Mirage Bounce-Box




At a time when the daughter of Oblivion was on the run from her father’s servants, White Light, the Idiot and Kali, Mirage used the Bounce-Box to escape to different time periods in order to evade capture.

While sifting through the ruins of a battle between two of those hunters and himself, Iceman also came across one of the boxes accidentally left behind. He unintentionally activated the box, and it brought him back to a time before he was born and his parents were young. The warrior, Kali, tracked him to that time period and tried to get the Bounce-Box back from Iceman. In a selfless act, Iceman’s father leapt to his son’s aid, although not knowing Iceman was to be his son at the time, and attempted to keep the box from her. This act proved to be his last as Kali’s storm-troopers, determined to get the box for their mistress, savagely attacked him and took his life. Ultimately, Kali never did retrieve the Bounce-Box, but Iceman also suffered a great loss that day.

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