Captain Atlas (Att-Lass)

Att-LassCaptain Atlas

An operative of the Kree Empire, Captain Atlas possesses a fierce dedication to advancing Kree evolution.




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Captain Atlas is a special operative and a decorated Kree soldier who cares deeply for the evolution of his race. He joins with scientist Minn-Erva, AKA Doctor Minerva, and together they attempt to spawn a new generation of Kree, advanced and superior to all others.


Quest for the Superior Race

Att-Lass hails from Kree-Lar and grows up to study galactic weaponry at the Kree Military Academy. He graduates and becomes Captain Atlas and commands the spacecruiser Ramatan. Acting on the orders from the Kree, he travels to Earth to retrieve Doctor Minerva, who had been living as a scientist and spy there for many years. His mission was to take her back to the Kree. Though he falls in love with her and helps her in her quest to spawn a superior Kree race with her advanced knowledge in genetics. Having exposed herself to the Psyche-Magnitron and gained increased strength and flight, she did the same for Atlas to make him an ideal mate.


Kree Super-Strength

Being from the Kree race, Captain Atlas has the typical strength and stamina of a Kree which is greater than that of a human and is skilled in hand-to-hand combat. 

He is also interested and knowledgeable in crypto history having studied galactic weaponry at the Kree Academy. Captain Atlas is also a competent pilot, piloting the light cruiser Ramatam, a Kree spacecruiser, out of orbit and activating hyperdrive acceleration.



The cosmic Avenger Wendell Vaughn, AKA Quasar, comes up against Atlas a few times and while Quasar once initially took pity on Atlas and Minerva, he typically and later defeats Atlas in battle.

Atlas comes up against the Avengers and the West Coast Avengers during the Kree-Shi’ar War. While being detained by the Avengers, a Shi’ar agent called Shapeshifter tricks him and steals his stolen Nega-Bands. Escaping, he later encounters the Avengers again but tricks them into thinking he commits suicide in order to escape their questioning.


The Only Allies are Kree

Captain Atlas joins Doctor Minerva as her lover and partner in eugenic advancement of the Kree. He sees her work with the Psyche-Magnitron as revolutionary.

When the Kree’s leader the Supreme Intelligence assembles Starforce, a team of soldiers to carry out his grand designs for the Kree race, he adds Captain Atlas and Doctor Minerva to his ranks. They both carry out his orders and even fake a fight when escaping from the Avengers to fulfill their genetic duty to the Kree and create a superior Kree race.

Other members of the Starforce team that Captain Atlas is allied with include the Supreme Intelligence’s android, Supremor, the Kree-Eternal Ultimus, the techno-warrior Roco-Bai, AKA Shatterax, the cybergeneticist Korath the Pursuer, and Ronan the Accuser.


A Captain’s Logbook

Before leaving Earth, Atlas and Minerva caught wind of Quasar. Atlas relayed the Nega-Bands’ lore to Minerva saying that if they were the legendary Power-Bands of Rinn, which Minerva postured, they ranked up against the soul-gems of the Skrullian Cube and the Ultimate Nullifier—powerful technology and weapons known across the galaxy.

Atlas and Minerva posed as humans working for the Xenotech corporation and hired Advanced Idea Mechanics (A.I.M.) to steal the Nega-Bands. When A.I.M. failed, they abducted Quasar while he slept and Atlas, flying with his jet boots, carried him to their light cruiser Ramatam. Since Atlas was squeamish at the sight of blood, he let Minerva handle the removal of Quasar’s hands to retrieve the Nega-Bands and piloted the spacecruiser.

While Atlas was piloting the cruiser, he heard an alert from the med-deck where Minerva performed her work. About to leave the bridge he ran into Quasar and fought him off. When he used a powerful blast of energy to disable Quasar, Quasar blocked it causing a breach in the cruiser’s hull and jettisoning Atlas into space. Atlas was rescued by Quasar who Minerva convinced to help, and both Atlas and Minerva promised never to return to Earth’s solar system.

