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Utilizing his insurmountable dexterity in magic and sorcery to fuel his wicked motives, Loki has made a name for himself as the Asgardian god of mischief and evil. Though he has sometimes found himself on the side of good, this trickster inevitably reverts to form.


Teenage Trickster

Born to Frost Giant King Laufey of Jotunheim and abandoned due to his stunted stature, Loki was hidden away from the others of his kind. After slaying Laufey, Odin, ruler of Asgard, found Loki and took him under his wing to be raised alongside his son, Thor.

Constantly witnessing the loving relationship between Odin and Thor sparked jealousy and retaliation from Loki. Adding fuel to the fire, Thor possessed all of the heroic qualities that Loki lacked but aspired to have. Motivated by utter envy for his adopted sibling, the young trickster channeled his anguish into pulling pranks on his brother and plotting a way to become ruler of Asgard.


Magical Misfit

Possessing an innate aptitude for magic and sorcery, Loki occupies his youth by pranking his brother Thor, advancing his powers in the process. The trickster god’s mystical powers include shapeshifting, astral projection, molecular rearrangement, illusion casting, telepathy, hypnosis, and teleportation.

In addition to his magical capabilities, Loki possesses superhuman physical abilities such as an increased lifespan, super human strength, immunity to terrestrial diseases, and resistance to conventional injury. Loki elevates his powers by training in the rites of black magic.

teenage Loki playing tricks

Familial Foes

As the god of mischief and evil, Loki has no trouble making enemies for himself. The greatest and most challenging foe Loki has faced is perhaps his own brother, Thor. While the two were raised as siblings by Odin, envy drove Loki’s desire to overthrow Thor., Loki is frequently defeated by the god of thunder, but is never discouraged from persevering in his efforts.

Along with his brother, Loki seeks revenge against his adoptive father Odin. Envious of Thor and Odin’s close relationship when he was a child, Loki lashes out for feeling outcast and because Odin slayed his biological father many years before. Balder, half-brother to Thor and companion to the Warriors Three, is also one of Loki’s greatest opponents. Learning of his fate to initiate Ragnarok, the destruction of Asgard, Loki discovers that this battle was to be prompted by the slaying of Balder.

Long regretful of having a hand in the formation of the Avengers, Loki has continued to make it his mission to defeat Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, but is repeatedly conquered by the noble team.


Allies of Evil

As one of the most powerful sorcerers in any realm, Loki has been able to find allies with the same intentions as him, like causing destruction against humanity. Loki and Dormammu of the Dark Dimension join forces in attempting to trick the Avengers and Defenders into assembling the mystical Evil Eye for them, though they are both defeated by the two teams.

Loki and the Avengers

In his ongoing efforts to launch the start of Ragnarok, Loki joins forces with mortal villain Norman Osborn, yet remains unsuccessful once again. At various times, Karnilla the Norn Queen has helped Loki get out of certain circumstances, but her love for Balder often gets in the way. Amora the Enchantress stands alongside Loki in his numerous attempts at defeating his brother Thor. When the trickster unintentionally forms the Avengers, Amora is one of his chief pawns in exploiting Thor’s weaknesses while in the guise of human Dr. Donald Blake.




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Loki’s Legacy

In his early years of life, Loki suffered from feelings of isolation and unequal treatment from his adoptive father Odin. Resentful of the strong bond Odin had with Thor, Loki channeled his negative feelings into pulling pranks on his brother. Loki’s misery and jealousy heightened when Odin granted Thor the mystic hammer, Mjolnir; due to this uncontrollable envy, the god of mischief interfered with the weapon’s creation, inadvertently resulting in a too-short handle. Constantly overshadowed by Thor and his possession of Mjolnir, Loki often retaliated against the thunder god to spite his relationship with Odin.

As a young child, Loki’s pranks on his brother Thor were nothing short of vengeful. Knowing Thor was attracted to the golden-haired sword-maiden Sif, Loki set out to cut off the young beauty’s hair as she was sleeping. Assuming that Loki was responsible for the malicious act, Thor demanded he restore her hair.

Over the years, as Loki’s schemes became more and more frequent, and Odin sent him to jail, but the mischief-maker utilized his magic powers to escape from his cell. Once free, Loki met with Eldred, a sorcerer who trained him in the black arts. With more mastery of his powers, Loki’s ploys became less detected by Odin and Thor, allowing him to get away without punishment for his malicious actions.

Motivated by his unending jealousy of Thor’s possession of Mjolnir, Loki aspired to take down his brother and claim the enchanted hammer for himself. On numerous occasions Loki sought to take over the Asgardian throne and overthrow his adoptive father Odin, completely disregarding the fact that the king of Asgard had taken him in and raised him as his own.

After using his magic to escape from jail, Loki proceeded to turn his back on Asgard and its people. Mating with the goddess Angerboda, they produced three offspring: Jormungand (the Midgard Serpent), Fenris Wolf, and Hela, the goddess of death. Sticking to his wicked ways, Loki deceived the goddess Sigyn by posing as her true love, Theoric, and convinced her to marry him.

