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Utilizing his insurmountable dexterity in magic and sorcery to fuel his wicked motives, Loki makes a name for himself as the Asgardian god of mischief and evil. Though he sometimes finds himself on the side of good, this trickster inevitably reverts to form.


Teenage Trickster

Son to Frost Giant King Laufey of Jotunheim and abandoned due to his stunted stature, Loki is hidden away from the others of his kind. When Odin Borson, AKA Odin, ruler of Asgard, slays Laufey, he finds Loki and takes him under his wing to be raised alongside his wife Frigga and son, Thor.

Constantly witnessing the loving relationship between Odin and Thor sparks jealousy and retaliation from Loki. Adding fuel to the fire, Thor possesses all of the heroic qualities Loki lacks but aspires to have. Motivated by utter envy for his adopted sibling, the young trickster channels his anguish into pulling pranks on his brother and plotting a way to become ruler of Asgard.


Magical Misfit

Possessing an innate aptitude for magic and sorcery, Loki occupies his youth by pranking his brother Thor, advancing his powers in the process. The trickster god’s mystical powers include shapeshifting, astral projection, molecular rearrangement, illusion casting, telepathy, hypnosis, and teleportation.

In addition to his magical capabilities, Loki possesses superhuman physical abilities such as an increased lifespan, superhuman strength, immunity to terrestrial diseases, and resistance to conventional injury. Loki elevates his powers by training in the rites of black magic.

teenage Loki playing tricks

Familial Foes

As the god of mischief and evil, Loki has no trouble making enemies for himself. Loki’s greatest and most challenging foe is his brother, Thor. While Odin raises the two as siblings, envy drives Loki’s desire to overthrow Thor. Loki frequently suffers defeat by the God of Thunder but is never discouraged from persevering in his efforts.

Along with his brother, Loki seeks revenge against his adoptive father, Odin. Envious of Thor and Odin’s close relationship while growing up, Loki lashes out for feeling like an outcast and because Odin slays his biological father many years before. Balder, half-brother to Thor and companion to the Warriors Three is also one of Loki’s greatest opponents. Learning of his fate to initiate Ragnarok, the destruction of Asgard, Loki discovers that the slaying of Balder would prompt this prophesied event.

Long regretful of having a hand in the formation of the Avengers, Loki continues to make it his mission to defeat Earth’s Mightiest Heroes but suffers repeated defeats by the noble team.


Allies of Evil

As one of the most powerful sorcerers in any realm, Loki has been able to find allies with the same intentions as him, like causing destruction against humanity. Loki and Dormammu of the Dark Dimension join forces in attempting to trick the Avengers and Defenders into assembling the mystical Evil Eye for them, though they are both defeated by the two teams.

Loki and the Avengers

In his ongoing efforts to launch the start of Ragnarok, Loki joins forces with mortal villain Norman Osborn, AKA Doctor Doom, yet remains unsuccessful once again. At various times, Karnilla the Norn Queen helps Loki get out of certain circumstances, but her love for Balder often gets in the way. Amora the Enchantress stands alongside Loki in his numerous attempts at defeating his brother Thor. When the trickster unintentionally forms the Avengers, Amora is one of his chief pawns in exploiting Thor’s weaknesses while in the guise of human Dr. Donald Blake.




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Loki’s Legacy

In his early years of life, Loki suffered from feelings of isolation and unequal treatment from his adoptive father Odin. Resentful of the strong bond Odin had with Thor, Loki channeled his negative feelings into pulling pranks on his brother. Loki’s misery and jealousy heightened when Odin granted Thor the mystic hammer, Mjolnir; due to this uncontrollable envy, the god of mischief interfered with the weapon’s creation, inadvertently resulting in a too-short handle. Constantly overshadowed by Thor and his possession of Mjolnir, Loki often retaliated against Thor to spite his relationship with Odin.

As a young child, Loki’s pranks on his brother Thor were nothing short of vengeful. Knowing Thor was attracted to the golden-haired sword-maiden Sif, Loki set out to cut off the young beauty’s hair as she was sleeping. Assuming that Loki was responsible for the malicious act, Thor demanded he restore her hair.

