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Published September 15, 2022

‘She-Hulk’ Episode 5: Jennifer Walters vs. Titania LLC

Avongers, assemble.


Strength is beauty. Beauty is strength. What makes you beautiful? She-Hulk by Titania. Be strong, be beautiful, own you who are. She-Hulk by Titania. It’s a luxurious new line of skincare, beauty, and wellness exclusively you for. She-Hulk by Titania.

What the heck?

Jen drives through Los Angeles passing billboard after billboard of Titania promoting her “She-Hulk” collection. The radio isn’t much better as all the ads are also promoting this new wellness line. And things go from bad to worse when Cousin Chet bursts into her apartment with cartons of She-Hulk products and Jen has to explain that these things are not from her. She is not this She-Hulk. Chet, bewildered as always, asks the million-dollar question: Why didn’t Jen just trademark the name first? She wouldn’t be in this mess then.

Clearly not one to pass up an activation, Titania has a popup for all her new products, and when Jen goes to wait in line to get in Nikki insists that they bypass the queue — just walk in with confidence, come on Jen.

Inside, Jen is greeted with Titania’s new line of She-Hulk products, with include beauty serum and beauty oil, and beauty tonic. How are those not all the same thing?? Approaching Titania, Jen demands that she stop selling these things and using her name to promote everything.

“Oh get over it, Jennifer,” Titania snarls, while still looking absolutely fabulous. “She-Hulk is mine.”

At the office, Jen complains that it’s not fair Titania stole her name. Nikki reminds her that she doesn’t like the name She-Hulk, but that’s neither here nor there. Speaking more to herself than anyone else, Jen explains that she’s still Jen Walters, but She-Hulk is just a thing that happened to her. But it’s not like she’s a different person who needs a completely different name.

Sitting at her own desk, Nikki can’t help but browse the Titania website wondering why she’s charging so much for everything (“That’s why she’s rich and you're broke,” Nikki mumbles to herself. ). Pug swings by asking for a favor, which Nikki is happy to do for a favor in return. Turns out, Pug is a big sneakerhead and has to get his hands on the new Iron Man 3’s that are dropping, but he’s only allowed to purchase one pair — if Nikki goes with him, he can purchase two. And he needs two, because “one to rock and one to stock.”

That’s when Pug starts bragging about his “Drip Broker” (it’s a thing), a man named Alonzo, who can find any sort of fashion item you might need. This piques Nikki's interest, as she’s been trying to find new outfits for Jen.

This little B Plot leads Nikki and Pug to a boba cafe, where Alonzo has sent the two of them to try and find some Super Hero stuff. After a rocky start, the cashier at the boba place leads them into the back where he then starts hawking them Avengers merchandise. Sorry, not Avengers —  Avongers. Also Avingers. While Pug kind of likes the stuff, Nikki is not impressed. She doesn’t want the bootleg stuff, she wants things custom-made!

When the two of them press for the real guy, they are gently forced into buying some Avongers merchandise in order to get a name — which they do. So next stop, it’s off to meet this mysterious outfit designer who doesn’t want to talk to them, considering they showed up out of the blue. When the designer asks for a referral, Nikki first offers up Titania, before Pug explains that they’re actually associated with an Avenger, one of the “top tier” ones. That’s enough to get them a 15-minute consultation.

Sitting in Holliway’s office, he wonders to Jen why he passed a billboard for She-Hulk’s Body Build Smoothie. When Jen tries to explain what’s going on, Holliway stops her. He’s upset that the firm has gotten roped into Jen’s trademark lawsuit and when Jen says she’s going to fix it, Holliway cuts her off. They need someone else to handle this case.

Enter Mallory Book, attorney at law. She wants to know why Jen didn’t trademark “She-Hulk,” the moment she could, and Jen tries to reason that Doctor Strange didn’t trademark his name, and neither did Thor! Well, those are their actual names, Jen…

Mallory thinks they should counter sue and show that Jen was actually using the name She-Hulk in a professional capacity before the trademark date and Titania is profiting off of name recognition. Ok, easy enough. But now about Jen’s clothing…Mallory knows she needs a makeover and calls in Nikki for help who is already one step ahead of them with that.

