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5 Most Dangerous Kree

Here’s a look at some past Kree who have plagued Earth.



Captain Att-Lass one one of the most decorated soldiers in the Kree military, and was sent to Earth to retrieve Doctor Minerva, who had lived as a spy and scientist on Earth for many years. Minerva had discovered the Psyche-Magnetron and had used its' power to give herself tremendous Kree powers. When she met Att-Lass she became attracted to him and allowed him to be enhanced by the Magnetron as well.

Before leaving for Kree space they viewed a television broadcast of Quasar, and thought they recognized his quantum bands as devices that were the prototypes for the nega-bands used by Captain Marvel. Calling himself Captain Atlas, he accompanied Minerva to the A.I.M. weapons expo and hired A.I.M. to help recreate the bands. They decided to send their agent M.O.D.A.M. (also known as Mobile Organism Designed for Aggressive Maneuvers, "Maria Pym.") against Quasar, but she was easily defeated.

Fearlessly, Atlas and Minerva ambushed Quasar and attempted to steal his quantum bands, but failed. Quasar let them go with the promise that they would never return to Earth. Alongside Minerva Captain Atlas broke into the tomb of Captain Marvel to steal his nega-bands. He faced Quasar once more and was captured, but they were all ambushed by the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. Once he got a hold of the nega-bands he hit them together and exchanged positions with Rick Jones. Rick had been with Wonder Man on Earth and Captain Atlas fought both Wonder Man and Quasar by swapping positions back and forth from the Negative Zone until he was captured by Quasar. Atlas was turned over to the Avengers.

Atlas was freed from Avengers custody by the Imperial Guardsman Hobgoblin (Shifter) who had pretended to be Doctor Minerva. He was led straight into the Imperial Guard's trap, where they took the nega-bands. He was drained of all his strategic knowledge by the Imperial Guardsman Oracle, but then he was freed from their captivity by Shatterax. Captain Atlas then joined the Kree Starforce and went to Kree-Lar to fight the Avengers.

The Shi'ar Majestrix Lilandra launched an attack on the Kree by setting off the nega=bomb. A weapon made from the power of the nega-bands. Atlas survived the detonation of the nega-bomb, but he appeared to commit suicide because he felt betrayed by the Kree Supreme Intelligence, who was behind the plan for the bomb. The Supreme Intelligence believed that the radiation from the bomb would jump start the evolution of the Kree race.

It was revealed that Captain Atlas had survived and was merely hiding with Doctor Minerva on an uninhabited planet, where the Silver Surfer stumbled across them. They convinced the Surfer that Atlas was still suicidal and Minerva was taking care of him, but in reality they plan to parent a new superior Kree race, thanks to their enhanced forms and the unlocking of their dormant genes by the nega-bomb.




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