Over the years, as Loki’s schemes became more and more frequent, and Odin sent him to jail, but the mischief-maker utilized his magic powers to escape from his cell. Once free, Loki met with Eldred, a sorcerer who trained him in the black arts. With more mastery of his powers, Loki’s ploys became less detected by Odin and Thor, allowing him to get away without punishment for his malicious actions.

Motivated by his unending jealousy of Thor’s possession of Mjolnir, Loki aspired to take down his brother and claim the enchanted hammer for himself. On numerous occasions Loki sought to take over the Asgardian throne and overthrow his adoptive father Odin, completely disregarding the fact that the king of Asgard had taken him in and raised him as his own.

After using his magic to escape from jail, Loki proceeded to turn his back on Asgard and its people. Mating with the goddess Angerboda, they produced three offspring: Jormungand (the Midgard Serpent), Fenris Wolf, and Hela, the goddess of death. Sticking to his wicked ways, Loki deceived the goddess Sigyn by posing as her true love, Theoric, and convinced her to marry him.

After discovering the prophecy of Ragnarok, and learning of his fate to slay Balder in order to ruin Asgard, Loki embraced this newfound destiny and made numerous attempts to incite the end of the Golden Realm. In his later attempts to initiate Ragnarok, Loki finally had an advantage over his brother: sentenced to Earth in the guise of Dr. Donald Blake by Odin, Thor was now at risk due to his newfound human weaknesses. Loki exploited Blake’s vulnerability by employing a team including the likes of Jinku the Lava Man, the Weather Maker, Sandu, Amora the Enchantress, Skurge the Executioner, Skagg, Surtur, Cobra, Calvin Zabo, AKA Mister Hyde, Carl Creel, AKA Absorbing Man, and Kl’rt, AKA Super-Skrull, in order to defeat Thor.

Loki on Odin's throne

Loki’s plots against his adoptive brother backfired and inadvertently prompted the formation of the Avengers. Diverting a distress call for the Fantastic Four to Dr. Blake’s office and intending to trick Thor into battling Bruce Banner, AKA Hulk, Loki saw his message intercepted by Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man, Janet Van Dyne, AKA the Wasp, and Henry Pym, AKA Ant-Man. Realizing Loki’s involvement, Thor banded together with Hulk in order to defeat him, inadvertently forming a new heroic group called the Avengers.

Along with his many attempts to surpass his adoptive brother, Loki was also determined to claim the throne of Asgard from Odin when he entered into his “Odinsleep” hibernation. Though he made numerous efforts, Loki was ultimately threatened by Mangog and Surtur into surrendering the throne. In an effort to trick the Avengers and The Defenders into assembling the mystical Evil Eye, Loki teamed up with Dormammu of the Dark Dimension. The two Super Hero teams came out on top and proved themselves mightier. As punishment, Odin sent Loki to Earth in the guise of a vagrant.

When Surtur waged war on Asgard, he had the dark elf Malekith ensure that Loki signed a nonaggression pact in order to avoid conflict. Loki, mischievous as usual, did not honor the agreement and stood in Asgard’s defense alongside his brother and father. When Odin sacrificed himself to imprison Surtur, the throne of Asgard was left empty. Not wanting Thor to ascend to ruling Asgard, Loki used his powers to turn his brother into a frog in the hopes of claiming the throne for himself. Unfortunately for him, the frog of thunder was still in possession of his mighty hammer Mjolnir, and was able to force Loki to undo his magic.

When the Demons of Death were sent by Seth of the Ennead into conflict with Asgard, Loki refused to align himself with the Gods of Egypt. He then discovered that Odin was held captive within the Black Pyramid and secretly teamed up with Thor in an attempt to rescue their father. Still upset about the formation of the Avengers, Loki recruited the enemies of all the Super Heroes to seek revenge, dubbing it the “Acts of Vengeance” conspiracy. Loki anonymously appeared to Doctor Doom, Wilson Fisk, AKA Kingpin, Max Eisenhardt, AKA Magneto, the Mandarin, Johann Shmidt, AKA Red Skull, and the Wizard, offering them the power to manipulate Earth’s Super Villains into conflict with heroes that would be unprepared to face these unfamiliar adversaries. Loki led each of these “prime movers” into believing that they were the one arranging the devious scheme. Once Thor uncovered Loki’s plot, he defeated his trickster brother once again.

