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Piecing Together MARVEL Puzzle Quest: Abigail Brand (S.W.O.R.D.)

Abigail Brand knows what it takes to deal with [CLASSIFIED] as well as [ALSO CLASSIFIED] and [SERIOUSLY, VERY CLASSIFIED].


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Agent Brand’s father is a blue-furred extraterrestrial that mated with an Earth women. At some point in her childhood she observed an unrevealed confrontation involving her father, which apparently influenced her to join SWORD (Sentient Worlds Observation and Response Department), a spy agency that deals with extraterrestrial threats to world security. By the age of 28, the abrasive but highly competent Brand was promoted to SWORD director, but her lack of social skills made her unpopular with SWORD’s agents. At some point, Brand had the words “Grace” and “Anna” tattooed on her arms for unrevealed reasons. Believing a false prophecy that foretold his violent homeworld, Breakworld, would be destroyed by an Earth mutant, most likely an X-Man, the warlord Ord traveled to Earth to declare war. Brand and SWORD negotiated with Ord, offering him a chance to eradicate the mutant gene while they sought the identity of the prophesied mutant. Ord stole the body of deceased X-Man Colossus (Piotr Rasputin), revived him, and with geneticist Dr. Kavita Rao, turned the cure for the Legacy virus found within Colossus into a “cure” for mutantkind, experimenting on mutants located with Brand’s help. Brand then recruited Lockheed the dragon to act as a SWORD mole within the X-Men. Ord laterprovoked confrontations with the X-Men, the last of which drew the attention of SWORD and its Earth-based counterpart, SHIELD. During a simultaneous mutant riot, Brand was confronted by the X-Men and, after she explained the Breakworld situation to them, Ord was defeated and taken into SWORD custody. Following this, Brand was brought before the Peak Council, SWORD’s ruling board, where she defended her amoral actions, saying there was nothing she would not do to protect the Earth. When Breakworld psychics learned Colossus was the prophesied mutant, a Breakworld armada was sent to attack Earth. To keep the armada away, Brand kidnapped the X-Men and took them to Breakworld, hoping they could help her disarm a 10-mile long missile intended to destroy Earth. While on Breakworld, Brand used her heat-generating abilities to help X-Man Beast (Hank McCoy) survive the sub-zero temperatures of a tactical weather strike, then in a later battle intercepted a laser blast intended for Beast, subsequently revealing she had intense feelings for him. While unable to stop the missile from being launched, X-Man Kitty Pryde used her phasing powers to keep the missile from impacting Earth, but was trapped in the missile as a result. Following her return to Earth, Brand recruited Beast to help hold her accountable and began dating him as well. Sometime later, Brand was present when the shape-shifting Skrull race invaded the Earth, destroying SWORD’s orbital headquarters. Breaking into a Skrull vessel en route to Earth, Brand cried when she learned her agency had failed to prevent the Skrulls from clandestinely infiltrating all aspects of Earth, then used the ship’s systems to purge the Skrull crew, freeing their captive, Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic), and helping gather Earth’s heroes to resist the invasion. Following the invasion, her command of SWORD was temporarily shared with Peter Gyrich. Brand and Beast worked against freelance peacekeeping agent Death’s Head when he tried to collect a bounty on the head of her hated half-brother, Lothi. While Brand was away, Gyrich instigated a xenophobic imprisonment and deportation of all extraterrestrial life on Earth, including Brand. Beast worked with Death’s Head to free Brand, then they helped end Gyrich’s deportation program, all while simultaneously warding off a Drenx invasion of Earth. Brand also worked to rescue Kitty Pryde from Breakworld’s missile, provided the X-Men with intelligence during their investigation into reality-traversing ghost box technology, recruited Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) into SWORD as a Skrull hunter and assisted in the X-Men’s battle against mad geneticist Kaga’s mutant-extermination campaign.




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