During the Kree-Shi’ar War Atlas and Minerva, on orders from the Supreme Intelligence, attempted to steal Mar-Vell, AKA Captain Marvel’s Nega-Bands from his grave on Titan to help power a Nega-Bomb. The bomb would help further the Kree’s desire to jumpstart their evolution. While they were disrupting the tomb, Atlas expressed that the burial custom was a flagrant waste of resources and that the mind was all that mattered. Minerva reminded him that their mission would be more difficult if it wasn’t for such a custom. Though they were then caught and detained by Quasar and Eros, AKA Starfox

Amidst Atlas’ defense of being in Earth’s solar system again, the Shi’ar’s Imperial Guard attacked. Atlas disappeared into the tomb while the battle raged on. When it turned out that the majority of the Guard were illusions, Quasar found Atlas stealing Captain Marvel’s Nega-Bands. In an effort to fight off Quasar and escape, Atlas donned the bands and switched places with Rick Jones, the human Super Hero sidekick who was formerly linked to Captain Marvel.

Transported to the last location of Jones, Atlas found himself up against Simon Williams, AKA Wonder Man, on Earth. While Atlas used the power of the Nega-Bands to fight Wonder Man off, during their battle, he was instantaneously transported back to Titan where Minerva was detained by Quasar and Starfox. He slammed his bands together and switched places with Jones again and kept doing this to fight off his attackers. Though Wonder Man finally knocked him unconscious and brought to the Avengers Compound where Quasar, Starfox, Jones, and Minerva had arrived. 

Avenger Dr. Henry Pym shrunk and imprisoned Atlas and Minerva alongside Shi’ar Imperial Guardsman but they were soon freed by other Guardsmen and a Chameleoid called Shapeshifter, who was secretly impersonating Minerva to trick Atlas into stealing the Nega-Bands for the Shi’ar. Once they boarded a Shi’ar ship, she revealed herself to be Shapeshifter and the Shi’ar stole Atlas’ Nega-Bands. Meanwhile, Minerva sensed his location and helped the Avengers track him and the Shi’ar down for revenge.

Atlas is telepathically interrogated by Lady Sybil, AKA Oracle, then freed by Quasar to track down the Nega-Bands, though Quasar keeps him in captivity. He is later freed by Shatterax and joined the Supreme Intelligence’s Starforce against the Avengers and Shi’ar. Reuinited with Minerva on a Shi’ar ship, they alongside Starforce, were detained in an energy shield and witnessed Shi’ar Empress Lilandra Neramani’s sister Cal’Syee Nermani, AKA Deathbird slay two prominent Kree rulers. Meanwhile, the Nega-Bomb detonated by order of Lilandra, despite her realizing too late that the Kree and Shi’ar’s common enemy the Skrulls had infiltrated her Council and ensured the bomb’s detonation. 

Starforce, freed from the energy shield, caught the Avengers and Atlas and Minerva guarded them on Hala. When learning of Minerva’s involvement in the Intelligence’s plan to decimate the Kree and further evolution, Atlas appalled at her betrayal claimed to have activated a self-destruct mechanism in his battle-suit to commit suicide, but actually teleported himself and Minerva to a nearby planet, where they planned to parent a race of Super-Kree and become furthermore altered from the Nega-Bomb’s radiation.

When Norrin Radd, AKA Silver Surfer, found them, they feared he was sent to capture them, but when they realized this was not the case, they convinced him they wanted to live peacefully in exile, leaving him oblivious to their plans.

Soon after, Kosmosian criminals connected Erik Josten, AKA Goliath (later Atlas), to those previously altered by Pym Particles, including Atlas and Minerva, and sent them after Pym, whom the Kosmosians blamed for everybody’s ongoing size alterations. Minerva and Atlas returned to Kosmos after failing to capture Bill Foster, AKA Goliath, and were apparently stranded on Kosmos when Pym severed the Kosmosians’ connection to Earth.

Later, Atlas becomes a disgraced renegade of the Kree Empire and takes the alias Tiantium Man. He joined Ted Calloway, AKA Spymaster, when he was assembling super-criminals to perform a heist. Atlas’ goal was to take over New York City as a new base of operations for a new Kree Empire and planned to help Spymaster with an army of Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man’s armors, but they were deceived. In attacking one of Stark’s remote controlled Iron Man drones, Atlas was killed by Milos Masaryk, AKA Unicorn.




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