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Published June 18, 2021

Watch Tom Hiddleston Remind Everyone that Loki is the ‘Unsung Hero’ of the MCU

However, the cast of 'Loki' doesn't necessarily agree...

Who is the MCU’s most deviously handsome and debonair character?
Who would you say is the unsung hero of the entire MCU? 
Who’s charm can’t you live without? 
Who is more powerful than all of the Avengers put together?

Hopefully, you answered LOKI to all of the above questions, because that’s the answer to them! It’s Loki! He’s the most deviously handsome and debonair character, and undoubtedly the unsung hero of the whole MCU. With a charm you just can’t live without, he’s more powerful than all of the Avengers put together. Yeah, all of them! 

Seems like a bit much? Yeah... the cast of Marvel Studios’ Loki — Owen Wilson, Wumni Mosaku, and Sophia Di Martino — certainly agree. Just maybe don’t tell Tom Hiddleston about this? 

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