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Published December 6, 2019

'Marvel's Runaways' Season 3 Primer — Where We Left Off: The Pride

Season 3 of 'Marvel's Runaways' premieres December 13, exclusively on Hulu!

'Marvel's Runaways' Season 3 Primer — Where We Left Off: The Pride

There are shows with twists and turns. There are shows which do the unexpected. Then there’s Marvel’s Runaways, which does both at an insane pace. With Season three set to kick off on Hulu December 13, we need to make sure we know where everyone stands.

New allegiances formed. Characters switched sides. As weird as this sounds, old threats are now new threats. Out of the two factions, none is more splintered than the Pride, the parents of the Runaways. Let’s take a look and see where they are before December 13 rolls around.

Catherine & Geoffrey Wilder

The Wilders

The matriarch Wilder, Catherine, realizes bringing the children out of hiding will be easier if they aren’t suspects of first-degree murder. While Geoffrey reaches out to Darius, who sells out Alex to his parents after taking him in for a short period. After finally making peace with his best friend, Geoffrey is shocked to learn Catherine kills Darius in cold blood and frames him for Destiny’s murder, tying up all loose ends.

Darius’ death doesn’t sit well with Geoffrey, who feels betrayed for what she has done. Even though the act leaves both the Pride and the Runaways in the clear, Geoffrey can’t move on from his wife’s actions.

Jonah, whose body is starting to decay, kidnaps Geoffrey with the intent to use his body as a new host. After being rescued by the Runaways, Geoffrey helps them break into the construction site to destroy Jonah’s ship, but loses his son once again.

Alex eventually discovers his mother’s actions and sets in motion a plan, which gets his mother and father arrested while in possession of the gun used to kill Darius. We last see Catherine and Geoffrey being taken away by the police.

Leslie Dean

Leslie Dean

Leslie finally realizes the controlling and manipulations by Jonah need to stop. She attempts to dismantle everything he has built, even momentarily reconciling with her husband Frank over their mutual hatred of Jonah.

However, when Frank takes over the Church, he's attracted to the power he now holds and refuses to give it up even after Leslie reveals the idea of the Church is a lie. Frank sends Leslie away for “reconditioning” in the ways of the Church, where she meets her estranged mother. Rescued by Karolina and Nico, they take Leslie to the Hostel, but not before finding out she is pregnant with Jonah’s heir.

Janet & Victor Stein

Janet & Victor Stein

Janet spends the first half of Season Two with Jonah in an attempt to restore Victor’s health. Victor was put into stasis by Jonah in an attempt to heal his wounds, using his technology to enter Victor’s mind and speak with him. In reality, Jonah was preparing Victor as a new vessel. This transfer occurred quickly than initially planned.

Using Jonah’s book, she can enter Victor’s consciousness to help him get through his trauma. When she realizes Victor has been healthy for longer than Jonah has been letting on, she frees him, and they attempt to stop Jonah at the construction site along with the other parents and the Runaways.

Following Jonah’s “death" at the hands of Nico, Janet notices Victor acting strangely, and having memory lapses. She discovers Jonah’s consciousness has entered Victor’s body and he is using Victor to further his plan. Before she can tell anyone, Janet, Chase, and Karolina are captured and put in stasis to eventually become the new hosts for Jonah and his family. Reunited with his family, who have inhabited two more of the Pride’s bodies, Jonah's search for the remaining family member continues.

Tina & Robert Minoru

The Minorus

Tina doesn’t start the season having learned much of anything, as she kills Graciela to get her to stop exposing Pride. Along with Geoffrey Wilder, Tina then becomes co-leader of the Pride, whose new purpose is to take Jonah down while at the same time covering up their illegal operations. During this time, Robert attempts to use his technology to force Jonah to reveal the location of the children. He almost succeeds if members of the Church of Gibborim hadn’t interfered. When Nico, Karolina, and Molly break into the Minoru home to steal the Staff of One, Tina puts up a fight but decides to let Nico have the staff with the ultimatum that she would no longer be considered family.

Following the construction site confrontation, Tina begins acting like a spoiled teenager. Along with Victor and Stacey Yorkes, Tina has been taken over by one of Jonah’s family members. We last see Tina (so to speak) trying to figure out what happened to the family’s final member.

Unfortunately, Robert is clinging to life following a confrontation with Nico, whose power over the Staff of One causes a window to shatter and a shard becoming embedded in his neck.

Stacey & Dale Yorkes

Stacey & Dale Yorkes

Stacey and Dale work on a weapon to kill Jonah for good and devise a way to destroy the spaceship underneath the construction site. Following its destruction, Stacey begins having odd mood swings, going back and forth from being a quirky mad scientist to a cold and calculating one. It turns out Jonah’s wife from his home planet is now inhabiting her body, a consequence of the ship’s destruction. She's last seen looking over the unconscious bodies of Chase, Karolina, and Janet, prepping them as the aliens’ newest hosts.

Dale becomes suspicious of Stacey when she begins to have erratic behavior following the confrontation at the construction site. Realizing his wife has gone too far when she poisons Gert and Old Lace, Dale takes them and drives as far away as they can. Knowing its only a matter of time before Jonah finds them, Dale knows he has to plan his next steps.

All 10 episodes of Marvel’s Runaways Season 3 will premiere exclusively on Hulu on December 13.

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