Jessica finds Malus, with Trish, Kilgrave’s voice taunts her into killing the doctor, but she resists. Jessica is able to stop Malus from performing any of the procedures on Trish, and the two of them escape while Malus remains inside as the building is destroyed, thus killing him. Alisa happens to hear this news report from inside prison, and she escapes.

While Malus had started the procedure on Trish, he didn’t finish them and Jessica rushes her to the hospital to recover. Blaming Trish for Malus’ death, Alisa goes to the hospital to kill her. Jessica, obviously, refuses to let her mother do that and the police show up and try to restrain Alisa. In an attempt to escape, Alisa grabs one of the officers there and jumps out the window, killing the latter in the fall and once again going on the run. Jessica then meets up with her mother back at Alias Investigation where Alisa knocks her out.

When Jessica wakes up, she finds that she and her mother are now on the run, heading for the Mexican border. The two then head for the Canadian border before diverting to a nearby amusement park, Playland. Jessica contacts Oscar and he agrees to make fake papers for Alisa. He’s shocked to hear that Jessica will also be fleeing the country, and tries to persuade her to stay.

Trish is starting to recover from the unfinished experiment and blames Jessica for stopping it. She sees a news report about Jessica and Alisa’s whereabouts and decides to head for Playland herself. Once there, Trish shoots and kills Alisa in front of Jessica.

Back home, Trish tries to apologize for Alisa’s death, reminding Jessica that they’re “sisters,” but Jessica won’t hear it. While leaving, Trish realizes that she’s now got heightened reflexes, so maybe the experiments on her weren't a total failure after all.

Malcolm decides to leave Alias Investigation and goes to work for Cheng, who is now in business again with Jeri. The season ends with Jessica deciding to finally start living her life, and heads downstairs to have dinner with Oscar and Vido.

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