Overkill (Earth-691)




Taserface was born in the future reality known as the 31st Century, or Earth-691. He was a member of a race of primitive beings that inhabited an unidentified planet that became the resting place for a cache of armor and technology jettisoned into space by Anthony Stark in an effort to keep it away from the vicious Martian Masters. Taserface and his brethren would eventually master this technology, and at some point developed the skill and understanding to create an armored suit for every inhabitant of the planet, creating a world of cyborgs. As a tribute to their technological god they erected a large statue in his likeness and named their race and world the "Stark." However, the Stark would not follow the heroic legacy left behind by the golden Avenger. Instead, they polluted and ravaged their planet's natural resources, rendering it incapable of sustaining life. Taserface and the Stark searched the stars for new worlds to conquer.

Taserface was confronted and defeated by the Guardians of the Galaxy while on a scouting mission to the planet Courg in the Bledsoe system. He was rescued by Commander Blackhand, who directed the Communicator to retrieve the disgraced warrior from the battlefield before he fell into enemy hands. During Taserface's extraction, the metallic suit of Vance Astro was compromised, exposing his age-old body to the elements for the first time in a millennium. Taserface was taken to the command tent of the Commander Blackhand where he was scolded for his poor performance against the Guardians upon learning Lieutenant Darkeyes had fallen in battle to Aleta. Enraged by this information, Commander Blackhand declared that Taserface would only be known as the "Nameless One" until he brought her the Guardians' leader. In an overzealous effort to gratify Blackhand, Taserface captured Nikki, mistaking her for his intended target. However, they were both encased in a block of solid ice by Martinex, but upon their release, Nikki stunned Taserface with a laser blast just before she returned to the Guardians' ship, the "Freedom's Lady," with her teammates. Taserface was left on the planet of Courg.

Commander Blackhand ordered the destruction of the "Freedom's Lady" and the Guardians' captive, a Stark general. Starhawk summoned help, believing his comrades had lost their lives in the massive explosion, but they managed to escape by teleporting planet-side moments before. Again they were confronted by Taserface, who made short work of the heroes. Before he could proclaim his victory, Taserface was defeated by the "Protector of the Universe" Firelord.







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