Loki, Doctor Doom, Red Skull, Kingpin

Later with the help of Amora, Loki devised another plan against Thor while he was bound to mortal Eric Masterson, AKA Thunderstrike. Loki had Eric’s son Kevin captured. Thor managed to set Kevin free, but in spite of this Loki sent a blast of energy towards the boy and his mother Marcy. Turning on Loki, Amora had Kevin’s babysitter take the blast instead of the Mastersons. Furious with this attack, Thor drew Loki’s life force from his body with the power of Mjolnir, seemingly killing him. Consequently, Thor was banished to the subconscious of Eric while the mortal himself took God of Thunder’s place. Loki had not died, however, and his consciousness had taken over Odin’s body while in Odinsleep. Loki was finally able to take over Asgard, but Eric and Sif were able to recover Odin’s spirit and restore it to his body, while Loki was claimed by the demon Mephisto.

In the dimension of Earth-93060, aka “the Ultraverse,” Loki battled the Ultras for the six Infinity Gems. After discovering that there was a seventh stone, the Ego gem, En Dwi Gast, AKA Grandmaster, pitted the Avengers and the Ultraforce against each other in competition for the prize. Defeated, Loki was sent back to his native reality.

In one of Loki’s final attempts at prompting Ragnarok he wielded an uru hammer, fixing Asgard in a continuous cycle of death and rebirth. Thor, irate that Asgard was being denied a true warrior’s death, decapitated his own brother. The thunder god then carried Loki’s still-living head as he permitted Surtur to unleash his final assault on Asgard. Thor then confronted They Who Sit Above in Shadow, the powers responsible for the destructive cycle, and saw to their end. With the demise of Asgard, both brothers were apparently consumed in its destruction.

After the destruction of Ragnarok, the souls of the Asgardians were all hidden within mortals of Earth. Loki had reincarnated into Sif’s body while her spirit was transferred into an elderly woman. Balder, whose essence was now in the Destroyer armor, began to gather together numerous Asgardians in an effort to aid Thor in restoring Asgard on Earth in Broxton, Oklahoma. Thor restored the Asgardians gathered by Balder, and soon discovered Loki was reborn as a woman. Unrelenting in his trickster ways, Loki feigned benevolence and told Balder that he was also Odin’s son. 

Loki’s lies continued during the Secret Invasion of the Skrulls on Earth. He convinced the Asgardians that Beta Ray Bill was instead a Skrull, but Thor intervened and exposed the lie. Loki then joined the Cabal alongside Doctor Doom, Emma Frost, Namor McKenzie, AKA Namor the Sub-Mariner, Norman Osborn, and Parker Robbins, AKA the Hood. Osborn promised Loki that he would restore Asgard, and with the Asgardians out of the way, he could conquer and rule Earth.

Soon after, and with Hela's help, Loki traveled back through time to kill Odin’s father Bor Burison, AKA Bor, and manipulated the younger Odin so he would be adopted by him as a child.


When Sif, stuck in a human form lay dying, she shared who she was with Donald Blake. At the time, Blake was trying to repair his cane, actually Mjolnir, in the hopes of changing into Thor. She also shared that her true form was about to be restored, and decided to urge Thor to find Sif and say goodbye, a seemingly thoughtful gesture. Shortly afterward, Loki’s male form was restored and Sif was able to re-enter her body.

For a time, Loki manipulated the Mighty Avengers into thinking he was Wanda Maximoff, AKA Scarlet Witch, in a long con to upend Osborn’s plans. His deceptions were exposed when one of Wanda’s son’s Billy Kaplan, AKA Wiccan, cast a spell to bring Wanda to him, which was actually Loki, who departed but not before “she” swore that Wiccan and his fellow Young Avengers would all die screaming. Loki then unleashed a secret weapon against Osborn, that of Absorbing Man who had absorbed the Cosmic Cube, and then convinced Osborn in his female form to become the Green Goblin once more.

Loki then manipulated Osborn to attack Asgard, and also shapeshifted into Osborn’s Green Goblin form to force people out of Asgard. He attempted to get Bor’s Valkyries, the Disir, under his service but they fought him. Loki defeated them and they declared him the winner, doing whatever he says. He then asked Hela what she would do for him if he got her a new Hel, she replied anything. So he used the Disir as a bargaining chip to gain a foothold in Mephisto’s realm. Mephisto agreed and Hela received a new Hel. In exchange, Hel erased Loki from the Books of Hel, freeing him of his connections to the realm and to Asgard. According to Loki, all these schemes were for the fun of it. 

