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Who Is Power Broker?

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Lemar Hoskins was once a wrestler who was given superhuman strength by the Power Broker. After being given superhuman strength he joined a team called the Bold Urban Commandos (Buckies), who supported the Super-Patriot (John Walker). Together Walker and the Buckies attacked Captain America (Steve Rogers) and lost.

Months later John Walker was contacted by the Commission on Superhuman Activities and was then chosen to replace Captain America. John then asked the Commission if his former partners could join him in his activities. The Commission debated and denied most of the applicants except for Lemar's and agreed to let him become the new Bucky. After several missions as Bucky, Lemar decided to work on his own and created the identity of Battlestar. Working with Captain America for some time he eventually decided to retire and went home to Chicago. After some time he joined up with Silver Sable's Wild Pack.

Recently Lemar joined Solo and Typeface to form an underground opposition to the Civil War|Superhuman Registration Act. Soon other heroes and villains who opposed the act joined the group such as Network, Gladiatrix, and others. However they were soon raided by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who managed to capture several individuals including Battlestar, Solo, and Typeface.




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