Death Adder (Roland Burroughs)

Roland BurroughsDeath Adder



Formerly a street thug, Death Adder was bioengineered by the Roxxon Oil Company, given gills and a protective body suit. During the surgery procedure, Death Adder was rendered mute. He was then trained and sent on the mission to retrieve the Serpent Crown alongside the Serpent Squad. The mission brought the group up against the Thing, Stingray and Triton, and though they found the Crown, they were defeated and sent to prison. Later, they were sent on another mission, which was interrupted by Iron Man.

Invited to join the Serpent Society by their former leader Sidewinder, Death Adder and his teammates accepted. He participated in several missions, such as battling Captain America and murdering MODOK, until he met his death at the hands of the Scourge of the Underworld. Anaconda and Black Mamba were especially distraught over their friend's death, and the Society swore revenge on whoever had slain him.




150 lbs.





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