Blue Streak (Jonathan Swift)

Jonathan SwiftBlue Streak



After he got his hands on the suit previously worn by the original Blue Streak, Don Thomas, Jonathan Swift took the mantle as Blue Streak. He soon became employed by the criminal upstart known as Ricadonna. During the start of the Civil War|Superhuman Registration Act, Swift was a wanted criminal, and along with three other criminals (Ferocia, Flame and King Size), in the employ of Ricadonna, that were transplanted with the organs of Skrulls, in the bio-research lads of the mysterious organization known as the Corporation. Blue Streak and the others were sent on a mission by a woman known only as Veil, to break Ricadonna out of Sing Sing prison off the cost of San Frisco, California. Their mission was a sucess, however they were under surveillance by a fly that reported their whereabouts to Humbug. The Heroes For Hire raided and destroyed the lab, Blue Streak and his comrades were captured, but Ricadonna escaped.




190 lbs.


Blue (variable)


Blonde (variable)

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