In court, Malloy has come prepared with evidence that Jen’s been using the name She-Hulk far longer than Titania. Also, are Titania’s products even FDA-approved? She counters this by explaining that fans love the foot exfoliant, and she just happens to have brought samples for evidence, too. Titania's lawyer also happens to have a video of Jen saying she doesn’t like the She-Hulk moniker and wishes people would stop using it. Thankfully, Mallory has her own clip of Jen on the news saying she’s She-Hulk. However, that’s just one instance. Is there a pattern of Jen using the name?

Meanwhile, Jen still needs new clothing. Nikki takes her to meet the best Super Hero designer around, Luke Jacobson. Needless to say, he is shocked and a little confused to see She-Hulk standing in front of him because she’s by no means an Avenger. Well, whatever, what kind of suit does she need? Does she need it to be waterproof or store any weapons?

Oh no, Jen corrects him. Not a suit like that, she just needs a business suit for work. Doing this kind of basic everyday streetwear fashion is below Luke and he shoos Jen away before Nikki stops him. Nikki instructs Jen to do “the thing,” and become Just Jen again, before transforming back into She-Hulk. Has Luke ever designed a suit that can accommodate a superhuman like that before? Seeing that this is a chance to really stretch his abilities, Luke agrees to work with her.

Back at the office, Jen and Nikki run into Mallory who happens to be standing with, ugh, Todd, one of Jen’s former Matcher dates (remember that?). He wants to reconnect again soon, and Jen clearly has other ideas to never see him again. However, Jen realizes that this might be her key to winning the Titania case. She went on several dates, Todd included, as She-Hulk, clearly establishing a pattern of using the name before Titania trademarked it! This is how she wins the case! By parading all of these questionable men that she dated in front of the courtroom! It’s gonna be so embarrassing!

And yes, it’s just as embarrassing as you think. In court, Mallory reads Jen’s dating profile aloud, which includes such descriptions like, “Mean, green, and straight poured into these jeans.” And when writing what she’s looking for in a guy, Jen describes  “a sturdy back and reinforced king-sized bed, jk jk jk.” Mallory then calls her witnesses, and Jen’s dates parade in front of the court.

“She was like yeah, it’s me, She-Hulk, Impressed much?” one of them says, under oath, on the witness stand. It doesn’t get better from there, as the dates explain that she called herself She-Hulk, and Todd mentions that he felt She-Hulk opened up to him. As for Arthur (remember, the good-looking doctor who awkwardly left the next morning), he mentions that she battled demons and they had a great date. But Mallory asks if he would still have gone on the date if She-Hulk presented herself as Jennifer Walters? Sadly, Jen’s not really his type.

Thankfully, this is all just embarrassing enough for the court to side with Jen, and Titania is told to cease all use of the name and pull her She-Hulk products off the shelf. “This isn’t over hater,” she snarls at Jen, still dressed immaculately, before leaving the courtroom in the most fabulous fashion.

Outside, Jen thanks Mallory for helping her win the case and Mallory reminds her of her own worth — she can do better than all the guys in court. Over drinks, the two grow a tiny bit closer as they laugh about the embarrassment Jen just went through. “You can have literal superpowers and some guy with an internet connection will still think he can do better,” Mallory points out. She’s not wrong!

Are they friends now? Maybe. Mallory mentions that  she thought Jen was getting better clothes, with Jen turning to us, “OH yeah, my clothes!”

Arriving at Luke’s, she’s greeted by a rack of new outfits, especially for her. Jen ducks into a dressing room to try it on and she likes it. As Jen continues looking at outfits, Luke walks over and grabs a hatbox that’s been left open. “Does client confidentially mean nothing to you?” He snaps at one of his employees, putting the lid on the box, covering up a cowl mask with two devil horns.

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