After discovering the prophecy of Ragnarok, and learning of his fate to slay Balder in order to ruin Asgard, Loki embraced this newfound destiny and made numerous attempts to incite the end of the Golden Realm. In his later attempts to initiate Ragnarok, Loki finally had an advantage over his brother: sentenced to Earth in the guise of Dr. Donald Blake by Odin, Thor was now at risk due to his newfound human weaknesses. Loki exploited Blake’s vulnerability by employing a team including the likes of Jinku the Lava Man, the Weather Maker, Sandu, Amora the Enchantress, Skurge the Executioner, Skagg, Surtur, Cobra, Mr. Hyde, the Absorbing Man and the Super-Skrull in order to defeat Thor.

Loki on Odin's throne

Loki’s plots against his adoptive brother backfired and inadvertently prompted the formation of the Avengers. Diverting a distress call for the Fantastic Four to Dr. Blake’s office and intending to trick Thor into battling the Hulk, Loki saw his message intercepted by Iron Man, Wasp, and Ant-Man. Realizing Loki’s involvement, Thor banded together with Hulk in order to defeat him, inadvertently forming a new heroic group called the Avengers.

Along with his many attempts to surpass his adoptive brother, Loki was also determined to claim the throne of Asgard from Odin when he entered into his “Odinsleep” hibernation. Though he made numerous efforts, Loki was ultimately threatened by Mangog and Surtur into surrendering the throne. In an effort to trick the Avengers and Defenders into assembling the mystical Evil Eye, Loki teamed up with Dormammu of the Dark Dimension. The two Super Hero teams came out on top and proved themselves mightier. As punishment, Odin sent Loki to Earth in the guise of a vagrant.

When Surtur waged war on Asgard, he had the dark elf Malekith ensure that Loki signed a non-aggression pact in order to avoid conflict. Loki, mischievous as usual, did not honor the agreement and stood in Asgard’s defense alongside his brother and father. When Odin sacrificed himself to imprison Surtur, the throne of Asgard was left empty. Not wanting Thor to ascend to ruling Asgard, Loki used his powers to turn his brother into a frog in the hopes of claiming the throne for himself. Unfortunately for him, the frog of thunder was still in possession of his mighty hammer Mjolnir, and was able to force Loki to undo his magic.

When the Demons of Death were sent by Seth of the Ennead into conflict with Asgard, Loki refused to align himself with the Gods of Egypt. He then discovered that Odin was held captive within the Black Pyramid and secretly teamed up with Thor in an attempt to rescue their father. Still upset about the formation of the Avengers, Loki recruited the enemies of all the Super Heroes to seek revenge, dubbing it the “Acts of Vengeance” conspiracy. Loki anonymously appeared to Doctor Doom, the Kingpin, Magneto, the Mandarin, the Red Skull, and the Wizard, offering them the power to manipulate Earth’s Super Villains into conflict with heroes that would be unprepared to face these unfamiliar adversaries. Loki led each of these “prime movers” into believing that they were the one arranging the devious scheme. Once Thor uncovered Loki’s plot, he defeated his trickster brother once again.

Loki, Doctor Doom, Red Skull, Kingpin

Later with the help of Amora, Loki devised another plan against Thor while he was bound to mortal Eric Masterson. Loki had Eric’s son Kevin captured. Thor managed to set Kevin free, but in spite of this Loki sent a blast of energy towards the boy and his mother Marcy. Turning on Loki, Amora had Kevin’s babysitter take the blast instead of the Mastersons. Furious with this attack, Thor drew Loki’s life force from his body with the power of Mjolnir, seemingly killing him. Consequentially, Thor was banished to the subconscious of Eric while the mortal himself took the thunder god’s place. Loki had not died, however, and his consciousness had taken over Odin’s body while in Odinsleep. Loki was finally able to take over Asgard, but Eric and Sif were able to recover Odin’s spirit and restore it to his body, while Loki was claimed by the demon Mephisto.

In the dimension of Earth-93060, aka “the Ultraverse,” Loki battled the Ultras for the six Infinity Gems. After discovering that there was a seventh stone, the Ego gem, the Grandmaster pitted the Avengers and the Ultraforce against each other in competition for the prize. Defeated, Loki was sent back to his native reality.

In one of Loki’s final attempts at prompting Ragnarok he wielded an uru hammer, fixing Asgard in a continuous cycle of death and rebirth. Thor, irate that Asgard was being denied a true warrior’s death, decapitated his own brother. The thunder god then carried Loki’s still-living head as he permitted Surtur to unleash his final assault on Asgard. Thor then confronted They Who Sit Above in Shadow, the powers responsible for the destructive cycle, and saw to their end. With the demise of Asgard, both brothers were apparently consumed in its destruction.

After the destruction of Ragnarok, the souls of the Asgardians were all hidden within mortals of Earth. Loki had somehow come into possession of Sif’s body and transferred her spirit into an elderly woman. Balder, whose essence was now in the Destroyer armor, began to gather together numerous Asgardians in an effort to aid Thor in restoring Asgard on Earth in Broxton, Oklahoma. Thor was able to restore the Asgardians gathered by Balder, and Loki was then reborn as a woman. Unrelenting in his trickster ways, Loki feigned benevolence and told Balder that he was also Odin’s son. Soon after, Loki traveled back through time to kill Odin’s father Bor and manipulated the younger Odin so he would be adopted by him as a child.