But the fun did not last. From what Loki helped set in motion, the New Avengers, the Young Avengers, and the Secret Warriors fought Osborn’s Dark Avengers, the Void appeared, the dark side of Robert Reynolds, AKA Sentry. The Void nearly destroyed all three teams, and Loki realized his role in the event, and asked Odin to use the Norn Stones to restore the teams and give them the ability to fight the Void. But it was too late and the Void tore Loki apart, but not before Loki apologized to Thor.

Loki returned, but reincarnated as a boy thief in Paris, France without his full set of god-like abilities and going by the name Serrure. Thor, in disguise, discovered his brother and chased him down, ultimately restoring some of his memories and identity, now known as Kid Loki. He did not remember his most recent life, but retained a guilty conscience from it. They returned to the remains of the City of Asgard in Broxton, Oklahoma which had suffered a great deal from the siege of Asgard.

Kid Loki with Thor

Kid Loki was later visited by a spirit of his former self, who revealed that his death by Void was part of a larger plan to return him to life. Kid Loki decided to choose his own path and transformed the spirit into a magpie, called Ikol, a ghost-copy who had neither power nor magic. Kid Loki then helped Thor defeat the Asgardian God of Fear, the Serpent, by distracting the Serpent. He rewrote history to include an Asgardian child, Leah, who once helped the Serpent, as the distraction whom he allied with (and whom he later abandoned at the start of time). After the war with the Serpent, Thor had been killed and was erased from memory. Kid Loki helped restore him with Norrin Radd, AKA Silver Surfer’s help. 

Meanwhile, a new modern Asgard now called Asgardia was formed with help from Tony Stark’s new repulsor technology and magic. It was eventually moved near to the moon and then into Saturn’s orbit.

Ikol then appeared to Kid Loki in visions and manipulated Kid Loki into absorbing him, allowing Ikol to live again. This scheme included an artifact that Loki unintentionally helped create, the fear lord Nightmare’s Crown, which would be used by Mephisto to conquer all of reality. Ikol informed Loki that if Ikol overwrote Kid Loki’s mind, he would cease to exist as would the artifact. Kid Loki accepted his fate and in realizing he changed for the better, he stated that Ikol would never change and would be stopped.

Casting Kid Loki’s being into total annihilation, Ikol-Loki—the third Loki—now possessed Kid Loki’s body playing the role of the good trickster, despite his worst intentions. He then liberated Wiccan and Teddy Altman, AKA Hulkling, of the Young Avengers who were being held prisoner by the interdimensional parasite, Mother. While thankful, the Young Avengers did not trust Loki. They kept coming up against Mother and eventually Loki suggested to either kill Wiccan since it was his power that Mother was attracted to, or borrow Wiccan’s powers for a short period. Wiccan reluctantly agreed and Loki teleported away, leaving the group speechless. But then Kid Loki reappeared, still within him despite his death, and convinced his ill-intentioned self to help the Young Avengers. He returned and defeated Mother, but later admitted to her that everything went according to the plan that they agreed to, for him it was to gain Wiccan’s powers to restore some of what he lost when he was reincarnated as a child. Betraying her, to her surprise, was never not a part of their agreement. Meanwhile, Loki’s friend Leah, whom he abandoned, allied with Mother against Loki. She gathered all of the Young Avengers exes as additional allies and trapped Hulkling.

When the Young Avengers attempted to rescue Hulkling and stop Mother again, Wiccan’s power and Loki’s magical strength weren’t enough to defeat Mother. So Wiccan spelled Loki, aging him up to early-manhood, giving him the strength necessary. Despite the spell, Loki’s power was still not accessible. The Young Avengers believed this was all part of Loki’s plan, but he insisted it wasn’t. Kid Loki appeared taunting him—calling him a body-thief and murderer. Loki then suggested that Wiccan become the Demiurge now, the reason Mother was after him in the first place. The team agreed and traveled to Mother’s dimension. Leah was there. She called out Loki’s guilty conscience and revealed that his missing powers were in her possession. Loki then admitted his role in all of the plight with Mother and once he did, Leah disappeared along with all of the exes. Hulkling restored, he helped Wiccan finally defeat Mother.

