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Published July 21, 2023

SDCC 2023: Marvel Studios' 'X-Men '97' Update

Beau DeMayo and Jake Castorena revealed new details—and a never-before-seen clip—from the upcoming show on Disney+.

Fans of X-Men: The Animated Series rejoice. Yesterday, at the Designing the X-Men: A This Week in Marvel Special Event panel, audience members were surprised by guests from upcoming animated show Marvel Studios’ X-Men ’97, coming soon to Disney+! Joining the panel were executive producer Beau DeMayo, supervising producer Jake Castorena, and Larry Houston, director and producer of the original X-Men: The Animated Series. Sharing exclusive details about the show—including a never-before-seen clip from its first episode—we heard more behind-the-scenes info than ever about its story and production.


“We just put together kind of an internal thing for the [Marvel and Disney executives], actually giving them a taste of what the show is,” reveals Beau. “And it's weird watching your heroes freak out to something you're doing. The size and scope of something like this and sending a love letter to what Larry and [X-Men: The Animated Series creators Eric and Julia Lewald] did is huge.”

When asked about working on their favorite X-Men, Jake Castorena offered a unique perspective too: “I'm realizing my favorites are now are the ones that propose creative challenges. Like we take for granted eyes and eyebrows for acting, for emoting. What happens when you have a character [like] Cyclops who’s got the visor? What it proposes is how do we get a character with no eye contact through to the audience, and something that we've done are the glints, the reflections on his visor. Whether it's a sharp, snappy glint, a slow glint, a nice little twinkle with his smirk… We find unique ways to use the mutant’s powers to convey their emotion, not just for action’s sake but to also carry a story.”

And Larry Houston assured fans that X-Men ’97 picks up the torch from the original series. “You have an entire crew working on this show that are all dedicated fans to the mythology and the lore and legacy of the X-Men. And everyone who's involved really believes in the story and the characters. I think you guys are going to really enjoy it when it comes on the air.”

After the panel Beau and Jake joined Marvel LIVE! host Ryan Penagos where they were asked about the fan reaction to the clip. Beau was relieved: “We just want them to laugh at the jokes! You’re like, ‘OK, they laughed.”

“[It’s] a bit of good relief to get that first little bit of pulse out there, to see the reactions in real time,” shared Jake. “Also, just being able to get this back to the team who’s been working really hard on this and get to relay that to them too.”

So, what exactly did fans see?

“We showed a clip from the first episode that shows the X-Men going off [on] a mission to confront a new Sentinel threat,” reveals Beau. “And mid-mission they are unexpectedly attacked and have to use their Danger Room practice skills to save themselves.”

Ryan felt especially hyped after seeing Cyclops: “Look, I can’t take all the credit,” said Jake. “[Beau] gave us a really good script and a really good scene and a really good epic moment that makes you go: ‘that’s why Cyclops is the leader of the X-Men.’”

“[Production] is going really, really well. We’re just in post-production on Season 1 and [right now] writing the finale for Season 2,” said Beau. “I cannot be happier.”

Fire up Disney+, pull up your favorite episodes of X-Men: The Animated Series and get excited for Marvel Studios’ X-Men ‘97, coming to Disney+ soon!

Find more schedules and get the latest Marvel news and announcements at San Diego! San Diego Comic-Con 2023 runs Thursday, July 20 through Sunday, July 23.

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