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Published September 22, 2022

‘She-Hulk’ Episode 6: Jennifer Walters Vs. Lulu’s Wedding

Yes, it's a self-contained wedding episode!


A conspicuously ornate box sits in front of Jennifer Walters. The second she opens it she’s covered in confetti. Yes, this is exactly what you think it is: the dreaded bridesmaid box.

“It’s a self-contained wedding episode!” Jen turns to tell us. “And if you think this is happening at an inconvenient time in the season, you’re right, because that’s how weddings always are. But I’m gonna look great so let’s go.”

Also to note: Jen is going to the wedding as Shulkie. Not Jen. Shulkie. And she’s going to look fabulous in a dress Luke Jacobson made for her. Even Nikki can’t wait to hear everyone’s reactions — and yeah, she’s fine to be left behind because she’s going to get a chance to work closely with Miss Mallory on some of Jen’s cases. Sounds like a win-win for everyone.

Well, not so fast for Jen. Though she’s fallen out of touch with the bride-to-be, her childhood friend Lulu, Jen feels obligated to go. Showing up in stunning fashion, the rest of the wedding party can’t help at gawk at her new self. Except for Lulu, who is less than thrilled to see Jen arrive like this. Lulu immediately protests Jen’s appearance, making a strong case that with Jen walking around as She-Hulk all attention is gonna be on her — not the all-important bride. Might Jen mind turning back into her regular self, Just Jen?

Now wandering around as Just Jen in a dress that’s a little bit too big for her, Jen learns that she’s going to be walking down the aisle with Jonathan, who is amazing, according to everyone else. Lulu also apologizes to Jen for not catching up with her sooner and asks what she’s been up to. When Jen launches into the explanation that, you know, she’s a Super Hero now, Lulu clarifies that that’s not the gossip she wanted: Is Jen dating anyone??

However, this mundane chit-chat is quickly interrupted when Titania walks in. Jen is shocked to see her, and immediately demands to know what she wants — this is a very real wedding and Titania can’t crash it! Well, turns out Titania is actually on the invite list because she’s dating one of the groom’s friends (hmm, sure). Whatever reason she’s there, Lulu doesn’t care and starts gushing over how Titania’s so busy with her, like, 5,000 businesses? And OMG, like Titania has the time anyway to weasel her way into Lulu’s wedding just to mess with Jen?

(Yes. Yes she has the time.)

Jen can see right through this and knows exactly what’s happening. She storms outside to sit alone when she’s approached by another member of the bridal party — Josh. He strikes up a pleasant little conversation with her, joking that he didn’t get a +1 to the event in hopes of talking to a beautiful woman stuffing her face with candy nuts (that’s Jen). Sadly, their little meet-cute is interrupted when Lulu comes rushing out begging Jen to help her clean up a bunch of things since the event staff quit (…because of how Lulu was treating them).

Back at GLK&H, Mallory is meeting with “Mr. Immortal.” He needs help with his divorce case and let’s cut right to the chase: he hates having the “tough conversations” with his partners so instead of asking for a divorce he just…well, he “dies.” He’s Mr. Immortal, after all.

Mallory and Nikki are perplexed to hear this, and quickly unload on him for refusing to talk to his spouses before he ups and outs himself. How could he do this time and time again? And well, seeing where this conversation is quickly heading, and refusing to partake in it, Mr. Immortal jumps out the window. But don’t worry, he’s okay!

However, when forced to face his partners, Mr. Immortal is anything but calm and collected. Half a dozen of his wives (and one husband) from over the years sit at GLK&H complaining about how he swindled them time and time again. When Mallory asks how they all learned about Mr. Immortal’s scheme, one of the women explains that she saw a video of him on Intelligencia — aka “the website for hateful man babies.”

Neither Mallory nor Nikki can really believe that Mr. Immortal got away with killing himself multiple times over the years, and they remind him that these women could press criminal charges, too — he changed his name a dozen times, after all! When a smile creeps over Mallory’s face Mr. Immortal asks what’s going on, and she tells him he’s going to have to pay for what he did, and she’s happy about it.

Mallory proposes that they split Mr. Immortal’s fortune evenly between each partner, which almost goes over well until everyone starts bickering. Why should someone who was married to him for 18 years get the same as someone married to him for three? This is now Nikki’s time to shine, as she figures out what’s the best course of action for everyone: some are reimbursed for funeral costs, others for backpay when they quit their job to help Mr. Immortal run a rare jade shop for two years (shrug), another straight up cash money. As for the biggest grievance, though, that goes to Amy, who gets a sincere apology with meaningful eye contact lasting at least 15 seconds. Scratch that, 20 seconds.

Back at Lulu’s wedding extravaganza, the big day has finally arrived, and Jen is less than thrilled to find out that she’s been roped into tedious bridesmaid duties, and that guy she’s walking down the aisle with? Yeah, he’s a dog. Literally, he’s a small dog. So no, this isn’t a great wedding for Jen.

After consuming one too many drinks at the cash bar, Jen flirts with Josh. And Jen likes it — because Josh is here to talk to her, not to She-Hulk. She starts to drone on about how she just wants someone to ask how she is, not about She-Hulk, and wants to be amazing in her own skin. Not the green skin.

Unfortunately, this is the exact moment Jen needs to throw up. She heads outside to do so in a bush when Titania sneaks up behind her and punches her clear across the patio. Titania, still bent on revenge, is here to publicly destroy Jen because she doesn’t get over anything, especially losing a trademark case.

Even though Titania is throwing punches, Jen is still Just Jen and can’t fight back in her current state. Titania whines that Jen doesn’t get to ruin everything for her over something she doesn’t want! So come on, turn, and fight!

After some trial and error, Jen manages to transform into She-Hulk and now it’s a wedding fight. The brawl heads back into the reception area where Jen and Titania trade punches, with Jen landing one really good throw that sends her foe falling backward. Titania’s real undoing is when she slips on a bunch of ice cubes and slams her face into the ground, completely messing up her face and more importantly, her veneers. Not wanting to fight looking like this, Titania leaves in a huff (with the wedding cake).

But oh god, what is Lulu going to say about this? The bride slowly walks into the area only to freak out — omgggg She-Hulk is at her wedding! Best day ever. Clearly, Lulu has had one too many drinks to care what is going on. Perfect wedding, 10/10, no notes.

Over drinks, Mallory and Nikki watch videos of Mr. Immortal on Intelligencia. When Nikki tries to click over to a story about She-Hulk she’s met with a login sign. So, Nikki being Nikki signs up for Inteligencia. What she finds is the worst stuff on the internet, as all of the posts are focused on how much people hate She-Hulk, including death threats. Nikki wants to tell Jen, but Mallory talks her out of it. She doesn’t need to see this.

Smash cut to Nikki calling Jen and explaining everything about Inteligencia. Jen doesn’t answer though, because she’s sharing a plate of fries with Josh. Awww. Except that the two of them are being watched on camera by Inteligencia somewhere around them, with a user named “HulkKing” asking if the next phase of the plan is ready to go. Ominous!

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