The talkative space pirate known as Kraglin lives for loot and is a loyal Ravager through and through.


Of Unknown Origins

Kraglin's origins remain an untold tale at this point. But, what is known is that Kraglin joins the Ravagers, a band of space-faring buccaneers, and works his way up to become the First Officer under Captain Yondu Udonta, AKA Yondu.


A Captain True

As a pirate, Kraglin clearly develops a strong sense of self-preservation and can at least handle himself in a battle. It can be assumed that his thievery skills were also above average. He also proves himself an able captain, filling in for Yondu and later as the leader of his own ship. Kraglin also possesses large, multi-faceted eyes that look to be far more advanced than those of Earthlings.


Walk the Plank

Kraglin makes plenty of enemies, including all the people he robs and the Guardians of the Galaxy, who he and the Ravagers attempt to kidnap and ransom.


Part of the Crew

Kraglin becomes a prominent and important part of the Ravagers crew, even taking over during Yondu's imprisonment. He and the captain grow close enough that, even after they part ways, the duo keep in contact and ask each other for help when things get hairy.


Misadventures in Space

During the Earth's Secret Empire fiasco where Hydra took over the United States and placed a nearly impenetrable dome around the whole planet, the Guardians of the Galaxy went to the Jojola Nebula to find a device called the Transluminal Tuning Fork that would free Peter Quill, AKA Star-Lord's home planet.

Yondu Udonta was released into their custody to guide them in and out. He worked out a plan with Kraglin, to swoop in with the Ravagers and take not just the Fork, but also the Guardians. They intended to sell the Fork and the Guardians to the people of Earth, but were all attacked by Galactus' Punishers. They all got out of the nebula, but with the Guardians in control of the situation. 

At some point thereafter, Yondu and the Ravagers went their separate ways, but he and Kraglin remained in contact. Kraglin had asked for some help with an arms deal, but Yondu got tied up with another job. Yondu arrived to the ship late only to find his friend dead along with everyone else on the ship and a highly powerful cosmic artifact, the Herald's Urn. Though he did not live to see it, Kraglin's death helped put Yondu on the path to becoming a hero.

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