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Published December 24, 2019

7 of the Best Old Lace Moments from 'Marvel's Runaways'

Old Lace is our favorite honorary Runaway.

Though she might not be a true Runaway, she’s certainly a Runaway in our hearts. Considering she’s helped Alex, Nico, Karolina, Chase, Molly, and Gert out of so many sticky situations in Marvel’s Runaways, Old Lace is an honorary member of the group. 

All 10 episodes of Season 3 are streaming exclusively on Hulu, and considering that it’s the last season, now’s a great time to look back at some of our favorite Prehistoric Guard Dog moments. When she’s not doubling as Gert’s Emotional Support Dinosaur (or sleeping, eating, or getting into trouble herself), Old Lace is a comforting friend to all the Runaways. She might not have any powers herself, but she’s literally a deinonychus – that’s cool enough as it is.


When Gert Met Old Lace

The first meeting with Old Lace is the scariest one if only because Gert (and Chase who’s with her) doesn’t know what who she is — aka, a dinosaur. But, Old Lace was at least already familiar with Gert, having heard her singing to Molly. 

Meeting the other Runaways for the first time

One of Old Lace’s first outing as an honorary member of the Runaways is to the Stein Mansion. The dino goes with Gert and Karolina to the Stein’s, since multiple members of Pride are organizing there. This is also where Old Lace officially meets Chase for the first time, and he’s clearly startled by the sight of her. Gert explains that Old Lace won't harm him, and Chase hesitantly tries to pet her — the start of a beautiful friendship! 

How Old Lace Got Her Name

Old Lace doesn’t actually start out with the moniker “Old Lace.” Gert gets inspiration for the name after she sees a flyer for an old movie marathon — Arsenic and Old Lace. While this is certainly a touching moment between Gert and her guard-dino, it’s cut short because it’s then determined that Old Lace will draw too much attention to the group, and they’ve got to set her free.


Old Lace Looks after Molly

When Gert leaves the rest of the Runaways in order to get back on her meds, that means she also has to leave Old Lace behind, too. Now acting as a surrogate “older sister,” Gert instructs Old Lace to look after everyone — but most importantly, Molly. 

Gert drives Old Lace for the First time

Do you remember the first time you drove a car? Now imagine the first time “driving” a dinosaur — you’ll need to buckle up for a different reason. Gert’s dad, Dale, shows her how she can truly connect to Old Lace and influence her movements. 

Old Lace Meets Some new friends 

Though it’s a quick meet and greet, Tyronne (Cloak) can’t help but ask Gert about her dinosaur friend. Gert calls her over, and shows that Ty has nothing to fear when it comes to Old Lace — she’s a friend to everyone Gert trusts. 

Breaking Old Lace's Heart

The decision is made to lock Old Lace away while battling Morgan Le Fay, which is certainly a good idea (so Morgan can’t use Old Lace to attack anyone). But that also means Old Lace can’t be with Gert during her most desperate time of need at the very end. Like any good emotional support dinosaur, Old Lace breaks free from her cage and goes rushing to Gert’s side. Is it heartbreaking to see a dinosaur upset? Yes. 

All 10 episodes of Marvel’s Runaways Season 3 is exclusively available to stream on Hulu now!

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