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Adopted by a white family in Alaska, young Tike Alicar felt alienated. He began to wash his hands obsessively, hoping to wash his skin color away. As he matured and his mutant powers manifested, Tike's obsessive-compulsive disorder got worse, but he was able to hide it from most people. Joining the new, media-friendly X-Force as the Anarchist after the death of the popular Sluk, the abrasive Tike quickly became a fan-favorite. One of the few members to survive the Boyz R Us massacre, Anarchist sought to lead X-Force, but new member the Orphan got the job instead. After losing several members on a mission to rescue Paco Perez from Bastrona, X-Force recruited the Spike, who questioned Tike's African-American roots. Around the same time, less popular team members Phat and Vivisector began a public feud with the Anarchist, hoping the added press would boost their popularity. As the animosity between Spike and Anarchist grew, X-Force was hired by the U.S. government to throw a battle in space against a group of convicts mutated into the Bush Rangers. The C.I.A. hoped to jump in and make the save, but the mission went wrong, resulting in the deaths of Spike and U-Go Girl, X-Force's most popular member. With her dying breath, U-Go Girl offered a new team name: X-Statix.

Shortly after the Bush Rangers fiasco, Tike and new team mate Dead Girl, a mutant zombie, began a controversial relationship. They briefly left the team to tour together as the Death & Anarchy Roadshow. While out with Dead Girl, Tike was arrested, but his celebrity made him nearly untouchable by the authorities. Following the Arnie Lundberg and Bad Guy scandals, the Anarchist was finally named team leader of X-Statix, replacing the Orphan, who stepped down willingly. Tike's leadership was cut short when undead media sensation Henrietta Hunter took over the team. After X-Force helped Henrietta find peace by killing her murderers, she died again, and Tike resumed leadership. When X-Statix fought the Avengers over ownership of Doop, Anarchist held his own against Captain America. The two teams later joined forces to fight off the Asgardian Fatal Sisters, ultimately proving that Doop belonged with X-Statix. Despite the team's success, Tike began considering a solo career, and X-Statix decided to disband after one final mission. Overpowered by what seemed like a small army, the members of X-Statix all died, save the Orphan and Tike, who made a final stand. Taking off his visor, Tike charged at the enemy gunmen, who shot him down.




225 lbs.




Black with orange streaks

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