Loki admitting his role in the Young Avengers plight

Suffering from shame, guilt, and self-loathing from Kid Loki’s accusation that he could never change, this Loki sought absolution. He struck a bargain with the ruling triumvirate of Asgardia (Gaea, Freyja, and Idunn), the All-Mother, to perform missions for Asgard and erase his evil past. He became the Agent of Asgard. The All-Mother first ordered him to track down five keys that Odin had created for him, for the day he became worthy. Once Loki tracked them all down, he used the keys to unlock a case containing Gram the sword of truth, once wielded by Sigurd, which he claimed. 

His next mission was to rescue Thor from evil, a corrupting force that invaded him. Loki infiltrated Avengers Tower as best he could with the Avengers on high alert, and avoiding them, stabbed Thor with Gram. It released the corruption which Loki captured in a runic jar, which he called a jar of lies, and returned to the All-Mother. Little did he know that the jar contained what looked like the old, dead Loki, but was King Loki of the future, back to ensure his story would come to pass. 

Loki then met Verity Willis, a human with the power to see through any lie . He was next tasked to return errant Asgardians home, including Sigurd who was walking the world which was apparently a crime. He returned Sigurd to the All-Mother and he was cast into Asgardia’s dungeons. It bothered Loki so he gathered his allies, Lorelei, Thor, and Verity, to liberate the once heroic Sigurd. In the dungeons, Loki found King Loki who could walk freely in time to ensure his future came to pass. A future that the All-Mother desires as well, but this same future meant that Loki could not change his story. Loki quit the All-Mother’s secret service, and aided Thor in seeking the truth about their unknown sister, Aldrif Odinsdottir, AKA Angela, raised in the Tenth Realm of Heven by the Asgard-hating Angelic host. Loki then retrieved Odin from his exile in the remains of Asgard-space and returned him to Asgardia. 

Following these events, Doctor Doom visited the future discovering that Loki was responsible for a terrible future. Traveling back to his time in Latveria, he captured present-day Loki in a time-bubble to prevent the horrible future he witnessed. Loki’s only hope was Verity who was accidentally brought to Latveria with Loki but armed with Lokie’s invisibility amulet. She learned through Doom’s goddaughter supergenius Valeria Richards that Loki’s future self had made a mess of the far-future. Magneto arrived asking for help against Red Onslaught, a clone of Red Skull. Loki helped defeat the Stark Sentinels, while Doom and Scarlet Witch cast an inversion spell that altered the moral compass of Red Onslaught but its effect extended to everyone on the island. Loki’s path towards redemption was undone somewhat since he was also inverted. Despite his moral backtracking, he helped stop his brother from murdering others and found Mjolnir, which Thor became unworthy of previously. Loki used Mjolnir to fight Thor and then a reinversion spell was cast, reverting Loki back to himself, his guilt returning but with an inability to lie.

Unable to lie, Loki came clean about killing Kid Loki and who he really was to his new best friend Verity and Thor. Thor, unable to accept that his kid brother was gone, took out his rage on Loki, but unable to slay him, he instead dragged him to Asgardia to face judgment. Loki tried to use Gram against Thor but Thor destroyed it. Loki apologized but Thor was not in a forgiving mood and instead punched him, told him to rot, and that they’d never meet again. 

Loki was shunned by his peers and banished by the All-Mother, so Odin returned him to Midgard, exiled from Asgardia. Verity was there waiting for him but so was King Loki who revealed his sins to him, how he wiped away all his sins through good deeds but still became the villain, never accepted, never trusted, which led him to snap and brew a war with his brother. This war led to a burned and salted earth, and with Loki as King of a land of bones. King Loki set Loki on fire which sent him to a hidden place where he met the original Loki and Kid Loki. They offered him two options for survival: become a villain or destroy himself. After receiving a call from Verity, thanks to magical cell reception, Verity realized that King Loki didn’t recognize her, meaning a new timeline was coming about. Loki chose another route, realizing lies were just stories, and that he could create his own. He then destroyed himself which sent King Loki to a changed future, eight months ahead right before the incursion, that is the end of the Multiverse. Loki then reappeared at Verity’s door, reborn as the “God of Stories.”

