Published March 22, 2021

Who Is Power Broker?

Corrupt businessman or an effective entrepreneur? You decide!

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Meet the Power Broker.

Here’s the main thing to know about Power Broker: profit always comes first. Take a minute to peruse the Marvel Unlimited archives to find out who has claimed the name, who they have “blessed” with power, and what shady dealings they’ve brokered across the Marvel Universe!


The employment deals of Power Broker.
MACHINE MAN (1978) #8

The authoritative alias has belonged to Curtiss Jackson, and he lived up to it too, ever since a first (full) appearance in MACHINE MAN (1978) #7. Starting his profession as a career criminal, he first worked for the Corporation, heading their West Coast Operations. While there, he arranged a deal to make copies of the robot soldier Machine Man, forcing him to trade himself for his friend and psychiatrist Peter Spaulding in MACHINE MAN (1978) #7-8! He later became the founder of self-made startup Power Broker Inc., employing scientist Dr. Karl Malus to create super-strong wrestlers to break and make bets. By augmenting their strength through risky experimentation, Curtiss then held a debt over their heads, at least for those athletes that survived the process!


The Power Broker's training facility.

Wrestlers, henchmen, and heroes, oh my! Curtiss churned out deals with wrestlers from the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation (UCWF). By enhancing their strength through Malus’ experiments, (and getting them addicted to drugs), he kept the wrestlers obedient and more profitable. He also helped create henchman to protect his company, brutes that worked under the moniker Sweat Shop, and bodyguards known as Power Tools. As for heroes, Power Broker “made it happen” with Sharon Ventura, AKA Ms. Marvel, John Walker, who later became U.S.Agent, and his army buddies Lemar Hoskins, AKA Battlestar, Hector Lennox, and Jerome Johnson.


The makeover of the Power Broker.

Not exactly. Jackson used the augmentation process he helped perfect to protect himself from the Scourge of the Underworld organization... but it went wrong. He became musclebound, unable to move and needing a hover harness to remain mobile. When Curtiss attempted to de-augment himself, he kidnapped wrestlers including Battlestar, putting them through Malus’ experiments again to determine a cure. Thankfully, U.S.Agent arrived, and with Battlestar’s help the duo stopped Curtiss. See all the power plays in the Battlestar backup stories in CAPTAIN AMERICA (1968) #373-378!


U.S.Agent confronts Power Broker.
U.S.AGENT (2001) #2

Eventually, yes! It happened sometime after he worked for the Nazi Red Skull as one of his chiefs. His body was indeed returned to normal, and it’s unlikely we’ll ever know the cost. Jackson then attempted to recruit alien prisoners to employ who were dropped on Earth by the Kree. But he ended up picking up an extraterrestrial parasite instead, which led to his arrest by U.S.Agent, Captain America and S.T.A.R.S. agent Kali Vries! Read this reappearance in U.S.Agent #2-3.


The Power Broker's new identity.
THE PUNISHER (2011) #13

He’s dead! Gasp! Curtiss seemingly perished at the hands of Frank Castle, AKA the Punisher. After Frank killed him, he surgically removed an identity chip from Curtiss’ arm so that he could use it to attend a party disguised as the infamous Power Broker. See it all end for the nefarious businessman in THE PUNISHER (2011) #13!



That’s right, there is another Power Broker! However, his true name is so far unrevealed. Similar to his predecessor, he is a businessman, making desperate deals with desperate people who seek power in exchange for 70%. Now that’s steep! But who can really put a price on having super-powers? This entrepreneur knows that and goes one step further after taking over Power Broker Inc. through the launch of a mobile app known as “Hench.” With “Hench,” users can select and hire Super Villains for all their nefarious means from the ease and comfort of their phones! Read all about this app, its investors, and who crosses the all-new Power Broker’s path in THE ASTONISHING ANT-MAN (2015) #1-11!

Regardless of identity, anyone with the “Power Broker” name is well qualified in manipulation, ambition, and entrepreneurial drive! Read Power Broker’s pivotal appearances now on Marvel Unlimited, or read hundreds of more comics starring Falcon, Winter Solider, and Captain America.


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