Schooling Spider-Man: College Commencement


Schooling Spider-Man: College Commencement

The Parker Luck wreaks havoc on Spidey’s graduation day!

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Paibok was a captain in the Skrull army who sent Lyja, his ex-lover to Earth to impersonate Alicia Masters in order to infiltrate the Fantastic Four. Months after Lyja arrived she began to have feelings for Johnny Storm, the Human Torch and started to change her mind about betraying the team. However Paibok demanded she bring the Fantastic Four to his base on Warworld. Lyja agreed and lead the four heroes to Warworld where Paibok faced them. As the battle started it seemed as if Paibok was about to win, but due to some fast thinking the Fantastic Four managed to blow up Warworld and end Paiboks' scheme.

Paibok later formed an alliance with Devos the Devastator in order to defeat the Fantastic Four. Lyja was still with the Fantastic Four at the time and met with Paibok in secret, who granted her superhuman powers. He then ordered her to kill the Human Torch. She agreed for the moment and along with Devos and Paibok attacked the Torch at Empire State University. The resulting battle caused massive damage to the surroundings and half of the University was burned to the ground. Paibok, Devos, and Lyja then witnessed the Fantastic Four fighting an alternate version of themselves. As the battle continued Lyja saw Johnny get hurt and realized her love for Johnny was true. She then turned on Paibok and Devos as the real Fantastic Four triumphed. Realizing Devos and himself were no match for Lyja and the Fantastic Four the two retreated. Later Devos and Paibok attacked the Human Torch at his trial and during the battle the two were forced to retreat.

Time passed and Paibok grew bitter towards the Torch for stealing his lover. Devising a plan he formed the Fearsome Foursome, whose members included Klaw, Devos, and Huntara. The Foursome then attacked the Fantastic Four and Lyja at the Baxter Building. During the fight Paibok managed to teleport the two teams to the new Skrull home world were the Fantastic Four and Lyja became slaves. However his victory was short lived when Devos turned on him and revealed his plot to destroy all Skrulls. In order to save the Skrull race Paibok managed to send Devos and himself into sub-space, apparently killing them.

However Paibok survived and fought against the Human Torch and the cloned Spider-Man alongside a multi-colored Venom spawn. He then returned and forced Skrull scientists to enhance his already fearsome powers. With these new powers he led a small band of renegade Skrulls to Earth in order to capture the infant Watcher, Talmadge. As he was about to capture the young Watcher, Kree forces, including Staak The Evolver and the Thing managed to halt his plans. During the battle that followed Paibok was defeated and taken prisoner by the Kree.

On his way to the prison, Kyln the transport ship crashed on Earth. Freed by the crash Paibok allied himself with the Blood Brothers and Lunatik in order to rebuild the ship. However he turned himself over to the intergalactic police when he was confronted by Drax.

Not long after being incarcerated within Kyln the Annihilation Wave hit the Kyln freeing Paibok. Somehow Annihilus gained control of Paibok and throughout the Annihilation ordeal Paibok worked for Annihilus. However as soon as Annihilus was defeated by Nova, his forces were free from his control, including Terrax and Paibok. The two teamed together and escaped from their former masters, landing on a planet inhabited by Centaurians. There Paibok and Terrax helped liberate the locals from a cosmic monster. After the battle with the monster Paibok and Terrax went their separate ways.

Paibok's current whereabouts are unknown.




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