Published March 15, 2021

The History of A-Force

Who are the heroes behind She-Hulk’s super-powered team? Read ‘A-Force’ now on Marvel Unlimited!

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Cover to A-FORCE (2016) #1.
Cover to A-FORCE (2016) #1.

What happened after the destruction of the Multiverse during the SECRET WARS event? Who was left to protect those that survived? A-Force, that’s who! But who are these super-powered women heroes, and what kind of threats have they come up against since their formation under She-Hulk’s lead?

We’ve got all your answers here!

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A-Force assembles in A-FORCE (2016) #2.
A-FORCE (2016) #2

A-Force is a team of Avengers comprised of the mightiest women who fight to protect people from the most formidable threats. Baroness of Arcadia She-Hulk assembled and led the team (A-FORCE #1), which included the cosmic powerhouse Captain Marvel, Dazzler, mutant queen of disco, the blood-magic-wielding Nico Minoru, the Inhuman Queen Medusa, Norse goddess Loki, and eventually the teleporter Singularity.


Enter Arcadia in A-FORCE (2015) #1!
Enter Arcadia in A-FORCE (2015) #1!

The island paradise known as Arcadia! After the Multiverse was destroyed, all that remained was the patchwork planet of Battleworld, ruled by its god Doctor Doom. On Battleworld was the utopian island territory of Arcadia, fiercely protected by the women of A-Force. When Battleworld ceased to exist during the restoration of the Prime Reality, A-Force was scattered, but later reformed thanks to the efforts of new member and team teleporter Singularity.


She-Hulk takes the lead in A-FORCE (2015) #1.
A-FORCE (2015) #1

The gamma-powered lawyer and Baroness of Arcadia She-Hulk leads and defends her team when they step out of line. After a strange monster attacked Arcadia, Loki’s ward America Chavez saved everyone, but in doing so violated one of Doom’s border laws. Loki and her other ward Nico expressed disappointment in She-Hulk’s leadership, and Medusa overstepped when she suggested how she would lead instead. Despite facing dissent on all sides, She-Hulk rallied A-Force to investigate the attack that imprisoned their sister in A-FORCE (2015) #1.


While protecting Arcadia, A-Force suffered multiple monster attacks thanks to a traitor in their ranks: the Mistress of Secrets, Loki! See how A-Force handled the monstrosities in their midst and the traitorous trickster goddess in A-FORCE (2015) #1-5!

Loki attacks in A-FORCE (2015) #4.
A-FORCE (2015) #4

The team also went up against the mind-controlling sometimes-human sorceress Countess in A-FORCE (2016) #5-7, pitting Nico against the team.

Nico under possession in A-FORCE (2016) #7.
Nico under possession in A-FORCE (2016) #7.

A-Force later faced another CIVIL WAR between heroes over the Inhuman Ulysses who could predict the future. The heroes divided into two sides: those that wanted to protect the future, and those that wanted to use Ulysses’ powers to save the future. When Ulysses sent A-Force on a mission, it left She-Hulk in a coma, but Captain Marvel still wanted to use his predictive powers to their advantage, especially when it affected a member of their team! See whose future is at risk and which foes they encounter in A-FORCE (2016) #8-10!

An aftershock to CIVIL WAR II in A-FORCE (2016) #8.
An aftershock to CIVIL WAR II in A-FORCE (2016) #8.


The full team in A-FORCE (2015) #4.
A-FORCE (2015) #4

Each other of course!

But that’s too obvious. This super-team has allied with several known heroes. During the monster attacks on Arcadia, A-Force called on the Atlanteans as well as Nico’s new friend, who turned out to be a cosmic entity and pocket universe dubbed Singularity. Singularity becomes a trusted ally, despite the team’s initial doubts upon her arrival to Arcadia. The mutant Storm also allied with A-Force when the Thor Corps came to collect She-Hulk for breaking the border laws.

Post-restoration of the Prime Reality, the team joined forces with Alison Blaire of Earth-15513, AKA Thor, in A-FORCE (2016) #5-6, plus monster hunter Elsa Bloodstone in A-FORCE (2016) #8-9!

Elsa Bloodstone in A-FORCE (2016) #8.
A-FORCE (2016) #8

Marvel’s mighty women are sure to pack a punch when alone, but put them altogether and what do you get? The most powerful and fierce team of Super Heroes this side of the Multiverse! Read A-Force’s complete adventures on Marvel Unlimited today.


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