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Nathaniel Richards brought his daughter, a young Tara Richards, along with Franklin Richards to the court of the Warlord Kargul of Elsewhen, asking for help to train his grandson. Tara trained in the aspects of war alongside her nephew. But when Nathaniel Richards slipped away from Elsewhen, Tara, calling herself Huntara, became the guardian of the sacred timestreams alongside Franklin, who called himself Psi-Lord. Later, when Franklin himself joined his grandfather Huntara considered him a traitor. She traveled to Earth to stop him and destroy the Fantastic Four, whom she believed were a danger to the timestreams.

Huntara appeared on the New York streets, declaring that she was the Warrior-Princess of Elsewhen who had come after the Four who must be destroyed. Klaw showed up and fought off the police for her and offered to direct her to the Fantastic Four. She joined up with Klaw, Paibok, and Devos to try and kill the Fantastic Four at the trial of the Human Torch. She fought with Mister Fantastic, explaining that she was a guardian of the time lines, and that he and his group threatened them. After dodging Daredevil’s attacks, she stabbed Reed from behind with her staff. When the Avengers joined the battle, Huntara used her scythe again, this time to tear a hole in the fabric of the universe and transport her allies. Daredevil also jumped in and floated in nothingness until Spider-Man saved him at the last moment with a well-placed webline.

The rest transported to Paibok’s ship where Devos questioned her about her people, mining her for information in case he should want to destroy her people in his continued quest towards galactic peace. Shortly afterwards, she teleported them to Four Freedoms Plaza, where they searched Reed’s lab for something to use against the four, finding the mutated Ms. Marvel. When the team returned home, Huntara fought with Franklin, calling him the disciple of the Great Traitor, Nathaniel Richards, and urging him to destroy his family to save the timelines. When he refused, she opened a rift and pulled him in. They fought again in another dimension and then back to New York, where she tried to convince him that he already knew who the greatest threat was. When he realized, she left him to his choices and teleported out with her scythe.

Franklin searched for Huntara, mentally summoning her, and she came to him and asked if he had made his decision. He explained that he thought the Dark Raider was the true enemy. They traveled to the castle of Warlord Kargul of Elsewhen and asked his help. He revealed that Nathaniel was the true enemy, and the Dark Raider was simply a murderer. Franklin didn’t like his answer and turned on Kargul. The castle guards attacked Franklin, and Huntara stood by his side, as he was family. They escaped the castle together to search for the Dark Raider. Together, they arrived at the roof of Four Freedoms Plaza. There they met the Black Panther, who had brought Vibraxas and Devlor - two youths he asked to join him - hoping to help the Fantastic Four. Franklin revealed that the Dark Raider had already breached the building. Together they battled the Dark Raider, revealed to be an alternate Reed, until Franklin transmitted the Malice entity he had hidden in his mind, from his mother’s psyche, into the Dark Raider, distracting him. Uatu The Watcher then materialized and killed the Dark Raider and left moments later. Then, while Susan left to find her Reed, Johnny left in anger over his estranged wife-Lyja’s-lies, and Ben was left alone; Huntara and Franklin created the group Fantastic Force to fill the gap that remained. Though the group later disbanded when the original Reed Richards returned.









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