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Star-Lord (Peter Quill) invited the Galadordian Circle to provide a Spaceknight for his team of Annihilators, and the Circle was eager to atone for their failings during the Phalanx conquest. Ikon was selected because she is the self-proclaimed greatest living Spaceknight, but she was unimpressed with the other members after defeating them in combat on Knowhere. Knowing she was less powerful than the others, Ikon surmised her teammates were holding back because their awareness of their power levels handicapped them, fearing the damage they could cause if left unchecked. It was also this belief that led her to conclude Star-Lord’s dream was misguided, and the Annihilators would not work.

When the shape-shifting Skrull Klobok posed as the deceased Dire Wraith sorcerer Doctor Dredd, he attacked the Galadorian Keep guarding the Dark Nebula, beginning the process of freeing Wraithworld from the dimensional prison of Limbo. Once the nebula destabilized the previously cloaked Dark Sun returned, bringing with it Hellhounds and Deathwings to attack Galador. The Dark Sun threatened to engulf Galador's sun and destroy the planet, so the Annihilators went to Limbo to retrieve Wraithworld to restore balance between the two worlds. After battling the ruler of Limbo's, Immortus', Army of the Ages, Wraithworld was returned to its former orbit. Klobok attempted to remake the Wraiths into Skrulls but the Wraith Queen Volx ambushed and apparently killed him. By now the two suns threatened to become a supernova, destroying both planets, so the Annihilators fused them into a conjoined star; Galador faced the light side and Wraithworld faced the dark half. The Spaceknights and Dire Wraiths then established a truce. Ikon developed feelings for her teammate Quasar (Wendell Vaughn).

Later Ikon assisted the Annihilators in stopping a war between two factions of the Universal Church of Truth (UCT), but soon found herself on Earth when Annihilators' ally Cosmo discovered followers of the Matriarch were planning an extinction-level event coinciding with the Magus' resurrection. Attacking the UCT disguised as humans within the Life Science Institute Gated Community in Colorado, the Annihilators were opposed by the Avengers who sought to protect the masquerading aliens. Once the Magus was reborn and spread his consciousness through thirty percent of Earth's population, using the faith energy stored within the UCT's battery-like Belief Font, both teams searched for a way to reverse the process without killing anyone. Meanwhile the UCT sent an armada of warships to Earth, and Ikon fought alongside the Avengers against a common enemy. Gladiator (Kallark) nearly sacrificed his life to defeat the Magus, but Ronan and Iron Man (Anthony Stark) found a way to trap Magus inside a cocoon, using a reconfigured Kree Sentry robot, thwarting the UCT's plans. Ikon returned to Knowhere with her team where they imprisoned Magus in the Rip, the very edge of space-time where the universe diminishes, to be monitored until such a time he could be neutralized for good.









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