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Lord Mar-Vell of the Cancerverse appeared to share the same origin and history of the Kree, Captain Marvel of Earth-616, however, their difference was that on his deathbed Lord Mar-Vell made a bargain with the Many-Angled Ones (primordial cosmic entities that live between universes), to escape his death from cancer. Lord Mar-Vell agreed to kill Death and he was granted the ability to transmute others. He used these powers to transform the heroes of the Cancerverse into perverse adaptations of their 616-selves. The Undying Lord’s only opposition came from the Machine Resistance, beings of pure science. The Machine Resistance was unable to stop the Lord Mar-Vell’s sacrifice of the “Avatar of Death” in the Necropsy ritual, which destroyed Death itself. This event allowed the Many Angled Ones to overwhelm the Cancerverse to the point of a much needed expansion.


(original) 5'9''; (current) 4'


(original) 750 lbs.; (current) 100 lbs.


(original) Red; (current) pale green


(original) Inapplicable; (current) none

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