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General Wolfram wanted everyone to believe he was an actual wolf abducted and transformed into a man by Nazi scientists looking to create a race of animal men. In truth, Wolfram is just a man in a wolf's costume with no apparent ties to the Nazi Party who robs banks. His first clash with Venom, disguised as the amazing Spider-Man, left him battered, bruised, penniless and missing one arm after Venom bit it off. At the hospital, General Wolfram met a man he mistook for the Punisher, but soon found out his true identity was that of the Redeemer. Wolfram joined Redeemer's Gang with the intention of hunting down Venom and rehabilitating him.

Even with the prosthetic arm, equipped with Wolverine-like claws, given to him by Redeemer, General Wolfram wasn't any more effective during his second meeting with the crazed wall-crawler. Easily beaten while trying to run away, Wolfram was helpless to stop his teammates, Eleven and Hippo, from being killed, and prevent Doctor Everything from being arrested. The third time Wolfram came into contact with Venom, he along with Redeemer and Dementoid, was sent to jail.









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