A Pirate's Life For Him

Very little has been revealed about Kraglin Obfonteri's early days. At some point, he was brought into Yondu Udonta's Ravager Clan. He proved himself capable and crafty enough to rise in the ranks and become Yondu's second. 

Whistle While You Work

Thanks to years of living as a space pirate, Kraglin has become quite adept at survival. While not the fiercest warrior around, he has been known to fight off enemies with his fists, weapons and while flying a variety of space crafts. In the wake of Yondu's death, Kraglin picked up the captain's Yaka Arrow and cybernetic control fin and has trained himself to be more adept with the whistle weapon. 

Avast Me Hearties

Given his career as a thief and pirate, Kraglin has surely made his fair share of enemies. However, as a Ravager, he is also part of a clan which itself is connected to the larger network of Ravagers. During their time together, Kraglin developed incredible loyalty towards Yondu Udonta. And while he also became friendly with Peter Quill, Obfonteri did develop some jealousy because he could see that Yondu often chose the Earth kid over the rest of them. 

In more recent years, Kraglin has found himself fighting against evil in the cosmos like Ronan, Ego and Thanos. These days, he's officially a Guardian of the Galaxy and living on Knowhere. 

To Infinity Stones And Beyond

The Ravagers were hired by Ego to find his children on various planets and deliver them to him. They did so on several occasions and even grabbed the boy, Peter Quill from Earth, but decided to make him one of their own instead of handing him over. 

Kraglin grew to care for the boy. He looked out for Peter and enjoyed listening to stories about his home planet. One year, Quill explained the idea of Christmas to Obfonteri who helped him decorate a tree and get gifts for everyone. He then witnessed Yondu come in and trash the whole idea, not knowing that the captain later enjoyed his gift and returned the favor by giving Quill his blasters. 

Years later, Quill—now going by Star-Lord—grabbed the Power Stone on Morag before the Ravagers could. Furious, Yondu ordered Kraglin to put a bounty on his head. While searching for the stone, Yondu and Kraglin traveled to Xandar and pressed the Broker for information. The Ravagers finally caught up to Star-Lord on Knowhere and saved him and Gamora from dying in space. Kraglin lead a group of Ravagers to welcome Quill back, with guns drawn. The Ravagers embraced Peter after he made a deal with them to help stop Ronan in exchange for the priceless Infinity Stone. 

Kraglin and the other Ravagers listened as the Guardians of the Galaxy conveyed their plan to stop Ronan from using the Power Stone to destroy Xandar. For his part, Obfonteri was part of Rocket's squad tasked with blasting a hole in the side of the Dark Aster for Quill to fly through before getting involved in the larger battle. As Ronan moved to make landfall, Kraglin and other pilots fought to blast his ships out of the sky. 

Ultimately, Quill and his new team worked together to stop Ronan and get the Power Stone away from him. Star-Lord appeared to give Yondu the Infinity Stone afterwards, but he tricked his old boss, instead giving the Orb to the Nova Corps for protection. This made the other Ravagers mad because they were cheated out of a huge score, but Yondu did nothing to move against their betrayer. 

The Taserface Mutiny 

While partying on Contraxia, Yondu had a very public run-in with Stakar Ogord witnessed by Kraglin and the others. Taserface began sewing the seeds of mutiny amongst his fellow Ravagers, though Kraglin defended their captain. Yondu's crew was then hired by Ayesha of the Sovereign to bring in the Guardians. They caught up with Rocket, Groot and Nebula on Berhert though Ego and Mantis had already taken the others to his own planet. When Yondu decided to go against the Sovereign to save Quill, Kraglin spoke up against him. Taserface took advantage of the situation and finally got his mutiny off the ground after Nebula blasted Udonta's control fin. 

Taserface's faction welcomed Nebula into the fold and captured Yondu, Groot and Rocket, killing those still loyal to Udonta. Kraglin was clearly uncomfortable with the murder of his friends. He was also concerned that the plan to turn Udonta over to the Kree for the bounty would lead to his captain's death. Still, he helped Nebula outfit herself with new gear and a ship to track down her sister.

Later, Yondu and Rocket tried getting Groot to find Udonta's prototype Yaka Arrow control fin, but he failed several times. Kraglin woke up during one of Groot's attempts and brought the piece of tech to Udonta, apologizing for starting the mutiny. While Yondu broke out and killed those who stood against him, Obfonteri prepped a ship for them to escape in as the rest of the craft exploded. 

Altering Ego

After making over 700 jumps through space, Kraglin, Yondu, Groot and Rocket got to Ego's planet just in time to stop Quill's dad from taking over every planet imaginable.  Obfonteri remained in the main ship as Rocket, Groot and Yondu flew to reunite with the others. When the Sovereign's ships appeared, Kraglin tried getting word to Udonta. As Ego's planet began to crumble apart, Obfonteri landed in an effort to save the others. Kraglin listened to Rocket when he told him to take off, even though Quill and Udonta were not yet aboard. 

With Ego's core destroyed the planet began falling apart, but Yondu flew in to grab Peter, sacrificing himself to save his surrogate son. The group held a funeral for Yondu, celebrating his life. Afterwards, Kraglin gave Pete a music player that Yondu had found for him and Quill returned the favor by handing over the Yaka Arrow. Rocket also contacted Stakar and the other Ravagers, explaining the truth of Yondu and they showed up, which meant a great deal to Kraglin. 

A Ramblin' Man 

Kraglin's whereabouts after the defeat of Ego up through the battle with the time-traveling Thanos remain a mystery, though Ravager ships did appear during the battle. Some time later, Kraglin left the Ravagers behind and fully joined the Guardians of the Galaxy during the time that Thor and Korg were also traveling with them. Obfonteri was still mastering the Yaka Arrow, but also spent a great deal of time falling in love and getting married on each planet they visited. On Indigarr, he left his new wife behind as the Guardians and Thor went their separate ways over Gorr the God-Butcher

After responding to distress calls for a while, Kraglin and the Guardians bought Knowhere and worked to repair the place after Thanos destroyed it several years prior while looking for the Infinity Stones. During repairs, Obfonteri relayed Quill's tales of Christmas from his time on Earth. Mantis and Drax liked them so much, they decided to go to Quill's home planet, kidnap his hero Kevin Bacon and bring some holiday spirit to Knowhere. Kraglin and the others helped to secretly decorate the neighborhood which touched Star-Lord deeply. However, he was less excited to see his friends had kidnapped Kevin Bacon. Kraglin agreed to fly him back to Earth, but after explaining how much the actor's films meant to Peter as a kid, Bacon agreed to stick around for awhile. During the following holiday party Cosmo gifted Kraglin a dead animal. Once the celebration ended, Obfonteri took Bacon back to his home on Earth.