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Cynosure, which is a hereditary mantle, appointed to her shortly after her cousin Saen Sendak lost his life to the creature Abyss. This new Cynosure has been placed in command of her planet's protectors, the Luminals, and also serves as the Council Deputy for one of the delegates aboard the floating head of a decapitated Celestial called Knowhere. A stickler for the rules, Cynosure was immediately at odds with Knowhere's newest residents, the Guardians of the Galaxy after a Skrull attack disabled some of the facilities on Knowhere, and Drax, the Destroyer, had gone missing. Cynosure was called into action when the Guardians' associate, Major Victory, was involved in a scuffle in Knowhere's marketplace, and she quickly subdued him with a blow from her baton. During the questioning of Star-Lord and Quasar, Cynosure dispatched three of her mightiest Luminals to apprehend Drax, but Brightstorm, Massdriver and Impact were sent to the infirmary soon after they confronted the Destroyer. That didn't stop Cynosure's pursuit of Drax or the Skrulls as she led her team into a fight with the Chief of Security on Knowhere, Cosmo and some of the Guardians of the Galaxy when she found them in the company of a few Skrulls. Almost taking Cosmo out of the fight with her baton, she would soon be surprised when one of the Skrulls selflessly placed himself in harm’s way to protect Cosmo. One massive telekinetic blast later, from an enraged Cosmo, Cynosure, along with the other combatants in the room, had been neutralized. Once she had awakened, Cynosure still found herself at odds with Star-Lord with no end to their bickering in sight.

The creation of The Fault forced Cynosure to agree to work with the Guardians of the Galaxy to explore this unknown territory. Her stubbornness getting the best of her, Cynosure dispatched a small group to travel into The Fault without the Guardians, and it proved to be a fatal mistake – at least for Massdriver. An evil entity from inside the fissure attached itself to Massdriver and burst forth from her body to find a more suitable host. Cynosure was almost killed by the beast, but Moondragon saved her by permitting the creature to use her for a host body. Cynosure demanded the creature stand trial and be extracted from Moondragon – a process which would have made matters much worse. Star-Lord protested, but Cynosure was not about to be told what to do. She shackled herself to Moondragon to ensure the alien would stand trial, but her haste proved to be her undoing. The Universal Church of Truth wanted the evil entity to serve as their god and kidnapped the two women. The Guardians and the Luminals had no choice but to work as one to free their comrades and return the alien back to The Fault. When the delegates on Knowhere wanted to throw the Guardians of the Galaxy off the space station for hijacking Knowhere without permission, Cynosure made a stand, siding with the Guardians, guarantying that decision would not be carried out. It appeared Cynosure and Star-Lord finally saw eye-to-eye.









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