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No one can say where the enigmatic Doctor Everything comes from, but his motives for joining Redeemer's Gang are clear. He has stated he's attained omnipotence and forgot what it means to be human, to feel pain or want for anything. His teammates challenged his claim, all having been dismembered in some fashion by Venom, and asked how a being of his power could succumb to the same fate. Doctor Everything told them he never met Venom – actually posing as Spider-Man – and that he had removed his own arm to make himself like the rest of them. The Redeemer fitted Doctor Everything with a prosthetic arm, truly making him like the rest, and the group set out to rehabilitate Spider-Man (Venom). Luring the cannibalistic "hero" to an abandoned warehouse, their session with Venom was less than spectacular. Two members of the team, Eleven and the Hippo, were killed and devoured. Two others General Wolfram and Dementoid were easily beaten, and the Redeemer was brutally tortured and mutilated. Even for all his supposed power, Doctor Everything was defeated and left in the hands of the authorities.









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