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Commander Blackhand lived in the future reality known as the 31st Century. She was a member of a technologically advanced race of aliens known as the Stark. The Stark adopted the name from the legendary Tony Stark, who sought to protect the galaxy by jettisoning a cache of his armored technology and weapons into space in and effort to keep it away from the vicious Martian Masters. The rocket containing this technology found a resting place on an unidentified planet outside the Sol Solar System. The native inhabitants eventually mastered the technology and managed to reproduce it, producing an armored suit for every individual and created a world of cybernetic warriors. Blackhand was leading the conquest of the planet Courg, when her mission was compromised by the Guardians of the Galaxy, who engaged and bested the legendary Stark warrior Taserface. Blackhand deployed a platoon of warriors and lieutenants to retrieve the fallen Taserface. Lieutenant Darkeyes was killed by Aleta, whose actions were seen as blasphemous by the Stark because in their culture it is forbidden for women to commit acts of violence against one another. Blackhand would later lose her life in battle with Malevolence the demon daughter of Mephisto to win the position of Matriarch to the young Protégé of the Universal Church of Truth.









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