Bounty is a renowned extra-dimensional bounty hunter, claiming to have been romanced by pirates, gladiators, and emperors, and to have killed the personification of Death. She claims that "weather she's tracking her targets between solar systems or buildings, Bounty always gets her man." Hired to retrieve Caledonia (Alysande Stuart from the alternate Earth-9809), Bounty located her at the Fantastic Four's Pier Four headquarters, but their battle was interrupted by the Bacchae, a female New York gang empowered by Hippolyta and Pluto to kidnap the Fantastic Four's family and friends. When the Bacchae lobbed a stun grenade towards Franklin Richards, Bounty threw herself on it to protect the innocents from harm. Pluto and the Bacchae took Caledonia instead while Bounty was recovering, and she pursued them beside the Fantastic Four's extended family (Franklin Richards, Valeria von Doom, Alyssa Moy and puppy), facing down Hela and Pluto's hordes before the battle ended. She remained near the Fantastic Four briefly thereafter, wooing Ben Grimm and battling Titania (Skeeter McPherran). Rebuffed by Grimm, she briefly allied with Spider-Man (Peter Parker), who she called Rabbit, to aid two refugees from the Bacchae and their rival gang, the Golden Horde.






Pale brown



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