Bantam was a diminutive fugitive from the alternate Earth-1191, approximately 80 years in the future, mutants had been branded with black M's over one eye and held in concentration camps. Although the camps were later abolished, normal humans ostracized mutants in society. Determined to police their own kind, mutants founded a peacekeeping agency called Xavier's Security Enforcers (XSE), named after X-Men founder Charles Xavier whose dream of a peaceful coexistence inspired many mutants.

For reasons that remain a mystery, Bantam accompanied Trevor Fitzroy and several other captives as they escaped prison and fled into the past, also known as present day Earth. XSE members led by Lucas Bishop, followed the fugitives, seeking to return them to their future domain. Unbeknownst to Bantam he was harboring another fugitive, Mountjoy within his body, Mountjoy separated from Bantam upon arrival. Mountjoy later hunted Bantam for months, wanting to slay the only being aware of his presence on Earth-616. Realizing that he was no match for Mountjoy, Bantam eluded Mountjoy, with the aid of Bishop who was in New York for the evening with the X-Man Storm.

Bantam later reconnected with Fitzroy and they traveled to Earth-9910, where Fitzroy increased his power and became known as the Chronomancer. Bantam began to see Fitzroy for the villain that he truly was and he betrayed his friend, by turning him over to Bishop who was also trapped on Earth-9910. Fitzroy's army of Chronotroopers killed Bantam for his traitorous acts against their leader.









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