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Once a normal man, Vic was a scientist who created what he called his Dementoid Gel. Slathering himself in it, Vic changed and adapted the name of his creation to himself. Now a mutated human, in more ways than one, Dementoid was able to drive men insane with just a touch. The only person to escape this cruel fate was Venom, posing as Spider-Man. One of Dementoid's teammates, Doctor Everything, proposed it could be because of immunity to Dementoid's touch or an already insane mental state. Either way, Venom ate parts of both Dementoid's arms growing out of his back.

Dementoid, perhaps partially insane himself, met up with a psychiatrist determined to rehabilitate super-villains, and joined his group. The doctor, also known as the Redeemer, enlisted the help of a few others who have had similar misfortunes at the hands of the web-swinger. General Wolfram, Eleven, and the Hippo rounded out the gang, but even by combining forces they were no match for Venom. Dementoid was one of the lucky few to have survived the event and was merely carted off to prison.









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