The discerning and clever Krylar heads an isle of assassins, dealing out ancient weapons and mercenaries to the highest bidder.


Assassin Administrator

Not much is known about Krylar’s history, save that he lives on planet K’ai within the sub-atomic realm known as the Microverse. He resides on the isle of assassins, Pitll Pawob, which is also home to the world’s oldest civilization, pre-dating the age of magic, where technology reigns.

Formerly a continent, Pitll Pawob fell into the sea with few survivors. Now, their descendants maintain what remains of their lost technology, hiring out weapons, themselves included. Krylar may be one of these descendants, but what is certain, is that he is the steward of all assassins on Pitll Pawob.


Technologically Savvy

Krylar becomes knowledgeable in his world’s ancient technology and instruments, able to reclaim and revive lost weapons within his reconstruction shops. He is also a clever administrator and salesman, able to demonstrate his products and close deals.


Trusted and Tenuous Links

As the representative of the isle of assassins, Krylar loans out Pitll Pawob’s technology and mercenaries to anyone that can pay. As such, he’s naturally allied to his people, calling upon them when it suits the benefit of all.

In one of his dealings, he allies with the usurper Lord Visis, despite his misgivings, against the new ruler’s enemy, Bruce Banner, AKA the Hulk—an ally of the former queen Jarella whom Visis imprisons and forces into an engagement. Seeing the Hulk as a threat to his people, Krylar provides Visis with the means to defeat the green behemoth, but does not quite trust Visis.


Cinching the Deal

Krylar received Lord Visis whose newly minted reign was threatened by the arrival of the Hulk—the Hulk desired to free his love Jarella from her forced betrothal to Visis. Visis proposed a partnership with Krylar and Pitll Pawob, offering the isle great riches to be rid of his headache the Hulk. Initially, Krylar thought Visis’ offer intriguing but smelled the scent of desperation. Visis made a convincing argument that should the Hulk best him, the man-monster would come for Krylar and his mercenaries next. Krylar agreed and demonstrated a weapon that gave life to what the target feared most. For Visis, it unleashed a massive serpent—the spitting image of the one that nearly took his life as a child. Convinced, Visis commissioned Krylar use the weapon against his enemy.

While training the weapon on the Hulk, Krylar suddenly sensed a greater power at work and turned the machine off, disrupting the illusion that the Hulk faced. Incensed at his betrayal, but not surprised, Visis threatened Krylar with death. Krylar called upon the men of Pitll Pawob to aid him against Visis, but the lord anticipated his potential betrayal and had his men dispatched, a fact he revealed as he stabbed Krylar in the gut. It is unknown whether Krylar survived the mortal wound.



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