After the failure of White Light and the Idiot, Oblivion called upon another of his servants to do what his other minions could not. Kali was sent into the past to find his daughter, Mirage. However, Mirage escaped further into the past using a device called a Bounce-Box – the same apparatus that Iceman found in the rubble of her collapsed home due to the fight that took place between himself, White Light and Idiot. Iceman unwittingly activated the machine, and soon he found himself hurtling to the past as well. Kali and her soldiers picked up the signal coming from Iceman’s box and followed him, mistaking him for their goal. Kali quickly realized Iceman was not her target and shifted her attention towards the Bounce-Box thinking she could track her true prey with it. Iceman traveled to a time when his parents were young, and he wasn’t even born yet, and his father wanted to help because he felt it was the right thing to do. Unfortunately for him, he was beaten to death by Kali’s followers when he tried to keep the box from them. While Iceman raced to his dying father’s side, Mirage revealed herself to Kali and challenged her to combat. She opened a portal for Kali, and she and her storm-troopers accepted the dare. Mirage reduced Kali, Oblivion’s greatest warrior, to a mindless, babbling beast.









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