Loki, God of Stories

He then helped stop King Loki from destroying Asgard, receiving the praise and attention he’d always wanted from Odin but shakes it off since he’s not that person anymore, and helped Verity and himself survive the incursion. Together, in a blank void, they chased away Those Who Sit Above in Shadow who demanded Asgard’s stories from him, and came upon King Loki, who also survived the incursion. King Loki seemed remorseful, yet Loki placed him in his scepter to remind himself of what he could become. 

After Earth-616 was restored post-incursion, Loki was sent by his adoptive-mother Frigga to infiltrate Malekith the Accursed’s Dark Council. For the council, and to keep up pretenses, he was sent to assassinate the new Thor, who was in actuality Jane Foster, but failed and was captured and returned to Asgardia. There, Frigga faced an upcoming trial for helping the new Thor and a confrontation ensued between Odins forces and Frigga with the Asgardians that were on her side. In Loki’s time on the Dark Council he had learned Malekith planned to slay Frigga, so Loki stabbed her with a poisoned dagger to keep up appearances that he was still on Malekith’s side.

Loki then schemed to become President of the United States. He staged an attack against two of the presidential candidates but diffused it which gained him attention and popularity. He then announced his campaign to run and managed a slew of attacks from Daily Bugle reporter Nisa Contreas. Contreas exposed his involvement in the initial attack on the candidates to which Loki responded in a live interview with her. From the interview it was apparent that Loki had no real plan nor policy for that matter which lost him the election. While he claimed to have done all this scheming to help Contreas’ career, he was actually working for one of the candidates to give them a better chance at winning, and received a reward for his efforts.

When Loki won Stephen Strange, AKA Doctor Strange’s Sorcerer Supreme title in a tournament, Strange recognized it as legitimate. Loki’s divinity allowed him to cast spells without any cost, making him so good that Strange was at first willing to accept the demotion. With his new powers, Loki stayed at the Sanctum Sanctorum with Strange’s assistant and friend Zelma Stanton who aided him. Loki’s goal there was to find a spell, the Exile of Singhsoon, hidden in Zelma’s soul. Strange thought Loki wanted to use the spell to transfer all of the world’s magic to himself, which would threaten all of existence, plus removing it from Zelma would likely kill her and Loki had recently killed his dog Bats, so he didn’t trust the Lord of Liars.

Sorcerer Supreme Loki

So Strange attacked Loki with the all-powerful Sentry and magic he received from the World Tree in Asgard. Strange then released the Void—the Sentry’s dark opposite—from its prison in the Sanctum Sanctorum and allowed it to possess him. The Void fought Loki and revealed the spell inside Zelma. Realizing it had bonded to her soul, Loki reached into her soul to use the spell and consolidate Midgard’s magic into himself so he could jump-start the dragon lines, bringing magic back for Strange and everyone. With Strange’s magic restored, they fought the Void with Sentry joining in the battle, and they defeated the Void locking it up in the Sanctum Sanctorum. 

Loki and Strange commiserated with Strange apologizing to Loki for assuming he’d destroy the world. Loki understood why he felt that way and admitted that he would try to redeem himself for as long as he carried the mantle of the Sorcerer Supreme. However, he was interrupted by Zelma who had seen into his soul when he reached into hers. Demanding he tell the truth, Loki came clean about how the tournament was all an illusion. He apologized but justified it, warning them of things to come and that his plan was to prepare them for it: the War of the Realms, Hell on Earth, Damnation, the gathering of the Infinity Gems, and the Final Host. But Strange and Zelma didn’t buy it, with Strange teleporting him to nowhere fun, but not before he tried to make things right concerning Strange’s dog Bats, and returned him in spirit form.

When Loki initiated the Final Host of the Dark Celestials, his intention was to rid the earth of Celestials who had been infected with Horde bugs, but to others it seemed that he was freeing the infected Zgreb upon the planet. Zgreb spread its infection to all the other Celestials in existence, and when they attacked Earth, the Avengers reformed to save the day, which was Loki’s actual plan all along. The Avengers successfully defeated the Dark Celestials and rid them and the Earth of the Horde. Captured and given to the restored Celestial’s for punishment, Loki found himself being liberated by James Howlett/Logan, AKA Wolverine, who was possessed by the Phoenix Force.

