Mindful One

Mindful One

At first, Mindful One is Sir Isaac Newton’s minion, forced to fight and do things against their will, but eventually joins the Sorcerers Supreme as a thoughtful force of good.


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Thought to be a simpleton without a soul only good for brute force and strength, Mindful One is more than meets the eye. Mindful takes his orders from Sir Isaac Newton, a science genius and sorcerer who made Mindful his slave. Despite his enslavement, Mindful knows when to help others in need.


A Tall Tampered Tale

Science genius and Sorcerer Supreme Sir Isaac Newton dabbles in his laboratory and alters one of the Mindless Ones to act as his heavy lifter and servant. Dubbed Mindful One, Mindful is superhumanly strong, and uses his strength to protect others.


Superhuman Strength

Related to the Mindless Ones, Mindful One’s body is composed of dense physical matter, granting them great superhuman strength, and durable stone-like skin. Their eyes project destructive beams of energy, and they can break their body off to create smaller versions of themselves, or Golems, to accomplish things when needed. Their body can also store objects like keys and magical artifacts.

Originally the Mindless Ones possessed no evident state of awareness and would attack any living thing they see, including each other; they can only be made to follow commands through the use of magic. When Sir Isaac Newton tampers with the Mindful One, Mindful follows his orders, and attacks only when told by Newton, but can form bonds with others besides his master. When Mindful One is controlled by others, his eyesight is red but when he’s free from control, his eyesight is green.


Allied by Magic Against Antagonists

Upon his master Sir Isaac Newton’s command, Mindful One goes up against the powerful Forgotten alongside several Sorcerers Supreme including Merlin, a future Billy Kaplan, AKA Wiccan from Earth-13729, Kushala, AKA Ghost Rider, Dr. Stephen Strange, AKA Doctor Strange, a young Yao, AKA Ancient One, and Nina the Conjuror. While Mindful takes orders from Newton, even though Newton believes him to be a simpleton without a soul, he forms a close bond with Kushala, who shows him kindness, which he has not known before. While Newton betrays the group, Mindful still follows his orders, as is the burden of the magic that Newton holds over them.


A Mindful One’s Tale Through Time

Merlin, the Sorcerer Supreme of the Middle Ages, recruited Sorcerers Supreme from various eras to combat a powerful foe called the Forgotten. Those sorcerers included Sir Isaac Newton and his slave Mindful One, Doctor Strange, Demon Rider, Nina the Conjuror, a future Billy Kaplan, AKA Wiccan, and a younger version of the Ancient One. However, the Forgotten got the best of them and seemingly killed Merlin. The team retreated to Merlin’s library, to which Mindful held the key within his body. In the library, they discovered Merlin had imprisoned those who practiced dark magic, with the Forgotten, AKA João, manifesting as a collective form of all his prisoners. Mindful found an important artifact to which Newton had Mindful hide inside their body.

Newton, however, used forbidden magic—the Word of God—to defeat the Forgotten One. He turned on the other sorcerers to use the power for himself, used Mindful One and the artifact they stored to steal Kushala’s Spirit of Vengeance. Mindful One then traveled to the present-day Marvel Universe’s New York City, where Newton unintentionally summoned and enslaved himself to a horrific beast—the Author of the Word of God! Mindful One was then dispatched with a horde of Mindless Ones to protect Newton from those that would stop him, including all the Sorcerers and the Avengers. During the battle, Mindful One protected Kushala from Newton’s deadly blast and warned her that their purpose was bad but could never hurt her. In his enslavement, Newton slew the Mindful One, but Wiccan resurrected Mindful by calling upon the Mark of Sorrow—a spell which gave him great power—which he also used to destroy the Author and send Nina and João back to their own time.

After the Sorcerers captured Newton, Mindful traveled with them through the future to Earth-13729 and into Hell to save one of their own. They found Valeria Richards, AKA Doctor Doom, leading Hell, and a vault emitting a powerful source of magic. The group suffered a blow when Doom attacked with her Doombots, and Newton near beat down, ordered Mindful to find the vault and destroy the source of Doom’s power. Mindful broke off one of his fingers, and it became a mini version of himself, to which he gave the same instructions. Meanwhile, his normal-size self suffered an attack by a Doombot. Mini Mindful found the source electrocuting all the mystics in the room, and he proceeded to break the source by headbutting it. It broke the trap, which held several mystics including the much older Ancient One, whom they were there to save, as well as the Doctor Strange, Hela, and Illyana Rasputina, AKA Magik, from Earth-13729.

After the restoration of magic to the world, Mindful One became the Dormitory Resident and Personal Chef at Strange Academy—a magical hidden school in New Orleans for mystically-inclined students.

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