The past history of the conceptual being known as Anomaly has yet to be revealed. It is thought that the Anomaly is older than the current universe itself. The Anomaly allegedly perceived an unfulfilled conceptual niche in Earth's dimension, traveled there and altered itself to fill that niche as an abstract entity embodying those concepts. To interact with the physical universe, it adopted an "Manifestation Body" (M-Body) from the Dimension of Manifestations. In recent years, the Deviant/Inhuman hybrid Maelstrom served the abstract entity Oblivion. In somewhat abstract form at the time, and Maelstrom seemingly killed Anomaly and usurped its role.

Unaware that he had only slain Anomaly's M-Body; Maelstrom, wielding powerful forces that required constant concentration, was later destroyed following a distraction by the discovery that he was not universe's sole anomaly. His foe Quasar's costume has been retroactively altered by the entity Origin, making his prior costume's existence an anomaly. When he later entered the realm of Manifestations, in search of the embodiment of time and space known as Eternity, Quasar and the Elder of the Universe known as the Contemplator were attacked by the Anomaly until they agreed to depart.

Upon Quasar's return, Anomaly attacked anew, having learned Quasar had invoked his attributes without permission. Quasar's powers were ineffective against the Anomaly; realizing normal methods and logic were inappropriate with Anomaly; Quasar simply surrendered, and Anomaly temporally broke apart into energy fractals.








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