Malevolence (Earth-691)




Malevolence is a resident of the alternate future known as Earth-691 the 31st Century A.D. She is the daughter of the demon Hell-Lord, Mephisto. The mischievous Malevolence sought to become the Matriarch of the Universal Church of Truth's living messiah Protégé. Mephisto directed her to develop a partnership with the cosmic mercenary group known as the Force shortly after their first known failed mission to locate and secure the shield of the legendary hero Captain America of the 20th Century. To secure an alliance with the Force, Malevolence, approached the violent and vengeful Brahl and convinced him to commandeer leadership of the Force, which he was successful at doing. Brahl failed his primary task, which was defeating Aleta Ogord of the Guardians. Malevolence believed Aleta to be her only opposition in achieving her goal of becoming Matriarch of the Protégé. Malevolence engaged and defeated her Stark challenger in battle during the coronation of Protégé as the Force witnessed from the crowd. Aleta’s threat to Malevolence’s plan came to an abrupt end when Aleta was absorbed into Starhawk. Brahl was dismissed from his servitude and informed that should he approach Malevolence again, he would be turned over to his former teammates whom now viewed him as a traitor. The Guardians continued to contest Malevolence’s rise through Krugarr’s apprentice sorcerer Talon. Malevolence took exception to their interference and gravely injured Talon’s spine in battle.









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