The teenage sorceress initially uses her powers to fight crime, but her sense of what a hero and villain are is a bit muddled, and she often ends up working as the latter.


The Mischievous Making of Sylvie Lushton

Sylvie Lushton, an average young woman hailing from Broxton, Oklahoma, wakes up one morning with powers. She decides to become the Enchantress, modeled after the Asgardian Amora, AKA Enchantress, and takes on her way of speaking, which she regrets immediately. Though Sylvie does not know right away that the trickster God Loki Laufeyson, AKA Loki, created her. After coming into her powers, she then travels to New York using her newfound teleportation powers to join the Avengers.


Spells and Sorcery

Sylvie possesses mystical powers that allow her to cast spells, teleport herself and others, and fly. She is also capable of psychically sensing others as well as mental manipulation and telekinesis. Furthermore, her mystical abilities include transmutation – where she can transform people into animals. Sylvie can also project magical energy from her hands, create force fields, and deflect oncoming spells.



Despite wanting to join the Young Avengers, Sylvie ends up making enemies of the team’s members, Teddy Altman, AKA Hulkling, Eli Bradley, AKA Patriot, Tommy Shepherd, AKA Speed, Jonas, AKA Vision, and Billy Caplan, AKA Wiccan. Though, she halts her attacks against them when Wiccan reveals the truth about her past.


Tested and Trusted Allies

With some mind manipulation, she convinces her new Young Avengers team to “try out” for the original Young Avengers and successfully passes their tests. When the Young Avengers realize she was created by Loki and likely a pawn of his mischief, they kick her off the team without telling her why. She rejoins her new Young Avengers, who later go by Young Masters, and shares a romantic partnership with Christopher Colchiss, AKA Melter. Their team consists of Amity Hunter, AKA Big Zero, Lisa Molinari, AKA Coat of Arms, Egghead, and Danny DuBois, AKA Executioner.

She joins other groups as well, including the Super Villain teams the Doom Maidens, the Illuminati, and the Masters of Evil.


An Enchanted Life

Recruited by Coat of Arms into the new Young Avengers, she started working alongside them fighting crime. During this time, she dates Melter. When the original Young Avengers discovered this team, and it looked like a fight between the two teams was about to ensue, Sylvie mentally manipulated her teammates to “try out” for the Young Avengers, which only delayed the inevitable battle. 

Sylvie proved herself worthy in the tryouts receiving membership onto the original Young Avengers team. During this time, she was scanned by technology that revealed the truth about her powers. She then made inappropriate advances towards her gay teammate Billy Kaplan, AKA Wiccan, and shortly afterward, she got kicked off the Young Avengers squad. Sylvie returned to her fellow rejected recruits, Melter, Executioner, Big Zero, Egghead, and Coat of Arms, who welcomed her with open arms. Melter had called up Norman Osborn’s Avengers to decide who the real Young Avengers were going to be. The three teams fought, with Sylvie directing all her magical blasts at Wiccan as he yelled the reasons why they booted her out, claiming she did not know what she was. Amidst the battle around them, Wiccan revealed how Loki created her and the need to fortify the base before she could return. Sylvie then assisted him and Coat against Robert Reynolds, AKA Sentry, whom they banished with a spell. Sylvie then used her teleportation abilities to get her team, later called the Young Masters, out of the fray.

After Loki died, Sylvie weakened as her teammates sought a cure. She wasn’t seen again until Jeremy Briggs, matter manipulator and billionaire superhuman youth, AKA Alchemist, of Briggs Chemical LLC offered her and her teammates an opportunity to de-power themselves and then earn their powers back. She eventually saw that Brigg’s had manipulated her and left the team.

She later joined Caroline le Fay’s Doom Maidens, a group of Super Villains, and Sylvie led the team to activate the Pandemonium Axels. But she and the others were stopped in their tracks and captured by the Defenders.

At some point, Sylvie escaped and worked for the Shadow Council’s Masters of Evil, reuniting with her former team, the Young Masters, to go up against Advanced Idea Mechanic, AKA A.I.M.

She then joined Parker Robbins, AKA Hood’s Illuminati as Amora intending to infiltrate Asgardia and gain more power. Though her lie was short-lived as the Thunder Guard met them with force when they entered Asgardia. They escaped, and later the real Enchantress tracked Sylvie down to punish her for assuming her name. She banished her to one of the Ten Realms.











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Sylvie Lushton: Enchantress
Essential Reading
Sylvie Lushton: Enchantress
Sylvie Lushton is Enchantress, a formidable sorceress who is empowered by Loki. While she lacks formal training in her magic, Lushton can pull off teleportation, spellcasting, and mental manipulations with ease.