After the destruction of the Cancerverse and the deaths of Nova and Star-Lord, two universal peacekeeping organizations, the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Nova Corps, were disbanded. Before his demise Star-Lord entrusted his friend and teammate Cosmo to gather several powerful heroes together to protect the universe. When King Blastaar sought to take advantage of the weakened Inhuman empire, he attacked them in the city of Attilan to expand his territory, but the Annihilators stood against him. Quasar, Beta Ray Bill, the Silver Surfer, Ronan of the Kree and Gladiator of the Shi'ar empires drove Blastaar's forces back to the Negative Zone and saved the Inhuman royal family. These five heavyweights agreed to only come together in times of need, but while taking a tour of Knowhere the Galadorian Spaceknight Ikon appeared seeking to join, also by Star-Lord’s request.

Soon after, Klobok, a shape-shifting Skrull posing as the deceased Dire Wraith sorcerer Doctor Dredd, plotted to restore his people to power by mastering the Wraiths' dark magic, free Wraithworld from its dimensional prison of Limbo, and disassemble and remake the Wraiths into a new race of Skrulls. Klobok attacked the Galdorians' Keep guarding the Dark Nebula, destabilized the nebula, freed the Dark Sun (source of the Wraiths' sorcery) and the Annihilators could not stop him. As Hellhounds and Deathwings assaulted Galador, the Annihilators did what they could to save the planet, including block the Dark Sun's rays. Klobok returned to thwart their progress but was defeated by Ronan. The Silver Surfer determined the Galadorian matriarch Brandy Clark gave Klobok the necessary information he needed to succeed so the Galadorians could have purpose once more; and with the hope her lost husband Rom would return to aid them against their ancient enemies. The Wraith Queen Volx was desperate to free her people, allied with Klobok and manipulated Clark's mind to betray the Galadorians; Clark's grief made her vulnerable to Volx's influence. The Black Sun began to fuse with the Galadorian sun, and the Annihilators traveled to Limbo to restore Wraithworld to its proper orbit, regaining balance before Galador was destroyed. Once there the surviving Wraiths rejected Volx, blaming her for their predicament, and all were attacked by Limbo’s ruler Immortus' Army of the Ages. Quasar struck an agreement with Immortus that allowed Wraithworld to be removed from Limbo, and once stabilized in orbit, Klobok returned to remake the Wraiths. Volx ambushed Klobok and apparently sacrificed herself to kill him, saving her people. The two suns started to become a supernova, and the Annihilators conjoined them to save both worlds; Wraithworld faced the dark half while Galador faced the light, and the two races established a truce.

As two separate factions belonging to the Universal Church of Truth (UCT) were at war, the Annihilators defused the situation before billions of innocents died. Cosmo read the UCT's Matriarch's mind and discovered her followers were masquerading on Earth as humans in the Life Science Institute Gated Community in Colorado, plotting an extinction-level event coinciding with the Magus' resurrection. The Annihilators attacked the compound but because it appeared they were assaulting humans, the Avengers arrived to thwart the Annihilators, and the two teams battled long enough for the Magus to be reborn as a child. Although the Magus was imprisoned, he spread his consciousness through thirty percent of Earth’s population, using the faith energy stored within the UCT's battery-like Belief Font. Both teams searched for a way to reverse the process without killing anyone, but Ronan summoned a horde of Kree Sentry robots to destroy the entire North American continent if they failed. The UCT sent an armada of warships to Earth, forcing nearly all members on both teams to contend with them, but Gladiator flew into the Belief Font, provoking the Magus to use him as a vessel to house all the faith energy. The act restored all the affected humans, and Gladiator was willing to sacrifice his life to defeat the Magus, but Iron Man reconfigured one of the Kree Sentries into a containment vessel to draw Magus out of Gladiator and trapped him in a cocoon. Defeated, the UCT ships were escorted off-planet by the Sentry robots, and the Magus was taken to Knowhere and imprisoned in the Rip, the very edge of space-time where the universe diminishes, to be monitored until such a time he could be neutralized for good.

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