Known by many names and oft misunderstood, the Infinaut is a being of immense size that could destroy the planet Earth.



Thought at first to be a dangerous scientific mystery that would threaten Prime Earth (Earth-616), the Infinaut turns out to be a sentient being of cosmic proportions.


Mysterious Origins

In 1998, a mysterious entity attempts to manifest on Earth for the second time, but its gravity is so massive that it threatens Earth. Dr. Adam Brashear, AKA Blue Marvel, and his son Kevin team up to hit it with anti-matter and successfully prevent it from destroying the Earth. But the entity does not give up. Over the following decades, it attempts manifestation many more times. One time, it’s met and stopped by the Triumph Division.

Adam dubs the entity the Infinaut and continues to investigate it. When the precog Inhuman named Ulysses predicts the Infinaut’s next manifestation in Boston in eight days’ time–its ninth manifestation—Adam and the Ultimates set a plan in motion. They travel to Boston and with their technology and Raz Malhotra, AKA Giant-Man’s help using a Pym Particle accelerator, they pull the Infinaut through a barrier and shrink it down to their relative size. The Infinaut resembles a humanoid wearing a protective suit and helmet. Finally able to communicate with the Infinaut, who speaks in English using a translator upon his belt, he informs the Ultimates how happy he is to make their acquaintance.


Inter-Universal Travel

Not much is known about the Infinaut’s abilities, but it can travel from one universe to the next and when compared to the people of Prime Earth, the sheer size and mass of the Infinaut could destroy the planet.


Impossible Threats

The First Firmament—the first iteration of all that is and the dark ancestor to Eternity—consumes Eternity, threatening everything. The Infinaut joins other beings like itself and Prime Earth’s Ultimates to go up against it.


Ultimate Allies

The Infinaut makes many attempts to reach planet Earth. Thanks to his allies Dr. Adam Brashear and the Ultimates, he is finally able to breach the barriers that hold him back and make contact. They ally for the coming cosmic war.

The Infinaut also joins the Eternity Watch alongside the Shaper’s Ghost, the Psi-Hawk, Ego-Prime, AKA Ego the Living Planet (who evolves into a new form), and Galactus against the First Firmament.


A Cosmic History

Not much is known about the Infinaut but he appeared during a time when the universe was threatened. After the First Firmament captured Eternity, the former world devourer now lifebringer Galactus formed the Eternity Watch to liberate the cosmic being. Recruited by Galactus, the Infinaut joins the Shaper’s Ghost, Psi-Hawk, Ego-Prime, and the Ultimates to go up against the First Firmament and liberate Eternity.

Other Aliases
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