When Loki discovered that none of the stories in the Asgardian texts about him ended well, the tombkeeper Flowa, who watched over the texts in Omnipotence City, revealed that there was one story with additional possibilities, but the pages were torn out. Flowa recalled that the story had something to do with the God Quarry, originally called the Quarry of Creation, a place protected by a coven of elder witches. Loki and Flowa traveled to the God Quarry and watched as the Coven there went up in flames and then met an alternate Loki, a more Thor-like Loki who carried Mjolnir and possessed all the Infinity Gems/Stones. Thor-Loki departed, while Loki remained and decided he needed the stones, embarking on a hunt for them. He then allied with Gamora who had stolen the stones from the Infinity Watch. They both went back to the God Quarry to see what lay below it, but Gamora betrayed Loki, sending him to a pocket realm within the Soul Stone, a warped world. While inside the Soul Gem, Loki assembled a team to stop Gamora and found copies of the stones inside this reality. Using them, Loki and his team escaped and they defeated Gamora. Loki then took the stones from Gamora and banished her into the Soul Gem. He then entered a realm underneath the God Quarry to see what was there that was possibly controlling his destiny. Once there, the stones did not work and the realm was filled with Celestials. One Celestial gave him a peek into his future, and seeing that it wasn’t an outcome he desired, he laughed and moved on. He returned the stones to the Cosmic Avengers, heroes from across dimensions from within and without the new warped world, to restore the universe.   

Loki then joined the Dark Council, led by the Dark Elf Malekith who desired a war of the realms. When Loki betrayed the Council and killed his adoptive mother Frigga/Freyja to save her from Malekith’s diabolical plans, Loki’s biological father King Laufey ate Loki. While in the Frost Giant’s belly, Loki’s looked back at his past selves and he realized that his former actions led to Malekith’s villainous path. Feeling remorseful, he pledged to never become King Loki and used his magic as well as Heimdall’s sword to escape Laufey’s stomach, which killed the ruler and helped end the war.

Heroic Loki standing upon Laufey with past iterations of himself behind him

After the war of the realms concluded in Earth’s favor, Loki embraced a new heroic persona, reconciled with his brother Thor, and inherited Laufey’s throne. But bored with his new role, he shirked his responsibilities as ruler and in creating a proxy called Frösti, he left for Earth.

Loki attempted to join the Avengers but Thor and Iron Man refused him, so Loki turned to Now and Then, the Children of Eternity. They used the magic of stories to cement a hero’s life and death for him. Loki then had a run-in with the Fear Lord Nightmare who sought revenge after Frösti banished him from Jotunheim. He spent some time in an illusion crafted by Nightmare that made him question whether he was the hero he thought he was or if he was still dead in Laufey’s gut. Loki eventually confronted Nightmare but in the middle of it Megan Loeb—a human mortal looking for vengeance against Nightmare for altering her past so that she never met her wife Robyn—she shot Nightmare. Loki stopped Nightmare from retaliating and challenged him to a fair fight without their powers, but had previously rigged a trap that involved one of Stark’s new inventions, a car, landing and apparently killing the Fear Lord. Afterward, Loki encouraged Megan to find her soulmate and rekindle what they had lost. A real hero moment, that Stark and Thor arrived to witness. Meanwhile a future Loki, a much older version, protects a child from the arrival of the Unfather Thor. 

Afterwards, Loki ended up in prison at the Raft, he became confused about his memories and whether they were real, so he phoned a friend, human lie detector Verity Willis. He shared a couple stories with her, one where he teamed up with Wolverine in 1911, during the last days of the “wild west” and about how he was first the God of Outcasts before he told his first lie. He admitted to being afraid that in his restlessness he broke the universe. He also confessed that he missed her and felt something big approaching, needing to be sure that his new memories were real, especially those that hadn’t happened yet. Verity had become a journalist and as such took notes during the time she listened to Loki go on and on, but then realized that everything she jotted down was true, but it became the truth as he remembered things. Loki broke himself out of his cell and started listing off all the stories in his head were true and everything that was ahead, the Hidden Secret of the Bifrost, the next Gxd of Chaos, the battle for the throne of Jotunheim, the forging of Mjoltron, and the Unfather. He then asked Verity to accompany him through a portal to begin another story, one that’s far from over.