Schooling Spider-Man: College Commencement


Schooling Spider-Man: College Commencement

The Parker Luck wreaks havoc on Spidey’s graduation day!



His true name is unknown, the man known as Devos the Devastator, was only a boy when his village was attacked. Devos survived the raid only to be left an orphan. He retreated to the hills of the unknown planet. He survived alone there for years. The military of the planet recruited Devos into their Service. He quickly advanced through the ranks to become an elite warrior. This was due to his basic instinct of survival which made him a vicious and savage combatant.

He was selected by his worlds government to undergo an experiment that would heighten his physical capabilities. They outfitted him in a multi-functioning suit of armor remaking him into an ultimate weapon of destruction. As time progressed he learned to control his anger and rage, thus becoming a galactic vigilante. He would later be known as an extreme force for peace. In his quest for peace he has battled the Kree, Skrulls, and the inhabitants of Earth. He has also battled the mutated Fantastic Four of Earth.

Devos joined a group of super villains known as the Fearsome Foursome. The members consisted of Huntara, Klaw and Paibok the Power-Skrull. They joined together to battle their common foe the Fantastic Four, which defeated them rather easily. A little later after that failed mission they battled the heroes known as the Avengers, in another failed mission.

In his battle with Paibok, Devos acquired a highly equipped space craft (the Death Cruiser). This ship was the size of a small planet, it would later come to be known as the Arsenal Planet. He is proficient with the alien weapons of the ship, but he is most reliant on the weapon systems of his armor. Devos was last seen as a prisoner to the apprentice Shaper of Worlds Glorian, on the planet of Godthab Omega.


7' 2" (in armor)







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