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Published December 5, 2019

'Marvel's Runaways' Season 3 Primer — Where We Left Off: The Runaways

Season 3 of 'Marvel's Runaways' premieres December 13, exclusively on Hulu!

Marvel's Runaways

On December 13, the third and final season of Marvel’s Runaways premieres on Hulu. If the latest trailer is any indication, fans are in for one insane last ride with our crew of (mostly) super-powered teens. Before the premiere, let’s make sure we’re caught up on the whereabouts of our heroes.

Alex Wilder

When 'Mike on a Bike' steals all of Alex's money that Darius gave to him at the beginning of season 2, Alex is forced to go back and ask for more. Not one to provide handouts, Darius puts Alex to work, eventually forming a bond with him. It's during this time Alex meets Darius' sister-in-law Livvie, with whom he begins a short-lived relationship (having a social life while being on the run and wanted for murder aren't cohesive).

Darius ultimately betrays Alex, alerting Geoffrey to his location. After Catherine kills Darius and frames him for Destiny's death, Alex becomes obsessed with making them pay, even going so far as to make a deal with corrupt cop AWOL, which turns out badly for, well, everyone. After tricking his parents into getting themselves arrested, Alex is last seen at the Hostel with Nico, Molly, Leslie, and Xavin, as they try to figure out where their other friends are.


Nico Minoru

Knowing they need the Staff of One to have an advantage against Jonah and the Pride, Nico, Karolina, and Molly break into the Minoru home to steal it. After a confrontation with Tina, Nico is given the Staff but loses her family in the process. Nico then becomes consumed with a vengeance when Karolina reveals Jonah killed her sister Amy. When the Runaways and the Pride have their confrontation at the construction site, Nico runs the Staff of One through Jonah, seemingly killing him.

Later, when AWOL and his men attempt to take over the Hostel, the Staff of One consumes Nico, and she kills the entire crew. She realizes the Staff is too powerful for her, so she buries it. However, it is "resurrected" and consumes her again, this time during a fight with her parents, resulting in a shard of glass becoming embedded in Robert's throat. Nico is last seen with her other remaining teammates at the Hostel, attempting to plan their next move.


Karolina Dean

Despite knowing what her friends would do, Karolina meets Jonah in secret so she can learn more about both her powers and her heritage. Jonah reveals to her the mystery at the bottom of the construction site, a spaceship housing the consciousness of the rest of Jonah’s family. Karolina is then confronted by her mother Leslie, who tells her Jonah can’t be trusted, revealing he was the one who killed Nico’s sister Amy. Karolina tells Nico the truth but is still shocked when Nico “kills” Jonah at the construction site.

The two eventually make up, their relationship becoming stronger, and team up to save Leslie from the Church of Gibborim reprogramming. Throughout the season, Karolina keeps hearing a strange voice calling out to her. The voice turns out to belong to her betrothed Xavin, a member of Jonah’s race who will do what it takes to protect Karolina. Knowing his daughter will not join him, Jonah, now in Victor Stein’s body, kidnaps Karolina, Chase, and Janet Stein to use their bodies as new hosts for him and his “real” family.


Chase Stein

Even though their situation is dire, Chase is doing okay for himself at the beginning of season 2. He is in a strong relationship with Gert and also helps get the Hostel up and running. Since they are the Runaways, happiness doesn’t last long. Chase and Gert’s relationship becomes strained as he worries about her not getting her proper meds. It’s stretched thinner when Gert decides she wants to go to college and leave once everything is over.

Once learning of his father’s illness, Chase decides it is time for him to go home, betraying the entire group and leaving Gert heartbroken. Unfortunately for Chase, he discovers too late his father is, in reality, Jonah, having taken over Victor’s body. Jonah captures Chase, Karolina, and Janet, keeping them in stasis for him and his family to use their bodies as new hosts.


Gert Yorkes

The beginning of Season 2 finds Gert and Chase growing their relationship. They still bicker constantly, but for now, it’s out of love. However, things start to take a turn as Gert starts to feel the effects of not having her anxiety medication. It does not help the situation when Gert discovers Molly has been going out at night to use her powers, acting like a Super Hero. Her relationship with Chase ends after a combination of Gert wanting to go to college and Chase deciding to return home to his parents.

A now possessed Stacey Yorkes uses Gert’s link to Old Lace to her advantage, poisoning one of them so the other feels the effects. Realizing this is not Gert’s mother, Dale takes Gert and Old Lace, and the three are now on the run.


Molly Hernandez

Since gaining her powers, Molly has been doing her best to use them for good, even though it can get her in trouble. She spends most evenings sneaking out at night so she can fight crime. When Molly meets Topher, another teen with powers similar to hers, she thinks she found a lost family member. Molly feels betrayed when she learns Topher gained his abilities using the rocks discovered at both the construction site and the offices where Molly's parents died.

She feels isolated when the group forgets her birthday. To honor her, as well as give themselves a sense of normalcy, they throw Molly a Quinceañera. It's the last time the group would be together and happy. Molly is last seen with Alex, Nico, Xavin, and Leslie, trying to discern the whereabouts of Chase, Karolina, and Gert, who have all gone missing.

All 10 episodes of Marvel’s Runaways Season 3 will premiere exclusively on Hulu on December 13.

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