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Published March 30, 2022

'Moon Knight': Episode 1 Details Log

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Moon Knight - Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac)

In Episode 1 of Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight, “The Goldfish Problem,” mild-mannered gift shop British employee Steven Grant becomes plagued with blackouts and memories of a life somehow separate from his mundane one.

Unfortunately for Steven, what he initially believes are dreams are not that — given that he wakes up in unknown areas feeling like his body was hit by a bus.

Stream Moon Knight — Episode 1 “The Goldfish Problem” — now on Disney+, and read on to discover some notable highlights from our Details Log below!

Moon Knight - Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac)


•    Steven Grant
•    Donna
•    Crawley the Street Performer
•    J.B. the Security Guard
•    Arthur Harrow


•    London
•    The Alps

Moon Knight - Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac)


Steven Grant wakes up and undoes his makeshift sleep restraints before checking in on his one-finned goldfish friend, Gus, while leaving a voicemail for his mom. He’s been sleeping terribly, and what terrible luck — he nearly misses the bus making himself late to work once again!

Moon Knight - Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac)

Only the Worthy Shall Pass

Seeing a child mistake the Great Pyramid of Giza for the rubbish dump, Steven takes the opportunity to enlighten her with some historical Ancient Egyptian tidbits — in the process of mummification, most of the organs would be removed except for the heart. The Ancient Egyptians believed the heart was necessary in order to be judged in the Underworld. Only the worthy were permitted to pass into the Field of Reeds.

Unfortunately for Steven, his boss Donna isn’t impressed; he’s never going to be promoted to tour guide as he can’t even fulfill his current duties at the gift shop. No matter, turns out he has a date with a colleague tomorrow night, even if he doesn’t remember setting it up! What’s a vegan going to eat at a steakhouse? Obviously, salad or bread, Donna.

Moon Knight - Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac)

Will You Accept Your Scales Regardless of the Outcome?

As Steven explains to his friend, Crawley the street performer, his body is restless; it’s why he works so hard to stay awake each night. However, this all would certainly be a red flag for any potential girlfriends so he’d best nip all of this in the bud. Back home, Steven listens to a meditation app, trying to stay awake with some puzzles and some light reading on Egyptology and the Ennead

Suddenly, Steven wakes up outside somewhere in the Alps with a broken jaw! Unsure of how he got here, a disembodied voice booms out of nowhere telling him to go back to sleep and “surrender the body to Marc”

Steven finds an intricately carved, golden scarab beetle in his pockets. Before he can make sense of anything, a group of men with guns begin to pursue him towards an Alpine village. He comes across a congregation forming around a mysterious man and does his best to blend in.

Moon Knight - Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) and Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke)

The man, Arthur Harrow, exclaims it’s their mission to make Earth as much like Heaven as possible. He seeks volunteers who offer their souls for judgement; to serve their goddess Ammit before she wakes. As volunteers make their way up, Harrow places his crocodile cane into their palm as his scales tattoo begins to shift on his skin. One believer is deemed a good man as decreed by the scales; however, another follower is deemed unworthy. The scales see everything. Unfortunately for her, she won’t live to see the world they make together as her soul is taken.

Harrow spots Steven in the crowd; he wants the mercenary to return the scarab. Steven is shocked; he’s no mercenary — just a museum clerk from London. Steven can’t control his body from acting on its own, and it doesn’t want to give Harrow the scarab. As he blacks out, he is confused as to how his fists are bloody with bodies of injured men surrounding him. He blacks out again and wakes up behind the wheel caught in the middle of dangerous van chase in the Alps. 

Moon Knight - Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac)

Steven is startled awake in bed… his restraints are still on and his door tape and circle of sand around his bed are undisturbed. Phew, it was all just a dream. 

The Fish is Wrong; the Time is Wrong. No, You’re Not Quite Right.

Steven is all out of sorts. Gus suddenly has two fins. Waiting at the steak house, Steven learns from his angry date that he stood her up days ago. It’s not Friday as he believed it to be; it’s Sunday.

Dejected and confused as to the loss in time, Steven discovers scratches on his floor and a loose panel on his ceiling. There, Steven finds a key as well as a cell phone — both items that do not belong to him. Powering up the cell phone, Steven discovers over 50 missed calls from a woman named Layla. 

Moon Knight - Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac)

With the phone powered on, Steven receives an incoming call from Layla who is astonished he’s alive; she’s been texting and calling him for months. Steven explains he just discovered this phone in the flat; she must have confused him with someone else? She’s aggravated; why does Marc have an accent? Steven has no idea why she just called him Marc and before he can get any more answers, she hangs up the phone.

A voice suddenly tells Steven he needs to stop; otherwise, he’s going to get himself in trouble. He catches his reflection not mirroring himself in the bathroom. Just then, the lights in his flat begin to flicker as things begin to violently fly across the room. Running out of his flat and down the hall, Steven spots a ghastly, shrouded figure with a large beak menacingly approaching him in the elevator. Screaming, Steven jolts awake on a crowded bus. He realizes it’s not a dream as he spots the creature on the street, and Harrow on the bus.

Moon Knight - Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) and Khonshu

The World’s First Boogeyman

At the museum, Steven pleads with J.B. to not admit anyone into the museum as he’s being followed—a request the security guard finds absolutely absurd as they’re a public museum.

Arthur Harrow is astonished to find Steven at the museum; he thought ‘Steven Grant’ was an alias. Unfortunately for Steven, it appears several of his colleagues at the museum are acolytes of Harrow. Steven swears he doesn’t have the zealot’s scarab beetle. Wrong; it’s not his scarab — it belongs to the Egyptian deity Ammit.

Harrow explains the only people who should fear Ammit are evil-doers. She had grown weary of waiting for sinners to commit their crimes before punishing them. After all, her judgement surveys their entire lives: past, present, and future. She not only knows what they’ve done, but also what they will do. She just wants to rid the world of evil, but she was betrayed by her insolent fellow gods and her own avatar. Harrow reasons with Steven; that he understands how maddening it is to have that relentless voice in his head. As he grasps Steven’s hands, the scales of judgement on his forearm are undecided on Steven as the scales continue to shift from side to side. Harrow confirms there is chaos within Steven.

Moon Knight - Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) and Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke)

As he closes out his shift at the museum, Steven is aggressively pursued by a beastly jackal. Over the museum speakers, Harrow demands Steven relinquish the scarab or he’ll be torn apart. As he seeks refuge in the men’s restroom, with the jackal on the other side, his reflection pleads that he can save them; as long as he doesn’t fight him. Steven does not believe this is real, but his reflection assures him; he’s real. This is real. Giving up control of his body, he’s suddenly enveloped in ceremonial armor, taking control of the situation and defeating the monstrous creature. 

Moon Knight - Steven Grant and Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac)

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