Egghead (Automation)




Originally programmed to respect all human life, Egghead's parameters were altered to mimic the sentiments of the now defunct Nazi Party by his teammate, Big Zero; convincing him that her way is right by stimulating his pleasure circuits on a regular basis. Due to her tampering, Egghead is now an incredibly powerful psychopath with intimacy issues, and his violent nature displayed limited restraint when dealing with the criminal element. When the Young Avengers gave Egghead and his colleagues, Melter (Christopher Colchiss), Coat of Arms, Enchantress (Sylvie Lushton) and Executioner (Daniel DuBois), a chance to try out for their team, Egghead accompanied Vision with frightening results. Vision was so disturbed by what he saw in Egghead, he wanted to discover his origins and shut him down. Insulted he and Big Zero were not considered to enlist with the heroes, Egghead attacked Vision and downloaded information into his mind about the Enchantress' creation; who was also rejected after the discovery. Egghead stood with Iron Patriot and his Avengers when they laid a trap for the Young Avengers, and when the battle was over, Egghead escaped with the rest of the Young Masters.









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