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Everything You Need to Know About the New Mutants


Everything You Need to Know About the New Mutants

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In an attempt to create a special being to share his existence with, the cosmic entity Oblivion drew forth a tiny bit of himself and gave birth to a girl child. His daughter, Mirage, was to be a reflection of all Oblivion was, but he made her too well. Mirage was too independent and strong-willed. She would not be controlled by her father, so she ran from him into the human world knowing Oblivion could not give chase without a cosmic catastrophe occurring. However, Oblivion needed her to be brought back to him because as Mirage’s powers grew, she would one day be his equal and able to challenge him when her powers were at their peak. Since he could not pursue personally, Oblivion had other servants attempt to bring his daughter back to him. The first effort was by the pair of White Light and the Idiot. The two henchmen quickly found their target but became confused when in the presence of another individual with uncanny powers, Iceman. Iceman and the servants of Oblivion fought briefly, with the frozen mutant emerging victorious as Mirage, and the family she created, escaped through a time portal using a Bounce-Box. The second attempt was given to Oblivion’s greatest warrior, Kali. She traced the signal of a Bounce-Box, accidentally activated by Iceman, to a time before Iceman was even born. There the two super powers struggled for the device, but Mirage intervened and challenged Kali to a duel only after Kali’s minions killed Iceman’s father. The third attempt was by Iceman himself. Oblivion made a deal with the mutant, saying if Iceman would bring Mirage home, then his father would be given life once more. Iceman could not refuse and tried to peacefully convince Mirage to go back, but she would not listen. So fearful of being under her father’s control, she fought Iceman to the brink of death – his. Distraught by the fact she almost killed the man she thought she loved, Mirage cursed her father’s name, but in doing so, she thought of home, and her powers brought her to the place she had been running from for so long.

Oblivion wanted to claim the life of Iceman for himself, but the one time X-Man, Champion and Defender would not go down so easily, and Iceman fought with all his might until he finally downed the cosmic being. Mirage, thinking Iceman injured her father, at last accepted the reality of who she was, and her appearance and demeanor changed until she look almost exactly like the creature from which she was made. She accepted her place with Oblivion despite the protests of Iceman, still in love with her alter-ego, Marge. Iceman ultimately convinced Oblivion to keep his end of the bargain and give his father life again, and Mirage left with Oblivion – both returning to their place in the void.


Unrevealed (as Marge); Variable (as Mirage)


Unrevealed (as Marge); Variable (as Mirage)


Blue (as Marge); Yellow (as Mirage)


Red (as Marge); Red (as Mirage)

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