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Dr. Shep Gunderson had a plan to take convicted super villains and rehabilitate them. He even took his idea to the mayor of New York, J. Jonah Jameson, but he was humiliated when Jameson refused to even hear him out. The good doctor went ahead with his plan under the guise of the Redeemer, but he was going to need help. A recent admission to the hospital he worked in gave him the last recruit to a group he formed. General Wolfram, seriously injured during a foiled bank robbery by Venom, posing as Spider-Man, went with Gunderson without question.

Redeemer had private sessions with each member in his therapy group and was determined to help set them on the right path, so they could rejoin society in a productive manner. He also found they all had one thing in common. Each of his patients, except for Doctor Everything, had come into contact with Venom and had all been mutilated in some form or another because of his cannibalistic behavior. Redeemer sought to find and redeem Venom's evil ways. His plan, not well thought out, and his group, not tremendously experienced, were easily defeated with two members, Eleven and the Hippo, being killed and eaten. Redeemer couldn’t escape Venom's wrath either and was left horribly disfigured even as Doctor Everything was handed over to the authorities.

Unwilling to accept defeat so easily, Redeemer wanted to try his luck again and face Venom a second time. With only Wolfram and Dementoid to aid him, Redeemer enlisted the help of two rival gangs set against each other by a double-crossing Venom. To make matters worse, Norman Osborn, looking to teach Venom a lesson, secretly sent Daken and Bullseye to eliminate him. Regardless of the numbers on his side, Redeemer ultimately failed in his quest to rehabilitate Venom and ended up in jail along with the rest of his surviving teammates.


3'2" (formerly 5'4")


105 lbs. (formerly 136 lbs.)





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